The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 74: Removing Harm For The Eternal Source Realm

“Yin Yang Sword Qi!”

The ancestor of the Misty God Sect in the main hall exclaimed, “This is the highest realm of the Supreme Unity Sword Canon!”

The Supreme Unity Sword Canon was the strongest sword art of the Supreme Unity Sect. It was also one of the top ten sword disciplines in the Eternal Source realm right now.

Once the Supreme Unity Sword Cannon was cultivated to the highest realm of Yin and Yang, the sword qi would have the power of Yin and Yang in it, which was incredibly powerful.

The people in the hall were all experts, and when they saw Jiang Suxiu’s yin and yang sword qi, they were all moved.

The two yin and yang sword rivers instantly blasted in front of Lu Yiping.

Everyone was in awe of Jiang Suxiu’ss Yin Yang sword qi and did not notice the Sword God Luo Ning sleeves sent out several flying needles. These flying needles were invisible and colorless. They did not cause even little space fluctuations when they crossed the space as they instantly attacked Lu Yiping’s waist.

Just when the Yin Yang sword river was going to hit Lu Yiping, the invisible and colorless flying needles disappeared from Lu Yiping’s waist. Sword God Luo Ning smiled coldly when he saw this.

Seeing the Yin Yang sword river was going to hit Lu Yiping, suddenly, behind him, appeared a thousand Buddha hands! The vast Buddha power swept through. 

Affected by the vast Buddha power, the whole hall was shaking. Some of the experts who were close were all forced to retreat by this vast Buddha power.

“Ksitigarbha’s Thousand Buddha Hands!”

Seeing the thousand Buddha hands suddenly appearing behind Lu Yiping, the Evil King Mansion Master was alarmed.

At this moment, the thousand Buddha hands fell with a single slap. Like a small mountain, the thousand Buddha palms instantly burst that Yin Yang Sword River and then continued to fall towards Jiang Suxiu.

“Xuanwu Divine Armor!”

Jiang Suxiu looked at the falling thousand Buddha palms, and in great alarm, her whole body surged with light, and a single rune emerged, which formed a Xuanwu shell on her body.

Xuanwu was the strongest defensive beast in heaven and earth. This Xuanwu divine armor was a technique she received from a powerful person left behind in the Middle Ages. The defense was invincible. Even if it was a strong person at the early stage of Celestial God, she was confident to block its blow.

Boom! The Thousand Buddha Hands blasted down. The Xuanwu divine Armor was like an eggshell hit by a rock as it instantly broke open.

Jiang Suxiu only felt her whole body lurch, as if a thousand huge mountains had hit her, and her whole body was instantly blown into the ground of the main hall.

The hall tiles, which were made of green jade, turned into pieces, and the hall kept cracking all around. 

Everyone withdrew from the hall in shock. After everyone exited the hall, looking, they saw the Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Suxiu slapped into the bottom of the hall, and the supreme godhead feathered godhead had burst into countless broken sand, Jiang Suxiu herself set in the ground, without any movement.


The ancestor of the Misty God Sect, the Evil King Mansion master, the Great Moon Emperor, and others did not stay calm.

The first person in the Eternal Source realm, Jiang Yu’s own sister, the oldest ancestor of the Supreme Unity Sect, Jiang Suxiu, was dead!

Even Zhou Cheng, who was riding on a donkey, swallowed a little bit of his saliva. Sword God Luo Ning also had a face that was hard to believe. Everyone felt like the sky was collapsing.

Only, Sword God Luo Ning was puzzled in his heart, just now Lu Yiping had clearly been hit by his Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle, why was he still fine until now?

Once the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle enters the body, it will follow the blood of the whole body, and then the poison of Xuan Hei will cover the entire body, now, Lu Yiping should be stiff all over!

While Luo Ning was wondering, he saw Lu Yiping turn his head over and look at him with a cold gaze, “Are you wondering why I am fine even though I was hit by your Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle?”

Everyone was stunned.

Sword God Luo Ning’s face sank, “What Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle, I don’t understand what you’re saying!”

At this time, everyone saw a few Tai Yin Xuan Hei needles that just did not enter Lu Yiping’s body flew out from Lu Yiping’s body.

No more, no less, a total of five! Five extremely tiny Tai Yin Xuan Hei needles, as tiny as a hair.

The original invisible and colorless Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needles, at this time, emitted an amazing cold Qi, and the cold Qi was filled with a terrifying purple and black Qi.

Everyone saw the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle and couldn’t help but look at Sword God Luo Ning with strange faces.

Undoubtedly, when Jiang Suxiu struck out at Lu Yiping just now, Sword God Luo Ning used the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle to sneak-attacked on Lu Yiping.

Some experts who were familiar with the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle, seeing that it was really the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle, were shocked.

This Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle existed more than 100,000 years ago, the recent ancient period appeared. There was no cure for it, even the experts of the Medicine King Palace were also helpless facing this Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle. But, after the recent ancient times, the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle no longer appears.

Sword God Luo Ning unexpectedly had this Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle!

“Lu Yiping, you are spouting nonsense!” When Sword God Luo Ning saw it, he said angrily, “This Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle is simply your own, and you brought it out to slander me! You said I just attacked you, there are so many people in this hall, didn’t anyone notice?”

“No one noticed?” Lu Yiping looked at Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua of the Tai Qing Sword Sect.

Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua’s eyes dodged. In fact, the two just saw Sword God Luo Ning’s sneak attack, but they naturally could not open their mouths to reveal it.

At this time, Sword God Luo Ning said to the Misty God Sect Ancestor, the Evil King Mansion Master, the Moon Emperor, and others, “Gentlemen, this Lu Yiping was cruel and murderous, since he known to the world, he has killed experts of various sects Such a devil, we should join hands to surround and kill him!”

The Mysti God Sect Ancestor, the Moon Emperor, and others changed their faces.

Lu Yiping waved his hand, only to see the five Tai Yin Xuan Hei needles breaking through the air and shoot into the Sword God Luo Ning’s body in unison.

The speed was so fast that the Sword God Luo Ning was unable to react.

As soon as the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needles entered his body, Sword God Luo Ning immediately felt his blood all over his body felt like it was going to freeze, and a cold Qi swept through his whole body, eating away his whole body’s vitality.

Sword God Luo Ning was terrified. There was no cure for this Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle, although he had the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needlebut, didn’t have the antidote.

In a state of panic, he couldn’t help but look at Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, “Two lords, please save me!”

Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua both hands used the palm of thunder, slammed the Sword God Luo Ning’s chest, but it was useless. Even the Tai Qing Sword School’s thunder astral energy could not dispel and seal the Tai Yin Xuan Hei Needle.

Lu Yiping suddenly took Sword God Luo Ning in front of him.

When the old ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Lin Yi, saw this, his face was as gloomy as water, his eyes were frosty, “Lu Yiping, you are vicious; first you killed the Dark Demon Hall, the Yellow Springs Demon Sect, the Yin Ghost Sect, and now you killed the Supreme Unity Sect, the Luo family, everyone kills him!

“Today, we will join hands to kill you and eliminate the evil for Eternal Source!”

Lu Yiping coldly smiled. The two clearly saw his Eye of Eternal Night and want to kill him to take the sword. But now, they spoke with justice with a righteousness face.

After he finished speaking, the old ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, both broke through the air.

The aura of a Celestial God powerhouse was completely released from the two of them. The surging aura was like an ocean of Celestial God power constantly swept away, and everything around was blown away.

At the same time, the violent power of thunder from the two roared out of their bodies.

Affected by the power of the two Celestial Gods, the sky and the earth changed color, the entire Luofu region, a piece of thunder clouds overhead, at this moment, all the Evil Plain region, all the cities, all the sects, and all the family experts felt the terrifying oppressive force.

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