The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 73: Slandering

Everyone looked at Luo Ning. This Lu Yiping actually came to Luo Ning’s birthday banquet?

For what reason did this Lu Yiping want to see Luo Ning?

Luo Ning was also all puzzled, and he had no dealings with this Lu Yiping. Why did this Lu Yiping come to see him? 

And the Tai Qing Sword Sect’s ancestors Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua heard Lu Yiping came. Lin Yi flirtatiously laughed, “This Lu Yiping probably knows that we want to find him, so he delivered himself over!

Yuan Yihua also laughed and said, “I heard that this young man has excellent sword skills, extremely fast, some say faster than our Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sectl’s Thunder Wind Sword Technique.” Then he said to Luo Ning, “Let him in.”

Luo Ning nodded, then said to that Supreme Elder of the Luo Family, “Let him in!”

That Luo Family Supreme Elder hesitantly said, “In addition to Lu Yiping, there are also those few of his men outside, what’s the patriarch order?”

“Let them all come in.” Luo Ning said.

The Luo Family Supreme Elder respectfully answered and then retreated.

All the people in the main hall were staring in the direction of the main door.

Recently, the matter of Lu Yiping had been buzzing around the Divine Martial Continent, and everyone in the audience was curious about Lu Yiping.

The Moon Emperor Lin Jun was also curious about whether Lu Yiping was really the most handsome man in the Eternal Source realm, as the rumors said, and whether it was true that his sword skill was superb. The zither skill reached the immortal stage, as the rumors say!

Sword was the first of a hundred weapons! Therefore, almost everyone who cultivates had practiced the sword art.

He was no exception. Moreover, he was also extremely obsessed with the sword dao. Ever since he heard that Lu Yiping had beheaded the Young Patriarch of the Yin Ghost Sect, Hao Shan, with one sword, and his sword skill was excellent, he also wanted to see the sword skill of this Lu Yiping.

Although he was the second emperor of the divine martial continent, his cultivation was not weaker than the Great Northern Star Emperor Zhou Dingtian. His sword dao is high and straight after the older generation of Sword God Luo Ning and others.

Everyone looked forward to it, with different expectations.

Under the gaze of everyone, a blue-shirted young man riding a golden bull came in. When Luo Ning saw this, his face sank, today was his birthday banquet, but this Lu Yiping came into his Luo family even rode in on a mount!

But when Luo Ning saw the sloppy old man and the donkey beside Lu Yiping, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Senior Zhou Cheng?” Luo Ning couldn’t help but get up.

When everyone heard it, they were surprised. The Great Moon emperor Lin Jun’s face changed, “Prajna divine beggar!”

Everyone was astonished. This old man is actually the Prajna Divine Beggar!

About this Prajna Divine Beggar, there were all kinds of legendary miracles and legends in the Eternal Source realm.

This Prajna Divine Beggar came from the first Buddhist sect of the Eternal Source realm, the Tai Hua Buddhist sect, which was the oldest existence of the Tai Hua Buddhist sect. His seniority was higher than the Sword God Luo Ning, Jiang Yu, and others.

He was a strong man of the same era as the Nine Martial Gods of the Martial God Hall.

When everyone heard that the old man turned out to be the Prajna Divine Beggar, they all got up.

Although the Prajna Divine Beggar did not enter the top ten super experts ranking in the Eternal Source realm, everyone in the hall knows that the Prajna Divine Beggar was a Celestial God realm expert!

Jiang Suxiu, the ancestor of Supreme Unity Sect, also got up and smiled at Zhou Cheng, “So it’s senior Zhou Cheng, I didn’t expect to meet senior Zhou Cheng here, if we knew that senior Zhou Cheng was coming, we would have gone out to greet him long ago.”

Zhou Cheng took a sip of wine, glanced at Jiang Suxiu, grinned, and said, “So it’s Suxiu Beauty.” Then he looked at the crowd in the hall and laughed, “Hey, it’s quite lively, but Luo Ning boy, I’m not here to look for you today, it’s Young Master Lu who is looking for you for something.”

Speaking of a little something, Zhou Cheng felt a little anxious in his heart. All eyes just fell back on Lu Yiping.

Luo Ning could not grasp the relationship between Zhou Cheng and Lu Yiping and asked Lu Yiping, “I wonder what Young Master Lu wants to see me about?”

Lu Yiping blandly said, “Back then, Yang Dong was invited into the Gods Battlefield and later disappeared, the person who invited Yang Dong into the Gods Battlefield back then was you, right?”

When the crowd heard this, they were stunned, and all looked at Luo Ning. Back then, the disappearance of Sword God Yang Dong caused quite a stir. This matter, unexpectedly related to Luo Ning?

Luo Ning’s face changed for a moment, but instantly recovered, he looked at Lu Yiping, “Ridiculous! Yang Dong and I did not cross paths, much less invite him into the Battlefield of the Gods!”

At the same time, he said in a deep voice, “I don’t know where this Luo has offended Young Master Lu to make you slander me like this!”

At this moment, the two of them, Lin Yi and Yuan Yihua, the oldest ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, walked over.

Lin Yi stared at Lu Yiping with a heated gaze, “Lu Yiping, right? the Eye of Eternal Night of the Eternal Night Monarch was in your possession?”

 Lu Yiping ignored Lin Yi. His gaze fell on Luo Ning, his voice indifferent: “Slander? Is it slander, I will soon know after searching your soul.”

Everyone in the hall frowned hearing Lu Yiping said he wanted to search Luo Ning’s soul. They all felt that he was too arrogant, as soon as he came to specify that the incident of Yang Dong was related to the Sword God Luo Ning, and also ignored the question of Lord Lin Yi, the old ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect just now.

In the face of the Tai Qing Sword School and the Taiyi Sect experts, he said he wanted to search the soul of the Sword God Luo Ning.

Luo Zhen, the patriarch of the Luo family, could no longer hold back and drew his sword and pointed at Lu Yiping angrily, “Lu Yiping, you came to my Luo family and slandered my grandfather!”

“The two lords of the Tai Qing Sword Sectl are here today, so it’s not your turn to be reckless here!”

Lu Yiping looked at the Luo family head Luo Zhen, who pointed his sword at himself angrily, and his eyes gushed with light, then he saw the Luo family head Luo Zhen scream miserably, and countless sword qi shot out from his chest heart.

Then, Luo Zhen fell to the ground with a bang. Everyone was stunned by the suddenness of the event. They looked at the fallen Luo Zhen in disbelief.

“Heart Sword!” The Moon Emperor Lin Jun said as his eye pupils shrank.

Heart Sword! Everyone in the main hall was stunned at hearing this.

The sword Dao realm, from low to the high, human sword, earth sword, heavenly sword, immortal sword, infinity sword! Above the Infinity Sword, the Heart Sword!

The heart sword was also the sword of the heart demon!

The mind could activate it, the heart demon to trigger the sword qi and kill people in the invisible.

“Father!” The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang and Luo Tong, came forward and helped Luo Zhen to get up and called out sadly.

The Luo family patriarch Luo Zhen opened his mouth, and a big mouthful of blood spurted out.

Luo Chang, Luo Tong, and all the experts of the Luo family looked at Lu Yiping angrily.

The old ancestor of the Supreme Unity Sect, Jiang Suxiu, looked at Lu Yiping and her face sank, her whole body gushed with light, and an astonishing aura was released, and everyone saw a godhead flying out from the top of his head.

 “Supreme Godhead, Feather Godhead!”

 “More than nine thousand eight hundred channels of Heavenly God Laws!”

Everyone cried out in shock. Supreme Godhead was the most difficult Godhead to condense in the world. Even in the recent ancient middle period, the strongest person who could condense the Supreme Godhead was extremely rare.

And more than 9,800 Heavenly God Laws, this was already extremely close to the cultivation of the current top ten super experts of the Eternal Source realm.

Immediately after that, everyone saw that countless sword qi filled around Jiang Suxiu’s body, these sword qis divided into black and white.

“Yin and Yang Sword Qi!”

“God’s Execution!”

Jiang Suxiu’s voice was cold, and the countless yin and yang sword qi all over her body turned into two rivers of swords, blasting towards Lu Yiping.

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