It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 146 Supreme Spiritual Root

“What’s happening? Why did the forbidden land side explode?”

“Let’s go and take a look!”

Many disciples of the Mu Clan were awakened and looked in the direction of the forbidden land.

When they were about to move, at that moment.

“Hoo ……” A long rainbow arrived in a hurry. This long rainbow was none other than Mu Bing.

She stood on the Mu Family’s grand hall and swept her gaze in all directions.

“Look!” Soon, someone spotted Mu Bing.

“Who is she? Why did she appear here?”

“She’s the Fifth Uncle’s daughter – Mu Bing!”

“The person in her hand seems to be the Patriarch!”

“What? Patriarch and auntie were captured by her? How is she so strong?”

“What is she up to?” 

Many of the disciple’s faces showed a look of panic. The Patriarch being captured was beyond imagination.

“Woosh……”A dozen of figures were rushing up to the sky and surrounded Mu Bing.

“Mu Bing, what are you doing? Quickly let the Patriarch go!”

“Are you going to rebel? Why do you capture the Patriarch?”

“Mu Bing, let’s talk properly, let the Patriarch go first!”  A dozen of elders surrounded Mu Bing. They were coercing and enticing her.

To these, Mu Bing directly ignored. She stood in place, not moving a muscle.

“Why are you still frozen? Mu Bing has defected from the clan, why don’t you hurry up and arrest her!”

Mu Hong struggled and let out a hysterical roar.


“Noisy!” As Mu Bing lightly spoke, her right hand gently tapped. It was like a heavy hammer blasting on top of Mu Hong’s head.

“Boom ……” There was a loud sound, and Mu Hong passed out.

“Phew ……” Mu Bing tossed them gently. The two were imprisoned in mid-air, motionless.

Such a scene strongly stimulated the eyes of a group of elders.

“Unbridled, daring to hit the Patriarch, treacherous!” One of the grumpy elders pounced straight at Mu Bing.

“Buzz ……”

He pulled out his long sword and aimed it at Mu Bing’s heart, stabbed it straight. If this sword pierced her through, it would straight take Mu Bing’s life.

“Hmph ……”

Mu Bing coldly snorted, stretched out two fingers, and flicked them forward.

“Looking for death!” On the elder’s face, there was a cold smile.

“Boom ……” A loud sound rang out.

The long sword in the elder hand, inch by inch, shattered and exploded into pieces.

“How is this possible?” The elder’s eyes widened. He was utterly scared silly in place.

In the next instant, his pupils even contracted, and his scalp exploded.

“No ……”

The shouting came to an abrupt halt. The speed of the finger did not decrease and directly popped into the elder’s brow.

“Boom ……”

Heaven and earth trembled.

The elder started from his brain to his body, collapsed into a blood mist a bit by bit, dying a tragic death on the spot.

Everyone was stunned in place when they saw this scene. 

Could one finger shatter a spirit-grade weapons?

One finger, explode half immortal? Is this still a human being? It’s too scary.

“Hiss ……” The crowd was gasping, one after another.

Whether it was the elders or the disciples, they were all incomparably terrified at this moment.

The family had produced such a demon, and they don’t know if it’s good or bad!

They stared at Mu Bing with wide eyes, not daring to move.

Mu Bing also closed her eyes and did not move a muscle. Two brilliant auras burst out of her eyes a moment later, and she shouted toward the sky.

“Mu Chen, don’t hide, come out when you’re here!” The sound was like thunder rolling out.

“Haha ……” A cheerful laugh rang out.

Immediately afterward, a man in white came in a hurry.  He had a handsome face and quite a bit of temperament. Just by standing there, the disciples below let out a burst of exclaim.

“Senior Brother is here!”

“It’s so handsome! This aura is unmatched!”

“I heard that Senior Brother is already a second-step half-immortal, and his real battle strength could fight a battle with a fourth-step half-immortal, I don’t know if it’s true or not!”

“That was his strength six months ago, okay? He had already breakthrough for a long now!”

Fierce discussion constantly resounding.

Hearing these, the corners of Mu Chen’s mouth slightly raised, his head slightly raised.

He looked at Mu Bing and spoke with a smile, “Sister Mu Bing, why do you want to arrest my parents?”

“What do you think?”

Mu Bing stared directly at Mu Chen, making him startled and not daring to look squarely at him.

“I see that you are going to betray the clan!” Mu Chen’s voice increased.

“Oh, so what if you’re a traitor to the clan?”

“As the Patriarch, how has he ever treated me as a member of the clan?”

“He stripped me of my spiritual roots and place them in your body!”

“All the family resources are all for your use!”

“Now, when he want break my soul sea and devour my flesh, you say, I should let him go?”

At the moment, these words came out.

“Boom ……” The shock that was like an explosive thunder blasted in everyone’s minds.

There were shock and disbelief written on everyone’s face.

 Mu Chen’s body trembled, his face changed dramatically, and he could no longer remain calm.

He pointed at Mu Bing and roared, “You’re talking nonsense! You’re spouting air!”

“Heh, I’m spouting air? You were always a waste until you were eight years old, and only then did you become a genius, so tell me, how do you explain this?”

Mu Bing took a step forward, pressing Mu Chen to gasp for breath.

“That was the supreme spiritual medicine that my father searched through the ruins to find to cleanse my marrow!” Mu Chen roared.

“Is that so?”

Mu Bing smiled coldly, “There are some things that are not yours and will never be yours!”

“All these years, every day in the early hours of the morning, you are like sleeping in an ice cellar, are you suffering endless torture? And now become more and more violent? All to the point of unbearable?” Mu Bing said.

“You …… how do you know?” Mu Chen’s face changed dramatically.

“What was mine is not that easy to take!”

“Many thanks for helping me warm up my spiritual roots for so many years!”

After saying that, Mu Bing stretched out of her right hand, “Come back, my spiritual root!”

As this sound started.

“Buzz ……”

Mu Chen’s body trembled violently, and his dantian seemed to be breaking apart as it trembled wildly.

“Ah ……”

Mu Chen let out an incomparable miserable scream. Frost formed on his body as his entire body kept trembling.

“Puff stab ……” A sound of a sword stabbing into flesh and blood sounded.

On Mu Chen’s dantian, there was a small crack and a palm-sized ice phoenix drilled out of it.

“Spiritual root, this …… is the supreme spiritual root!”

“Surprisingly is the ice phoenix!”

“No wonder Mu Chen often scream, it looks like he is tortured by the spirit root to state  of unbearable inhuman!”

In the instant the ice phoenix appeared, the explosive shouts kept ringing out.

“Chirp ……” The ice phoenix cried out and flew around Mu Bing, and it kept circling her.

In that scene, just like a mother and son meet, there was blood thicker than water kinship.

Then, the ice phoenix drilled into Mu Bing’s dantian and disappeared.  Mu Bing closed her eyes and quietly felt it.

She saw in her dantian the ice phoenix and the thunderbolt Yuan Ying quickly fused, turning into a thunderbolt ice phoenix, emitting a monstrous power.

On top of the ice phoenix, the Buddha Dao golden aura and the extremely frozen blue light fused together, echoing each other.

In an instant, the fusion was complete.


Mu Bing’s strength was soaring up rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it reached the seventh step of the ascendant realm.

However, it didn’t stop, as if it had just begun. Ninth step, tenth step! Only after reaching the tenth step then it stopped.

This, only her realm. Her fleshly body, tempered by these powers, was also rapidly improving.

A full quarter of an hour passed. Only then did she open her eyes.

“Buzz ……”

Two cold auras, like biting cold swords, swept through heaven and earth, making people not dare to look directly at her.

She raised her hands and feet, all enveloped with an ice-cold aura.

“You …… you even took my spiritual root, you …… you shall not be allowed to die an easy death!” Mu Chen yelled.


Mu Bing coldly laughed, “Now you mind your own business and turn back into a waste, those people you offended will not let you go!”

“Boom ……”

An explosive thunder blasted Mu Chen’s eyes to white, and his body trembled violently.

These years, he had constantly bullied others. Now, he was back to become a waste. After offending those people, they simply would not let him go.

How should this be?

“Mu Bing, this is what you forced me to do!”

“Since that’s the case, let’s fight to the death, someone, bring her parents here!”

After this shout, several long rainbows came flying rapidly.

Immediately after that, a man and a woman were escorted up and tied up. These two were Mu Bing’s parents.

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