It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 152 The Godly Cunning Immortal Has Appeared

Over the West Prefecture Immortal City.

“Chirp ……” A phoenix chirped and shook in all directions. A blue ice phoenix covered the sky.

The icy cold Qi, like silk threads, sprinkled down and surged all over the West Prefecture Immortal City.

Finally, it flowed in the bodies of a group of cultivators, dispelling the heat and repairing their injuries.

At this moment, there was an incomparably soothing feeling surging through everyone’s body.

All the immortal cultivators were so excited that their bodies trembled slightly, revealing a look of joy for the rest of their lives.

When they looked up, they saw under the ice phoenix. A woman in blue was standing there, waving her hands constantly. Silk-like immortal power was gushing into the ice phoenix from her body.

From a distance, it looked like a fairy descending from the sky, so beautiful that it took one’s breath away.

She was none other than Mu Bing.

Everyone stared blankly at Mu Bing, and for a moment, they froze in place.

A moment later.

“Puff! Puff ……”

The sound of kneeling and worshiping kept ringing out. They folded their hands and looked respectful.

“The Godly Cunning Immortal has revealed his spirit, he sent a fairy to save us!”

“Godly Cunning Immortal, you are so merciful!” Voices of emotion resounded continuously.


“Buzz ……”

The ground around the West Prefecture Immortal City kept trembling. It cracked open, and a long corridor leading to the ground was presented in front of the crowd.

“What is this ……?”

“Where exactly does this lead to?”

A crowd of cultivators stood up and gathered around the entrance to the underground and began to watch.

“All listen up, hurry into the underground, the dragon race will soon attack!”

Mu Bing’s voice reached everyone’s ears like a thunderclap.

“The fairy has given the word, hurry …… get in!”

“I did not expect that the fairy would be so thoughtful, she had dug a tunnel!”

The crowd of cultivators surged into the various underground passages like a torrent. The passages led to the depths of the earth.

At a depth of a thousand meters, it converged into an incomparably huge passage that led beyond the West Prefecture Immortal City.

Soon after, in West Prefecture Immortal City, except for Mu Bing and the others, all the other cultivators had left.

Outside the Dragon Flame Cage.

“Howl ……”

A fire dragon surrounded the four directions, spewing out from time to time, like a fire snake, whistling towards the Dragon Flame Cage.

The terrifying heat caused the air to be distorted.

Outside the Dragon Flame Cage, in the western sky, stood nearly a hundred silver-armored guards.

Each one of them emits the aura of half-immortal realm. The majesty and murderous aura oscillated out.  It looked like an army that had been through a hundred battles.

These silver-armored guards were all dragon races. Among the silver-armored guards, a rugged man was looking at the Western Immortal City, the corners of his mouth raising a cold smile.

“My dignified dragon race, how can you be bullied by such ants?”

“Slaughtering only a million of you is already the greatest mercy of our race!”

“I really hope less of you will die, otherwise, I won’t be able to enjoy it this time!” The rough man muttered to himself, his eyes shrewd and flickering.


Suddenly, a long rainbow hurriedly flew in.

“Speak!” The silver-armored guard commander said.

“Commander, there are no more screams coming out of the West Prefecture Immortal City!” The messenger soldier said.

The moment these words came out. The surroundings shook. Many silver-armored guards crossed their ears and talked in low voices.

“No way, there are no more screams? Can’t it be that they all burned to death?”

“Those human cultivators are too weak, right? How do we need to do this?”


The silver-armored guard commander frowned slightly with a puzzled face. According to reason, the human race should be able to hold out for a while.

Could it be that the human race was weak and no longer as brave as before?


The Nine Immortals of the Purple Sun Star had not appeared in the world for tens of thousands of years, so they must have fallen long ago.

These tens of thousands of years, an immortal had not been born, it seems, they indeed had fallen!

“The four generals, there is no need to send a large army to slaughter the city, with me a dragon, enough to slaughter them all!”

The silver-armored guard commander secretly shook his head.

“All generals listen to the order!”

“Target, West Prefecture Immortal City! Attack from the west gate, no one can be spared!”

“Follow me!”


Led by the commander, hundreds of silver-armored guards rushed towards the West Prefecture Immortal City.

In the crowd, the rough man took the lead and rushed to the forefront.

His eyes bloomed with excited glows, and from time to time, he let out bursts of wild roars.

“Buzz ……”

Soon, he and nearly a hundred silver-armored guards rushed into the Dragon Flame Cage. These blazing flames, for them, did not hurt in the slightest.

Entering into the Dragon Flame Cage, the rough man was instantly dumbfounded.

There was also a group of silver armor guards who had the same dumbfounded expression as him.

“How come it’s so cool in here?”

“There’s an aura of an ice phoenix!”

“Damn, could it be that the ice phoenix is against us? Save the human race?”

“How is it possible? The ice phoenix race had long gone extinct, they could only linger on the human race in the form of spirit roots!”


At this time, a silver-armored guard pointed at the ground.

“Not good, they all fled to the ground, let’s hurry to report this to the general!”

“Report my ass, this is such a trivial matter, you need to find the general? Just go straight after them!”

“All listen up, as fast as you can, chase after those mole crickets!” The commander bellowed.


Hundreds of silver-armored guards flew downward just after they had just landed.

At this moment.

“Hehe ……”

A laugh sounded.

Looking for the sound source, a group of silver-armored guards could not help but have their pupils shrink.

They had different expressions on their faces. There were excited, shocked, and disbelief …… They saw a man came step by step in front of them.

He shouldered a large sword, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, from time to time with a hand to stroke a handful of silver hair, looking so arrogant.

He was none other than Chen Daoming.

“There is still one who didn’t run away, by the looks of it, is here to llok after the rear!”

“Commander, leave this to me, you guys go after those mole crickets!”

“Good!” The division of labor was completed.

One silver-armored guard stepped forward while the others rushed towards the ground. However, when their feet had just taken a step. They saw Chen Daoming pick up his long sword and slowly draw it out.

“Buzz ……”

A sound shook up, and heaven and earth trembled.

At this moment. The crowd of silver-armored guards was like being stripped of their light and plunged into darkness.

An arc-shaped blade light lit up in the darkness. It made it impossible for them to open their eyes.

“Phew ……” The sword light seemed distant, but in an instant, it attacked the crowd of silver-armored guards.

“Boom ……”

Explosions rang out continuously.

“Boom! Boom ……”

The surrounding houses simply could not withstand this pressure. It burst in the first wave of attack. The shock wave, layer upon layer, whistling everywhere.

The ground was pulled up one after another, and debris rushed to the sky.

The silver-armored guard body, followed by the shock wave, crashed into the four directions.

“Puff ……”

After struggling to get up, their blood flew wildly.

“Damn, kill him!”

The commander’s right hand waved, and hundreds of silver-armored guards quickly surrounded Chen Daoming.

On each face, there was an incomparable look of scorn. Just pulling out a sword unexpectedly wounded his own subordinates to such an extent. How was this possible?

Such a strong person, no matter what must be killed in the cradle, must not let him rise. Otherwise, another terrifying immortal will be born in the human race!

Those little mole crickets, how could they stand on their own equal height! They looked at Chen Daoming with killing intent.

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    “There is still one who didn’t run away, by the looks of it, is here to llok after the rear!”
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