The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 75: What’s The Point of Talking Nonsense

In the Luo Mansion, the Misty God Sect ancestor, the Evil King Mansion master, and other experts felt as if a huge mountain crushed their hearts, and they flew out again and again in shock. Only after flying out for a long time then everyone felt better.

“So strong! This is the power of the strongest Celestial God!” The ancestor of the Misty God Sect was filled with fear.

As for the ancestor of the Misty God Sect, he was at least a mid-True God expert, but under the power of the two Celestial Gods, Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, he felt as weak as an ant.

Even when facing a late peak True God expert like Jiang Suxiu, he was still able to fight, but facing Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, he couldn’t have the idea of ​​resisting at all.

The Luo Family’s young master Luo Chang, Luo Tong, and others fled in a panic and stopped after fleeing for a long time. All of them were pale and gasping for breath.

Luo Chang looked at Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, who were completely entangled by thunder and lightning at high altitudes, in fear, but he laughed fiercely, “Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua are joining hands, this Lu Yi Ping will die!”

His eyes bloodshot, looking in Lu Yiping’s direction, “I just hate that I can not kill this evil thief with my own hands! “

“If I had the strength of Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, I would really like to personally skin him and break his bones, extract his tendons and refine his soul!”

Luo Tong also looked at Lu Yiping bitterly, “Don’t worry, when Lord Lin Yi and Lord Yuan Yihua kill this Lu Yi Ping, we beg them to leave his several men’s dog life! Those few of his men will be experiencing life worse than death!”

In the distance, Lin Jun stared at Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua with a look of admiration, “If I had such strength, why would I worry about not being able to unify the Divine Martial Continent!”

A great general of the Moon Empire said, “Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua seem to have already comprehended the ultimate arcane power of thunder power. With the power of two lords, even an ordinary early Celestial God is not a match for those two people in one blow!

“The two lords are now joining forces, This way, Yiping and his men seem to be unable to escape.”

Meanwhile, Zhou Cheng frowned and looked at Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua’s bodies surrounded by more and more dense thunder.

Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua actually comprehended the ultimate mysterious power of thunder power. The strength of the two was beyond his expectation.

Can Lu Yiping resist? He considered whether to make a move. For the sake of Lu Yiping, offend the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword School. Is it worth it or not?

Thinking about that behemoth of the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect, his heart sank. At this time, Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua had long swords in their hands.

The long swords in the hands of the two were exactly the same, and on the long swords, both were carved with thunder symbols.

This was the wind and thunder double sword of the Tai Qing Sword Sect. When two people simultaneously used thunder wind swordsmanship, and the two swords became one, and the power would be doubled by that time!

Under the infusion of their Celestial God’s power, the wind and thunder twin swords surged with light, and the thunderbolt was even more violent.

Lin Yi coldly looked at Lu Yiping, “Lu Yi Ping, this wind and thunder double swords, is the supreme sword of our Tai Qing Sword Sect! To die under the Wind and Thunder Twin Swords, you can rest in peace!” After saying that, both of them shot their swords at the same time.

At once, millions of swords dazzled the world. The lightning in the sky turned into a sea of thunder. Everything in heaven and earth seemed to be submerged and swallowed by this sea of thunder.

Seeing the scene, the Moon Emperor Lin Jun, the ancestor of the Misty God Sect, the Evil King’s Mansion Master, and others looked at this world-destroying strike and were all horrified.

All the experts in the territory of the Luo Mansion also raised their heads and looked at the crazy rolling sea of thunder in the high sky in horror.

The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, looked at the sea of thunder falling down and looked at the tens of millions of sword maces blasting at Lu Yiping and clenched his fists.

Zhou Cheng looked at the falling tens of millions of sword lights, his face was grave, and he took off the wine gourd on his waist, and finally, he decided to make a move.

Just when Zhou Cheng was about to strike, two blood-colored blade lights suddenly broke through the air. When the two blood-colored blade lights broke through the air, the appalling evil qi rushed up to the sky, blasting ming the nine heavens. The evil qi blast actually scattered the terrifying sea of thunder!

Then, everyone on the scene saw that the two bloody blade lights cut through thousands of sword lights in an instant, and then, two bloody blade lights swept across the necks of Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua!

The ten million sword lights that had just shone in heaven and earth disappeared. And the sea of thunder that flooded the Luo family area also came to a halt.

Zhou Cheng froze. Finally, he saw that the two blood-colored blades were The Evil God’s blades!

After the Evil God blade cut Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua’s throats, they were still whirling high in the sky and let out a sound of evil devil stern cry.

The Moon Emperor Lin Jun, Misty God sect ancestor, the Evil King Mansion master, and other people looked at the black-robed youth beside Lu Yiping in amazement.

At that moment, the Evil God Blade whirled and fell back into the hands of the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang.

The Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang pinned the Evil God Blade back to his waist and said coldly, “What a nonsense!”

When his words fell, everyone saw the heads of Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, the old ancestors of Tai Qing Sword Sect high in the sky, fell down from their necks only with columns of blood spraying.

The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, Luo Tong, all the experts of the Luo family, and other experts of the Supreme Unity Sect looked at the heads of Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua falling from the high altitude minds were blank.

Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua’s heads fell to the ground and made a muffled sound, just like two smashed peaks, splashing up heavy sand and dust.

The sand and dust drifted with the wind.

“Dead!” The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, was filled with shock and disbelief.

The two Celestial God realm ancestors of Tai Qing Sword Sect, Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, died just like that?

They were killed by a youth under Lu Yiping in one move! The experts of the Moon Empire, Misty God Sect, and Evil King Mansion woke up and looked at the black-robed youth beside Lu Yiping with horror.

One slash was able to decapitate two Celestial Gods! Although it was only two early Celestial God Experts, it was still two early Celestial God experts! One that was considered to be supreme existences of the Eternal Source Plane!

Just like that, they were killed by the wind and clouds!

The Sword God Luo Ning, who was taken in by Lu Yiping’s hand and not yet dead, had cold hands and feet. He looked at the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang next to him and felt a chilling feeling spread from his heart.

Lu Yiping, with one hand, took out the Celestial God Law from the godheads of Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua and then infused them into the godhead of Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen.

Then, Lu Yiping searched the soul of Sword God Luo Ning.

Soon, the soul search ended. Lu Yiping’s eyes were cold.

Sure enough! Behind the Sword God Luo Ning was the Yinbo clan!

After the soul search, a flame from Lu Yiping fell on Sword God Luo Ning, and as everyone watched, Sword God Luo Ning incinerated into a cloud of ashes.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping said indifferently and rode away on a bull.

Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and Zhou Cheng followed.

Looking at the departing Lu Yiping, Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, and others, the crowd froze there, not daring to move. Only after they disappeared into the sky, everyone panted. Some family experts even couldn’t stand still and fell down.

Everyone looked at Lin Yi, Yuan Yihua, and Jiang Suxiu’s corpse, and they were momentarily dazed.

“Who is that black-robed youth?” An old ancestor of the Evil King Mansion had his tongue trembling as he spoke out, referring to the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang.

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