It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 149: Young Master Must Be An Immortal King

In the front yard of Sun Hao’s residence.

“Still kneeling outside?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes, Young Master! He hasn’t moved in the past few days!” Huang Rumeng said.

How could he be so stubborn? There was really a determination not to stop until the goal is achieved! Having this kind of perseverance was indeed rare to see. However, he wanted to worship me as his master. However, it seems that I have nothing to teach? It’s not like I know how to cultivate.

“Let me take a look!”

“Okay, Young Master!” 

The two of them arrived outside the courtyard door, and they saw Mo Hao Shi prostrate on the ground, not moving a muscle. He was like a wooden statue.

Out of his mouth, he muttered from time to time, “Young Master, I was wrong! Please take me as a disciple!” His appearance like he had aged a few dozen years.

Sun Hao looked at Mo Haoshi and said, “Take you as a disciple? What do you want to learn?”

Mo Haoshi’s body trembled when he heard this. He slowly raised his head, and when he saw Sun Hao, his eyes bloomed with a different kind of glow.

“Young Master!”

“I want to learn carving from you!” Mo Haoshi’s eyes glowed, and he kept kowtowing.

“It’s not impossible to learn carving, but ……” Sun Hao wanted to say something but stopped.

“Young Master, if you have any orders, just mention it!” Mo Haoshi said.

“First, I will not take you as a disciple, however, you can come and observe while I’m carving!”

“Second, I do not provide accommodation, for a place to live you have to solve it yourself!”

“Third, you can only come once a day and stay for a maximum of two hours! If I do not carve that day, please return immediately!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, no problem, absolutely no problem!” Mo Haoshi nodded heavily.

“Alright, get up!” Sun Hao said.

“Many thanks, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi stood up and respectfully stood aside.

“Come with me!”

“Yes!” Mo Haoshi followed behind him and came to the pavilion.

“You haven’t eaten yet, right? Do you want to eat some?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, this …… how can this be, It’s embarrassing?”

Mo Haoshi looked at the two plates of small dishes and looked at them with eager eyes. For the past few days, smelling the fragrance every day, he himself had long been salivating. He had lost count of how many times his stomach rang.

“It’s okay, let’s eat!”

“Many thanks, Young Master!”

Mo Haoshi clasped his fist and saluted, walked to the table, and ate. Sun Hao looked at Mo Haoshi and secretly nodded his head. These two dishes were deliberately left for Mo Haoshi by himself.

In the past few days, he deliberately left him out for a few days, just to sharpen his temperament. This old man, so old, so thick-skinned, can’t be changed without drastic measures.

Look at his appearance now, and the change was extremely obvious. Such a good blessing point leeks, if he did not harvest a few, could he let a good chance go?

“Young Master, this dish is so delicious! It was made by the madam, right?” Mo Haoshi asked.

Madam? When was there ever a madam?

Sun Hao’s remaining light swept to Huang Rumeng but saw her shyly lowering her head. 

Surprisingly, she didn’t explain! It looked like she acquiesced? Is that a good thing?

Since Huang Rumeng didn’t explain, why should he explain himself?

“Not bad!” Sun Hao slightly nodded his head.

“Madam’s cooking skills, there is no one before or after! Each dish, like a work of art, makes anyone unable to put down their chopsticks!”

“Eating in the mouth, full of fragrance, endless aftertaste, really the best taste on earth!” Mo Haoshi generally ate while praising.

When she heard this, she blushed slightly, “Where, I am not even close to Young Master!”


Mo Haoshi was shocked and looked at Sun Hao. His face was full of admiration, “Young Master, are you also a master cook?”

“That’s overrated, Rumeng’s cooking skill is now on par with mine!” Sun Hao said.

“So it’s a famous master who produces high apprentices!” Mo Haoshi nodded his head and kept praising.

After the meal, Mo Haoshi looked at Sun Hao and spoke, “Young Master, are you going to carve today?”

Looking at Mo Haoshi’s eager look, Sun Hao smiled faintly, “Okay, you come with me!”

“Yes, Young Master!” The two people came to the carving room.

Sun Hao sat down, holding the wood in his left hand and the carving knife in his right hand.

“Carving, what needs to be paid attention to is ……” Sun Hao explained while he started carving.

Each array pattern was completed in one stroke, so perfect that there was no flaw made.  Mo Haoshi’s eyes were wide, and stared straight. The more he look, the more beads of sweat on his forehead.

Young Master technique, seemingly ordinary, but in fact, it had supreme unspeakable dao rhythm.

This was like watching the Young Master evolve the Great Dao, terrifying to the extreme. The longer you stare, the dizzier your head becomes.

If one’s talent was dull, and it was difficult to see the trajectory at all.

“Young Master this …… what a supreme immortal!”

“Young Master must be an immortal king!” Mo Haoshi opened his mouth wide, full of shock.

On his body, sweat pour doen like rain, his clothes were wet through and through. Soon an indescribable vertigo hit him.

Mo Haoshi tightly withdrew his gaze, not daring to look again. He secretly wiped the cold sweats and his face was pale.

“My enlightenment is really too low!”

“Sure enough, how can I be worthy of becoming the Young Master’s disciple!” Mo Haoshi secretly shook his head, his face full of bitterness.

Shortly after.

“It’s done!”

Sun Hao put down the carving knife and took the boat core in his hand to measure it.

 Afterward, he took out the immortal crystal.

In an incomparable painful gaze, he took out 200 immortal crystals and released them on top of the boat core.

“Buzz ……” A sound vibrated up. On the boat core, extremely dazzling blue light flowed.

“Young Master this boat core, than the one I saw before, at least a few thousand times stronger!”

“To activate it, surprisingly, it only needs 200 immortal crystals too!” Mo Haoshi stared straight ahead, his eyes filled with admiration.

“There are only so many immortal crystals left, only one boat core can be engraved!”

Sun Hao looked at the remaining 300 or so immortal crystals and secretly sighed.

The moment these words came out, Mo Haoshi’s body trembled. Without any hesitation, he took out a pack of immortal crystals from his soul space.

There were more than 500 pieces in total, which was his savings for several hundred years. They were almost all of his fortune.

“Young Master I have immortal crystals here, please don’t mind the small amount, take it!”

Mo Haoshi presented the immortal crystals in front of Sun Hao with a respectful look.

“For me?”

Sun Hao was slightly stunned, taking the immortal crystal in his hand and measuring it, he couldn’t help but have his eyes shine.

This was able to buy 5 Jiang Yang cities! He actually said he wanted to give it to himself? This Mo Haoshi was really rich.

At the first offer, it was 500 immortal crystals. Should I accept it?

“How can I say this!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master as long as you don’t mind!” Mo Haoshi said.

“That’s fine, I’ll take it!” Sun Hao said.

“Thank you very much, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi’s face was so touched.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao was stunned. Shouldn’t this be said by himself? However, this guy seemed to want to worship himself as his master. It was not surprising to send some immortal crystals.

“No need to be polite!” After saying that, Sun Hao handed the boat core to Mo Haoshi, “You take this!”

“Young Master, this is?” Mo Haoshi’s eyes were wide, full of disbelief.

“It’s for you!” The moment these words came out. Mo Haoshi’s chest was like being hit by a heavy blow, his whole person dumbfounded in place. No words could not describe the disbelief.

This boat core was an immortal boat core!  It was a priceless item. If used for auction, a conservative estimate could be auctioned for a few tens of thousands of immortal crystals.

The Young Master actually said to give it to me? This felt like a dream.

“Master, I can’t accept this!” Mo Haoshi said.

“What? Do you despise it?”

“No, my lord! It’s too expensive, you spent so many immortal crystals!” Mo Haoshi said.

“It’s alright, take it! When you carve it according to this, when you can reach this level, that’s when you are my disciple!” Sun Hao said.

The moment these words came out.

“Boom!” Like a thunderbolt falling on his head, Mo Haoshi was stunned into silence. Happiness came too suddenly! TheYoung Master agree to take me as his disciple?

 “Thank you very much, Young Master!”

“Don’t worry, one day, I will definitely accomplish it!” Mo Haoshi nodded his head with a determined face. The corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised a smile as if there was nothing.

I had a good harvest, This blessing point should still be harvested a little more!

“That’s it for today, it’s tea time, let’s go!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

They came to the gazebo and Sun Hao took out the big red bags and put it into the teapot.

At once, Mo Hao’s stone skin exploded, and his face showed unbelievable surprise.

“Enlightenment… Enlightenment tea?”

“Such a handful of enlightenment tea?” Mo Hao Shi’s voice shivered. His whole person stood silly in place. He was very clear of how precious was the enlightenment tea. And now the Young Master grabbed a large handful?

“Old Mo, drink it, don’t let it get cold!”  Sun Hao’s voice woke Mo Haoshi up.

“Yes …… yes, Young Master!” Mo Haoshi picked up the cup and trembled slightly. Opening his mouth, he drank it down in one go.

“Phew ……”

A cold breath came from his meridians straight into his brain. His soul, like being immersed in a hot spring, was extraordinarily comfortable.

At this moment, his soul strength was growing rapidly. Only after a long time did he open his eyes and looked at Sun Hao with a grateful face.

“One more cup!” Sun Hao immediately filled it up for Mo Haoshi.

“Many thanks, Young Master!”  Mo Haoshi was like a person who had been thirsty for a long time and kept drinking five cups before stopping.

“One more cup?”

“Young Master, I’m already full!”

Mo Haoshi waved his hand repeatedly and rubbed his rolling back stomach, showing a look of satisfaction. His own talent was too weak, and for a moment, he couldn’t digest it completely.

Now, he could only digest one cup of enlightenment tea. As for the other four cups, and it will take some time to digest. By then, his talent would increase a hundred times, no a thousand times!

Become a disciple of the Young Master, that was sooner than expected!

“Young Master, I’ll go back to practice today!” Mo Haoshi got up and cupped his fist in salute.


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