I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 154 – Going to the Cloud Capital City

It took three whole days for Shiqi to expel the residual profound meaning of darkness that remained in his body.

It was not that the power of the profound meaning was too poor, but because the quantity was too small, thus the aftermath was weak.

Walking out of the room, the sunlight was a bit blinding. Shiqi squinted and went down the steps to a gazebo; a soldier in his twenties saw him and immediately ran over and said, “General Chen, you can get down to the ground now?”

“I can, I’ve been in the house for three days, my body is rusty!”

The soldier’s name was Hou Yun, a peak Qi Ocean realm martial artist, the Great General’s personal guard, and for the last three days, he was responsible for taking care of Shiqi’s diet and living.

“The Great General has instructed that if you can get out of bed, you should go and meet him!”


“I’ll lead the way for you!”

Only then did Shiqi react to the fact that Hou Yun was calling him something wrong.

“You called me General?”

“That’s right, and the Grand General has announced your promotion to Innate. You’ve now been promoted to General!

“Mm!” Shiqi stretched out, all the bones in his body were rattling, “General, it seems be very good!”

So, he would have tens of thousands of people on his hands from now on?

The Great General’s real name was Su Yi, the Marquis of Purple Thorn CIty in the Southern Cloud Kingdom, some people called him Marquis, but more people called him the Great General in the military.

He was originally an orphan but was lucky enough to be adopted by the royal family of the Southern Cloud Kingdom. He showed his superb cultivation talent when he was young and became close to the current emperor.

Everyone knew that the Marquis of Purple Thorn was a die-hard loyalist of the imperial family!

When he saw the Great General, he was in his study, with stacks of letters and posters piled up on his desk. When he saw Shiqi arrive, he smiled and asked, “Not bad, just three days and you can get off the ground, I thought you had to lie down for ten days!”


“I received a message from Ning Yinghua, your men and horses should be back tomorrow!”

“Thank you, Great General!”

Su Yi said amiably, “Without being in the army, you can call me Master!”

“Okay, Master!”

Su Yi waved his hand and let Hou Yun leave. Only after Hou Yun left, he smiled and gestured for Shiqi to sit down.

He took out a thick notebook from the drawer. He said, “I’ve checked the cultivation methods and martial skills you’ve exchanged for military service, even the key cultivated direct line of the top families can’t surpass you, so I can only give you the notes I’ve recorded after so many years of cultivation and leading great battles!”

Shiqi took the notes, and he could feel the weight of the notes.

“I just have three disciples right now, but I’m afraid you’re the only one who can inherit my mantle!” Su Yi said in a low voice, “your elder brother Wu Changlin, is a martial arts nerd, often traveled outside, just a year ago a little news back, still do not know where. As your second sister Yun Shanshan is the princess of His Majesty, she has recently departed for the Cloud capital city.  You can not see them for the time being, they have good talent, there is hope to break through the heaven-breaking level.  If they fight alone is okay, but on the war with soldiers I don’t want to mention it!”

“But you’re different, you’re the most talented and capable of fighting that I’ve ever seen!” Su Yi said with a smile, “I take a different martial path than you, my notes, you only need to use as a reference, do not imitate, you have to go your own way!”

“I understand!”

“Good if you understand!” Su Yi nodded, the more he looked at Shiqi, the more satisfied he became, in his opinion, such a talented disciple, as if the heavens had given him, “say a few words about my arrangements for you, you can not appear on the battlefield recently, if Old Devil Li Tian knows that you are not dead, with his violent and ruthless character, once you appear on the battlefield, he will certainly shamelessly sneak attack you again! “

Shiqi whispered and asked, “What then?”

Shiqi was helpless; anyone who a heaven-breaking level Devil Dao expert targeted would feel helpless.

Devil Dao experts are really notoriously difficult to deal with!

Su Yi smiled mysteriously and said, “I have another arrangement for you!”

Shiqi looked at Su Yi, and his heart was speechless …… can’t talk properly?

“Well, I won’t sell it!” Su Yi said with a smile, “You defeated the Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army, killed Hui Qing Ying, and later successively slaughtered five cities of the Black Blood Kingdom, I must praise you, well done, it is simply a great pleasure, because of you, our Purple Thorn Army is regarded as exasperating!”

“Although some people in the court were very dissatisfied with your massacre, it was still suppressed by our military, you don’t have to worry about this!”

“Why are you dissatisfied?” Shiqi asked in a low voice.

Su Yi said with a sigh, “The Southern Cloud Kingdom is still too weak!”

“I understand!” Shiqi nodded.

“It’s good to understand, this is the way of survival for small countries!” Su Yi continued, “But only five cities, should still be within their acceptance range, and the Black Iron Army has withdrawn, there should be no war for the time being, His Majesty was very happy to hear the good news so he said he wanted to see you. I guess you just became an innate expert, and it is not suitable to show your face for the time being, and also need time to consolidate your cultivation realm, the group of people under you also need to recuperate, go to the Cloud capital city. You can ask for his majesty’s reward, but also to avoid the wind. I thin it’s quite good!”

“Also, have you heard of the triennial Southern Cloud Talent Tournament? It will be held in two months in Cloud Capital City.”

“Heard of it?” Shiqi stared blankly, “Master won’t let me represent the Purple Thorn Army in the competition, right?”

“How is that possible? Do you think the first place reward is generous? Do you still need to prove yourself by winning the first place?” Su Yi shook his head and said, “You haven’t been going out these days, you don’t know how big your reputation is now in the Southern Cloud Kingdom! That kind of competition, to the current you, is merely chicken ribs.”

“Then what does Master mean?”

“Since you are going to Cloud Capital City, you will act as the leader by the way and bring those little ones to the competition.” Su Yi thought for a moment there added, “We will leave in fifteen days, you can also teach them on the way.”

Shiqi hesitated for a moment and asked, “I teach them?”

“That’s right, although you have just broken through the Innate, but you are very strong and qualified to teach them!”

Su Yi had said this, so Shiqi couldn’t refuse anymore and could only agree to it. As for what they could call them, Shiqi didn’t think about it for now.

“You are now not lacking in weapons, not lacking in cultivation methods, I know that you comprehend the killing intent, since this you, I reward you with one thousand spirit stones, a set of purple thorn battle armor, a Xuan level middle grade martial skill, you can choose for yourself, and the opportunity to enter the killing secret realm once ……”

One thousand spirit stones. If it was before, it would have been a huge sum of money for Shiqi.

But after plundering five cities in a row, each of which cost nearly a thousand spirit stones, he felt that a thousand wasn’t much.

However, he didn’t have many spirit stones left now and having a thousand spirit stones was not bad. If he absorbed them slowly, it might be enough to raise him to the middle innate stage.

The defensive power of the Purple Thorn Battle Armor was dispensable to Shiqi, but it was certainly very powerful to wear.

Killing Secret Realm? This …… was the first time he had heard of it.

Su Yi saw Shiqi’s expression and thought he was still not satisfied, so he said, “When you get to Cloud Capital City, his majesty will still have a reward for you. These days, you should be well in the Killing Secret Realm to seriously comprehend, it will be very helpful for you to improve your Killing Intent!”

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