It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 147: Do You Think That You Are Qualified

“What? Mu Chen has taken Fifth Uncle and Fifth Aunt into custody?”

“It’s too sinister, so it’s true that he took sister Mu Bing’s spiritual root?”

“That’s should be true? Otherwise, wouldn’t the ice phoenix spirit root flew back when it heard the call?”

Every disciple of the Mu family was staring at Mu Chen with astonished faces. They expect that their respected senior brother would have such despicable methods.

“Haha ……”

“Mu Bing, I bet you didn’t expect that!”

“Now your parents are in my hands, be honest and don’t move, or else, if they die, you can’t blame me!”

“Hand over the spirit root! And kill yourself here, and I’ll let them go!”

“Otherwise, today will be their sacrifice day!”

“Aren’t you very filial? Today, let me see if you are that kind of person?”

After Mu Chen finished what he said, he looked up to the sky and laughed long and hard, as if he was crazy.

“Oooh ……” Mu Bing’s parents were whimpering chaotically. Obviously, their bodies were restricted so that their voice was sealed.

When Mu Bing looked at this scene, her joints exploded. The killing intent in her body rose to the sky.

At this moment. With her as the center, within a 10-mile radius, everything turned icy cold. Ice cold intent spread all over her body.

At this moment, the disciple below felt like standing on the ice and snow. Not to mention Mu Chen and others who were in the center of the frost at this moment.

“This ……”

Mu Chen’s face changed dramatically, and his voice shivered. In just an instant, he found that his arms were stiff and his whole body was cold.

“You …… you’re courting death!”

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and roared, slashing his longsword at Mu Bing’s parents.


However, his arm broke in response to the sound and fell to the ground, shattering into several pieces.

“I didn’t want to kill you!”

“But you, how dare you touch my parents!”

“Taking my spiritual root, I can let you go!”

“Colluding with the devil race, I could also give you a chance to live!”

“But now, you even harmed my parents, this deed is unforgivable!”

“You …… you must die today!”

Mu Bing stepped into the air, and ice flowers grew under her feet. The calm voice contained monstrous anger. She pointed her finger towards the front.

“Buzz ……” A handful of ice-cold swords quickly took shape.

“Swoosh ……” The small ice-cold swords were fleeting away in a flash. It instantly returned in front of Mu Bing.

“Boom! Boom ……” Several explosive sounds rang out.

Several men holding Mu Bing’s parents had their bodies disintegrated and died tragically on the spot.

“Impossible, this is absolutely ……absolutely impossible!”

Mu Chen’s blood was solidifying rapidly, and his consciousness was quickly dissipating. The sharp pain of the broken arm had disappeared entirely.

His eyes turned slightly, and his face revealed a look of incomparable horror.

“Die!” An ice-cold, bone-chilling voice rang out when an ice-cold sword scurried over.


Mu Chen let out a cry inwardly.


The ice sword penetrated his forehead. His body, directly frozen into an ice sculpture, was freezing that look of panic and unwillingness.

“Boom ……”

An explosive sound was heard, Mu Chen’s body exploded and splashed into ten thousand pieces.

At this moment, Mu Hong woke up just in time to see his son’s tragic death appearance.

“No ……”

Mu Hong let out a hysterical cry.

“Ah ……”

His voice roared eerily and endless.

“Mu Bing, you forced me to do this!”

“Old Ancestor, save my life!”

Mu Hong crushed the transmission talisman.

“Oh, even if the old ancestor comes out, so what?”

“You guys, go to hell!”

Mu Bing pointed his right hand, and two small icy cold swords directly penetrated the two people’s eyebrows.

“No ……” A resigned roar came to an abrupt end.

“Boom ……” The two people’s bodies directly exploded.

At this moment, the surrounding area was dead silent, whether it was the elders surrounding Mu Bing. Or the disciples below.

At this moment, they all watched this scene blankly, without responding for a long time.

“Killed? The Patriarch is dead?”

“It’s good that he’s dead, this kind of scum, should have died long ago, by him as the Patriarch, the Mu family will not be able to embark on glory?”

“Good, selfish and self-serving, to deprive others of their spiritual roots, it really deserves death by a thousand cuts!”

Everyone began to discuss, a dozen elders stood in the same place in a dilemma.

If you let Mu Bing go, then you don’t have to be an elder. If not, how is it different from looking for death?

“Oh, do you want to stop me?” Mu Bing’s voice was icy cold.

“This ……” The group of elders looked stagnant.

“Hmph, without distinguishing between red and white, you and others, are not worthy of being elders!”

After saying that, Mu Bing waved his right hand.

“No ……”

In the forbidden land, a blood-robed man, flying uncontrollably, landed in Mu Bing’s hand.

“Let go of this seat, otherwise, all of you will die!”

“This seat is the first disciple under the Blood Demon Grand General – The Heavenly Fury!”

“If you dare to kill this seat, you will all die!”

The blood-robed man’s figure changed rapidly, transforming into nine heads, and kept roaring and struggling.

Such a scene made the eyes of the disciples tingling with cold sweat.

“What, Blood Demon? Damn! The family head really colluded with the devil race!”

“Digging up people’s spiritual roots, colluding with the devil race, and kidnapping his clansmen …… which one is not a capital crime!”

“Such a monster, and they dare to threaten us, kill him!”  Many disciples clenched their fists and were filled with anger.

The elders looked at the struggling and roaring blood demon and lowered their heads in shame.

“Die!” She shouted lightly, and Mu Bing clenched her right hand.

“Boom ……” The entire Blood Demon exploded into pieces and disappeared.

After doing this, Mu Bing looked down.

“From today onwards, I, Mu Bing, have nothing more to do with the Mu family!”

The voice boomed and reverberated back and forth in the land of the Mu Family.

This sound resounded in everyone’s minds like an explosion of thunder. Every disciple’s expressions were stagnant.

“Sister Mu Bing is leaving the Mu family? This genius left, how can my Mu family rise? Deter the Xuanyuan Family which is soaring in the sky?”

“Sister Mu Bing, don’t leave the Mu family, the family needs you!”

“The family needs you!”

Everyone shouted. 

Seeing this scene, Mu Bing’s face was expressionless.

“The family needs me? But, I don’t need the family!” After saying that, Mu Bing took his parents and rushed up to the sky.

With a glance, she was about to leave the Mu Clan.

At this moment.

“Hold on!” A voice rang out.

Immediately after, a white-haired old man descended from the sky and stood in front of Mu Bing.

His face was covered with furrows, and his eyes were wooden and lifeless, looking like a zombie.

He was none other than the Mu family’s old ancestor.

“Are you trying to block me?” Mu Bing said.


The white-haired old man shook his head slightly, “Everything that has happened, I am already clear, it is indeed my Mu family that has wronged you!”

“However, please give the Mu family a chance to make compensation, what do you think?” The white-haired old man said.


Mu Bing laughed in anger as if she was crazy.

“All along, I suspected that the spirit root had been taken away, but never complained to the family!”

“Moreover, I even asked the Godly Cunning Immortal for a fortune, wanting to turn the family into a supreme holy land as a way to compete with the Xuanyuan family!”

As these words came out.

“Boom!” An explosive thunder blasted in the minds of the crowd.

What? Turning the family into a supreme holy land? Or begged from the Godly Cunning Immortal?

I heard that Xuanyuan Shi also met with the Godly Cunning Immortal before the Xuanyuan Family became a Supreme Holy Land.

Many people went to inquire, but the Xuanyuan family was tight-lipped and simply did not spread the word. Now sister Mu Bing, for the sake of the family and ask for this kind of fortune. This kind of person, but the Patriarch treated her like this?


“And when I returned, how did the family treat me?”

“Wrapped in sugar, poisoned me, and then, forced to ask about the Young Master’s whereabouts! In the end, they broke my soul space and made me immobilzed!”

“Let me ask the old ancestor, what were you doing at that time?”

“Tell me!” Mu Bing looked at the old man and bellowed.

“I ……” the old man’s chest stagnated and lowered his head in shame.

“Since you have nothing say, I’ll say it for you!”

“In fact, you have long known that the patriarch colluded with the evil race, and everything he did to me, you took in everything!”

“And you, however, did nothing, no different from being afraid that you won’t live long after the divine origin breaks open!”

“For the sake of a little life span, you even disregarded the family’s safety, you are in vain as an old ancestor!”

“Now, you even have the face to come to me and say, giving me compensation?”

“Do you think, are you qualified enough?”

Mu Bing’s voice rolled out, and what she said was resounding in the ears of every son and daughter. Each person’s mind roared and froze as they watched the scene.

The kind of disbelief, that kind of shock, that kind of stifling were written all over everyone’s face. As if they had become Mu Bing, they had been wronged by heaven.

A moment later.

“What? The old ancestor is actually such a selfish villain? To let the patriarch do nothing but evil and not even care?”

“It’s so disappointing, not to mention sister Mu Bing, even I have to leave the Mu family!”

“I can’t stay in this kind of family, I also want to leave the Mu family!” The sound of explosions constantly resounded.

Many disciples clenched their fists and showed an expression of righteous indignation. The Mu family’s oldest ancestor lowered his head in shame and secretly sighed.

“You’re right, I’m selfish and have no face to stay in the Mu Family!”

“It’s me who should go, not you!”

“They are innocent! They, like you, have a fervent blood of justice and they need you to lead!”

“As for this old bones, I have no face to stay in the Mu Family, so let me leave the Mu Family!”

After saying this.

“And us!” Three figures appeared beside the Mu Family’s oldest ancestor.

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  1. Feeling like this ancestor and the 3 who showed up next to him are up to something because if they knew what was going on the moment they leave what’s stopping them from just going and warning the devil race their plan for mu family is compromised before mu bing can consolidate and get things going if chooses to stay?

    also noticed tiny typo again , After saying that, Mu Bing took his parents and rushed up to the sky. pretty sure should be her not his unless mu bing had an operation for that recently 😅

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