The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 71: The Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect

The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, suppressed the shock in his heart and sneered, “This Lu Yiping, now that he has offended the Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Spring Devil Sect, Yin Ghost Sect and Martial God Hall, he will definitely die even if he is the heir of the Eternal Night Monarch!”

“The Martial God’s Nine Absolute Martial Gods, who entered the Sacred Forest and came out invincible, are now in seclusion for so many years, and their cultivation is already astounding! Unless the Eternal Night Monarch is resurrected, no one can save Lu Yi Ping!”

“If the Nine Absolute Martial Gods strike, even the Supreme Unity Sect Jiang Yu can’t shelter Lu Yiping!”

Another expert of the Luo Family laughed and said, “The young master is right, the Nine Absolute Martial Gods are extremely protective, Lu Yiping killed two True Gods of the Martial God Hall, with the temperament of the Nine Absolute Martial Gods, they will definitely take action!”

The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, had a piece of blood-red jade in his hand and said with a smile, “In a few days, it will be the birthday banquet of the grandfather.

In a few days, it would be the birthday banquet of Luo Ning, the Sword God, and he came to the Great Desolate City to buy this Dragon Blood Jade, which contained extremely pure dragon blood and was a treasure to prolong life.

A Luo family expert laughed, “I heard that this time, not only will Lord Jiang Susu of the Taiyi Sect come to the old ancestor’s birthday banquet, even the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect will have experts to come to the old ancestor’s birthday!”

“I see that in this Eternal Source realm, even Lord Jiang Yu of the Supreme Unity Sect may not have such a big face!”

Nine Heavens, Tai Qing Sword Sect!

A birthday banquet that could make the experts of the Tai Qing Sword Sect come to attend was simply a supreme honor.

Luo Chang smile and said, “The old ancestor has already comprehended 9,999 Heavenly God Laws, and within a thousand years, he will surely break through the Celestial God!”

“At that time, with the support of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the position of the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent will definitely be ours, the Luo Family!”

Although he had also heard that Wan Wudi had broken through the Celestial God realm, in his opinion, with the support of the Tai Qing Sword School, their old ancestor could be expected to seize the throne of the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent once he broke through the Celestial God realm.

A moment later, the young master of the Luo Family, Luo Chang, did not delay any longer and left the Evil God Plain with all the experts of the Luo Family and returned to the Luo family.

While everyone was heated up over the matter of Dark Demon Hall, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, Yin Ghost Sect, and Martial God Hall, Lu Yiping and his group arrived at the Evil God Cult.

Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang looked at the Evil God Church building in front of him and had mixed feelings. Back then, he founded the Evil God Church, hundreds of millions of believers, spread across the forty-six continents of the Eternal Source realm, and now, the Evil God Church could only shrink in a corner of the Divine Martial Continent, in the Evil God Plain to linger on.

Back then, the Evil God Church had countless true gods, and now, only a few people. Of course, the current Evil God Church was no longer the Evil God Church he founded back then. When his body was destroyed, and the Ancient Devil Heart was sealed, the Evil God Church was besieged by the ancient sects, invaded and eaten, and had long been destroyed.

This evil god religion was later created by the descendants of a member of the evil god religion. Although he still has some origins, however was no longer his Evil God Church.

When Lu Yiping and company arrived, they immediately attracted the attention of the Evil God Church experts.

“All of you, we don’t know what is the business of coming to our Evil God Church?” An Evil God Church guard disciple came forward and asked.

Lu Yiping and the others also did not speak.

Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang broke through the air and raised one hand in the air to the ground, and then saw the ground around rumbling, and a certain palace of the Evil God Church was shaking.

At this time, the human shadow flickers, apparently the Evil God Church experts were alarmed. The evil god sect master came out and looked at Lu Yiing and his company in amazement.

Suddenly, a certain palace of the Evil God Cult exploded, and a pair of giant scythe-like blades broke out of the air from the depths of the earth, then fell into the hands of the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang.

With an amazing evil aura and a wild surge of blood, this giant blade emitted a soul-stirring sound like countless evil demons screaming.

The ancient evil god Qiang Liang held the giant blades with both hands and revealed a smile, “Old fellow Ji, are you okay.”

The two blades emitted a humming sound and vibrated, and the blood qi light gulped. This is the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang’s divine weapon Evil God Blade. Several people came over to take the Evil God’s blades.

An expert of the Evil God Cult said to the current Church Master of the EEvil God Church, “Church Master, that seems to be the Evil God Blade of Lord Evil God back then!”

The Evil God Churchmaster did not say anything, and his heart was shaken. The Evil God Blade of the ancient Evil God was actually in the Evil God Church all along!

Just as Lu Yiping was about to leave, the Evil God Church Master spoke: “All of you came to my Evil God Church, took my Evil God Church titems, without even squealing before you plan to leave?”

Lu Yiping and the other stopped.

Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang’s smile was evil, “The items of your Evil God Church?” Then a beat, “So I take it now, what do you want?”

The Evil God Church leader’s face was cold, “Although my Evil God Church is not the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Springs Demon Sect, but it is not a place where your few people can come and go when they want!”

“Put down the Evil God Blade!”

The ancient Evil God Qiang Liang suddenly chopped out both blades, at once, two ten thousand feet of blood-red blade lights flew out and instantly passed through the Evil God Sect Sect Master and experts.

The Evil God Church master and experts had no time to react.  They only felt cold, and then all their robes burst open.

Every Evil God Church disciple on the scene had two more blood-red blade marks, and blood was seeping out of them.

The Evil God Church master and disciples’ whole body stiffened, only to feel that the blood in their whole body was going to freeze completely.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping said.

Then, with the ancient evil god Qiang Liang, they broke through the air and left. After Lu Yiping left, the Evil God Church master and others came back with a sigh of relief.

The crowd looked at the whole blood-red blade marks, swallowing in their throats.

If the youth was not merciful, I am afraid that now all the people were disintegrated into countless pieces.

“Church Master, that blue-shirted young man, could it be the Immortal Qin Xian,  Lu Yiping!” Suddenly, an expert of the Evil God Church squeaked out.

“The Qin Immortal, Lu Yiping!”

“It’s him?!” At once, the Evil God Church crowd was shocked.

“That black-robed youth, could he be the descendant of Lord Evil God!” The Evil God Church leader swallowed.

After leaving, Lu Yiping asked Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, “Really don’t want to rebuild the Evil God Church again?”

Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang’s face was complicated, and he finally shook his head, “Let’s talk about it later.”

Lu Yiping also did not persuade again, and they headed in the direction of the Luo Family.

Half a day later, they came out of the Evil God Plain. Out of the Evil God Plain was the Luo Family boundary.

The Evil God Plain was full of killings and bloodshed, and it was shrouded with an evil aura. But after entering the boundary of the Luo Family, there was less fighting, the wind and sunshine, and the mountains were green and beautiful.

As they get closer to the Luo family’s main residence, they saw more and more experts from all sides coming and going.

“Lord Luo Ning Sword God’s birthday banquet, this time even the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect has sent experts to congratulate his birthday, This is too much face, rightt.”

“I heard that the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect who come this time is not a True God expert this time, but a Celestial God!”

On the distant avenue, a few disciples talked.

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