It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 144: Withdraw From The Supreme Court

There was dead silence All around.  Everyone looked at Wen Ren Shi as if they were looking at a terrifying monster. Killing a half-immortal with his bare hands was as simple as slaughtering a chicken.

In today’s world, even the half-immortal dragon race would not be this simple, right?

“He …… what kind of monster he is, this flesh, is also too terrifying!”

“Unseen and unheard of!”

“It looks like the fortune he obtained is unimaginable!”

The surrounding immortal cultivators, muttering to themselves, unable to say a complete sentence for half a day.

Jiang Kun and Fang Ning looked at Wen Renshi, their liver, and guts split. Both their legs involuntarily trembled violently.

“Plop!”The two men coincided and knelt down.

“Wen …… Dean Wen, I …… I was wrong, spare my life!”

“Dean Wen, I deserve to die, no more ideas of your immortal sword!” After saying that, the two people kept kowtowing.

“Hehe ……” Wen Renshi smiled coldly, stretched out his hand, and slapped it over.

The two people’s faces changed dramatically, and hurriedly made shields, at the same time, using weapons, blocked in front of their bodies.

“No ……” The cries came to an abrupt end.

The slap directly shattered the weapon, and the speed did not decrease, directly slapped on the two people’s heads.

“Boom ……” Two sounds rang out simultaneously.

The shield and the head split in response to the sound.

“Boom ……” The headless corpse directly fell to the ground twitching non-stop. Fresh blood sprayed all over the ground.

All around, once again fell into dead silence.

“Dead, all dead?”

“The two of them, one is a three-step half-immortal, and one is a two-step half-immortal!”

“This Wen Renshi is too scary!”

The surrounding immortal cultivators looked at Wen Ren Shi, and their faces were filled with jealousy.

Wen Ren Shi stood there, sweeping his gaze.

But whoever was swept, they all lowered their heads, not daring to look straight. Those who survived from the Fang Family and the Supreme Court had faces full of fear.

They stood in place, trembling, not daring to move at all. Killing their leader was like slaughtering a chicken. If they rushed forward, how different was that from seeking death?

“Who else?” Wen Ren Shi shouted.

No one responded. All around, there was only dead silence.

Wen Ren Shi’s gaze was fixed on the monitoring mission, and he said, “Listen up!”

“Wen …… Dean Wen, you …… what you command, just ask!” A man stood trembling in place.

“Pass on a message to the Grand Dean for me, since he sent someone to oppress the old man in this way!”

“Then, from today onwards, I withdraw from the Supreme Court! From now on, there I will have nothing to do with the Supreme Court!” Wen Ren Shi said.

“Yes …… yes!” The man respectfully clasped his fist and saluted.

“And you guys, if you want the old man’s immortal sword, feel free to make a move!”

After saying that, Wen Renshi walked into the Supreme Court West Courtyard with big strides.

A moment later, he walked out again with big strides.

“Phew ……”

Then, he turned into a long rainbow and disappeared into the sky.

“Haha ……”

Wen Renshi let out a burst of laughter, seeming to spit out all the years of frustration in his heart.

“Is this what the Young Master said about being free?”

“Now, leaving the Supreme Court feels too good!”

 “Without the restraints, I can do better for Young Master!”

“My lord, you just lay out behind the scenes, I am the pawn in your hand, where you point I kill!”  Wen Ren Shi murmured and firmly clenched his fist.



Time flies, two days passed in a blink of an eye.

After nearly three days of flight, Mu Bing finally arrived at the Central Region Holy Land.  Seeing everything in the holy land, Mu Bing shook his head for a while.

Staying in the Jade Lake Palace for a long time was like walking from a big city into a remote mountainous area. What you saw in front of you was nothing but barrenness.

Suddenly, Mu Bing raised her eyebrows. Looking in the direction of the Xuanyuan family, she could not help but stare.

The continuous arrival of the fortune qi actually turned into substance was like the sky was full of starlight. Even in the daytime, it was extremely dazzling.

“Xuanyuan family? Don’t be complacent, I will also make the Mu family turn into a supreme holy land!”

“Time is running out, I must return to the family as soon as possible!” Thinking like this, Mu Bing increased her speed and darted through the crowd.

Her afterimage swept her eyes behind her, and a flash of icy killing intent passed by. Not long after she left, in the crowd, a man in black robes mouth corner slightly raised, “You finally came back!”

The man’s figure flickered and disappeared.

Shortly after, Mu Bing arrived outside the gates of the Mu Clan.

“Sister Mu Bing, you’re so beautiful!”

“I can feel a strong pressure from Sister Mu Bing, Sister Mu Bing is worthy of being a genius!” Just as soon as she stood at the gate, a group of children gathered around. 

Like stars holding the moon, they surrounded Mu Bing. It was the first time for her to be surrounded by so many children.

She remembered that when she was two years old, she had a severe illness and almost died.

Even if she survived, no one wanted to play with her, and her talent was only average in the Mu family.

All this time, from the sideline, she had been living in the shadow of the genius of the Mu Family – Mu Chen.

All the resources of the family were leaning towards Mu Chen.

As for herself, she was sent to the Supreme Court West Academy and fought for herself.

Now, returning to the family, looking at the children’s enthusiastic appearance, a warmth was surging through her heart.

“I don’t know how my parents are, if they know I’m back, they must be very surprised, right?”

“I will give them a bigger surprise later, your daughter is not a waste!” Mu Bing clenched her fist and secretly nodded her head.

“Sister Mu Bing, don’t stand still, the family head and auntie are still waiting for you!”

“The Patriarch?” Mu Bing had a surprised look on her face.

It looked like they must have known that she had killed the black-armored knight. There was also the news that she was close to the Godly Cunning Immortal.

However, to pry into the whereabouts of the Godly Cunning Immortal? That’s impossible!

With that in mind, Mu Bing followed the group of children and headed for Mu family mansion. She entered the Mu family’s main hall.

“Bing’er, you’re back!”

“You’ve worked hard, sit inside!”

There, she saw a graceful and noble middle-aged woman quickly walked forward. With a smiling face that looked like a spring breeze in other people’s eyes, it was very comfortable.

This middle-aged woman was the wife of the Patriarch and the aunt in the mouth of all the children.

Mu Bing looked at the middle-aged woman with a trace of surprise on her face.

She had never seen the auntie smile at herself like that? This was a dream, right?

“Bing’er, in the past, it was auintie who didn’t know what to do and made you suffer!”

“Auntie didn’t make amends to you here!” After saying that, the middle-aged woman bowed herself to salute.

When Mu Bing saw this, she hurriedly helped the middle-aged woman up, “Auntie, don’t! I’ve forgotten all about the past!”

“Bing’er, you really know how to behave, come, rest inside!” After saying that, the middle-aged woman pulled Mu Bing and walked into the main hall.

Just as she entered the main hall, she saw the family head, Mu Hong, walk straight up with a smile on his face.

“Bing’er, you’re back, how wonderful!” Mu Hong said.

The originally majestic patriarch was actually smiling? Despite that ugly smile, he at least smiled.

Mu Bing’s expression froze and her face was filled with surprise.

“Greetings to the patriarch!” Mu Bing bowed to salute.

 “Don’t ……”

Mu Hong hurriedly picked Mu Bing up, “Bing’er, it’s been hard out there, take a rest first, have a cup of tea!”

When Mu Bing sat down, Mu Hong waved his hand, and immediately someone presented tea.

“Bing’er, this is spiritual tea, drink it while it’s hot, don’t waste it!” The middle-aged woman urged.

Spiritual tea? At most, it was only ordinary spiritual tea. Can it be compared with the fairy tea and enlightenment tea of the Young Master?

I have drunk so many of those supreme tea, will I still care about this spiritual tea.

However, for the sake of their face, she could only drink a few sips.

“Many thanks to the Patriarch, many thanks to the Auntie!”

After saying that, Mu Bing picked up the cup and was about to drink it when she couldn’t help but frown.

Afterward, she swallowed it in one gulp and used her immortal energy to wrap it and secretly expel it from her body.

Seeing Mu Bing finish a mouthful, Mu Hong and the middle-aged woman looked at each other, a touch of contempt flash in their eyes.

“By the way, where are my parents?” Mu Bing asked.

“I sent someone to call them, they should be here soon!”

“Bing’er, I heard that you’ve met the Godly Cunning Immortal?” Mu Hong said.

“Yes, Mu Bing is here today thanks to the Godly Cunning Immortal!” Mu Bing said.

“Then can you tell us his whereabouts? So that we can go and pay our respects!” Mu Hong said.

Mu Bing shook her head slightly, “Patriarch, he is in the process of cultivation, so it is not appropriate to meet with guests, so if we forcefully go to seek the fortune, I’m afraid that it will displease him and make things awkward!”

The two listened and nodded slightly. A flash of killing intent passing in their eyes.

“Bing’er, I heard that you obtained an immortal sword from Godly Cunning Immortal, is that true?” Mu Hong asked.

“Yes!” Mu Bing nodded his head.

After saying this, Mu Bing pressed her head and revealed a deep sleep. Gradually, she completely lost consciousness.



Mu Hong called out several times, but Mu Bing did not have any reaction.

“It’s done!” The two men looked at each other, their faces full of joy.


“Yes Patriarch!” Several men in black quickly ran in.

“Put her in the secret cell and lock her in shackles! Go!”

“Yes Patriarch” Soon, the men in black carried Mu Bing, and they quickly went away.

“Ah Hong, is it necessary to be so nervous?” The middle-aged woman said.

“What do you know, the Godly Cunning Immortal is able to turn the Xuanyuan family into a supreme holy land!”

“A little blow of his breath is able to make us turn to ashes, just be careful!”

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