The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 70: The Soul-Severing Evil Hand Reappears in the World

When the vast evil aura of the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang rose to the sky, the evil aura that had calmed down last night high above the Evil God Plain boiled up again!

This time, it was really boiling! The evil Qi in the sky of the Evil God was boiling like boiling water.

All the experts in all of the Evil God Plain corners who saw this scene had their hearts shaken.

Luo Chang and the experts of the Luo Family who had not left the Evil God Plain yet saw this scene as well.

“What’s going on? The evil qi of the Evil God Plain is actually so dry again just like last night! And it’s even more dry than last night!” Luo Continuously was shocked.

The experts of the Dark Demon Hall and the Martial God Hall, under the powerful and vast evil spirit of the ancient evil gods, felt even more suffocating.

Even Yu Hai, who was at the peak of the late stage of True God, had difficulty breathing, not to mention the other experts of the Dark Demon Hall and the Martial God Hall.

Everyone was horrified. Who was this youth? How could there be such a terrifying evil aura!

Next to Lu Yiping, there was suddenly another such terrifying expert!

Not only the Dark Demon Hall and the Martial God Hall, but also Zhou Cheng and the donkey sitting on him were shocked.

Zhou Cheng was standing beside the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, and he was coldly almost made to fall off the donkey by the sudden vast evil Qi of the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang.

In the crowd’s horror, the ancient evil god Qiang Liang mage grabbing motion in the void, and saw that in the void, the evil spirit that had originally boiled over the plain of the evil god suddenly condensed and turned into a huge evil hand like a mountain of chaos.

This evil hand was violent and evil, and there was an ancient evil word in the middle of the palm.

Seeing this heaven-obscuring evil hand, Dark Demon Hall Branch Hall Master Yu Hai and Zhou Cheng spoke simultaneously, “Soul-breaking Evil Hand!”

Zhao Zihao and others were also shocked when they heard the words, “This is the Soul-Severing Evil Hand of the Ancient Evil God?!”

Ancient Evil God! One of the Ten Great Masters of the Ancient World! The greatest enemy of the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods.

Since the Ancient Evil God had perished, the Soul-Severing Evil Hand had never come into existence again. The Soul-Severing Evil Hand only exists in the Divine Canon history books.

Now this young man beside Lu Yi Ping knew the Soul-Severing Evil Hand! At this moment, the heavenly Soul-Severing Evil Hand fell down with a bang.

“Run!” Dark Demon Hall Branch Hall Master Yu Hai lost his voice and shouted, “Soul-Severing Evil Hand has reappeared in the world, quickly report to Ancestor Lan Han!”

The ancestor of the Dark Demon Hall, Lan Han! The second expert of the Eternal Source realm!

All the experts of the Dark Demon Hall fled in panic. Yu Hai even recklessly burned his blood and vitality, tearing through the void and fleeing.

The Soul-Severing Evil Hand finally fell down with a bang.

When the Soul-Severing Evil Hand fell, the ancient evil word in the middle of the palm of the hand burst out with light. Heavy evil qi penetrated into space, which previously had already been torn by the Dark Demon Hall Branch Hall Master Yu Hai was blasted out again by the evil qi.

Boom! The Soul-Severing Evil Hand imprinted to the ground.

When the evil hand hit the ground, the ground shook. Sand and stones rolled then the whole ground was actually slapped to cave in. The area covered by the evil hand was turned into pieces.

Even Yu Hai, Zhao Zihao, and other people who were just escaping the hall also became sand powder. Countless experts of the Dark Devil Hall were stamped into the ground by the evil hand in unison.

But there was no scream. The evil hand grazed down from Zhao Zihao and other Martial God Hall experts.

Zhao Zihao and other Martial God Hall experts were too late to dodge, and countless sand and dust overwhelmed Zhao Zihao and others.

Zhao Zihao and others looked at the ground that had completely collapsed in front of them and looked at the huge palms covering the ground, and they were all dumbfounded.

The Dark Demon Hall, the three true gods, the sixteen god realms, and many Great Emperors and Ancient Emperors were crushed by this handprint.

When Zhao Zihao and others were dumbfounded, they saw that the Soul-Severing Evil Hand suddenly took a grip and took one of the gods out of the bottomless pit.

These primordial spirits were the primordial spirits of Yu Hai and others.

As soon as the ancient evil god Qiang Liang exerted his force, they all crushed and burst, turning into the purest power of the primordial spirits, and then swallowed them all into his body with a single bite.

“Soul Devouring Devil Scripture.” Seeing this scene, that True God realm ancestor of the Martial God Hall said with a pale face, “What kind of ancient evil god are you?”

The Soul Devouring Devil Scripture was also the ancient Evil God’s technique. At this time, Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen also made their moves and rushed into the crowd of the Martial God Hall.

Behind Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen, the giant elephant supporting the sky coalesced. As soon as they struck, it was the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist!

These days, the two were given the True God Golden Pill by Lu Yi Ping to cultivate and then fused with the Life Killing Dao Killer and the blue-shirted young man’s Heavenly God Law. The strength of the two had exceeded many late True God peak experts. How could people like the experts from the Martial God Hall be able to stop them?

The Martial God Temple experts were blown away in unison. However, the two obeyed Lu Yiping’s orders and only scrapped the Martial God Hall people.

Soon, the two returned to Lu Yiping’s side. They saw that all the people of the Martial God Hall were already lying on the ground.

Lu Yi Ping took a single hand, only to see a distant underground boom, a huge treasure vault rose from the ground. It was the treasure vault of the Evil God Plain Branch of the Dark Demon Hall.

Inside the treasury were the spiritual medicines, spiritual stones, and all kinds of treasures that the Dark Demon Hall Branch Hall had scavenged in the Evil God Plain over the years, which were useless to Lu Yiping, but he could use them in the future to create his power.

Lu Yiping and the crowd left the scene. The next battle destination: The Yin Ghost Sect’s Evil God Plain Branch!

The True God realm expert of the Martial God Hall felt the completely shattered God Veins, Dantian, and Primordial Spirits in his body, couldn’t help but despair and grief, he looked at the departing Lu Yiping and roared, “Lu Yiping, our Martial God Hall will not let you go! Our Nine Absolute Old Ancestors will not let you go!”

“You have the guts to kill us all! At this moment, a sword qi broke through the air. This Martial God Hall True God realm expert’s head was thrown up.

The rest of the Martial God Hall experts was silenced.

After leaving, Zhou Cheng had a complicated look on his face and asked Lu Yiping, “Is Brother Xiao Xie a descendant of Lord Evil God?”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “No.”

“No?” Zhou Cheng was greatly surprised, then asked, “Then it’s a personal disciple?”

Lu Yiping shook his head and did not answer. In a short while, the Evil God Plain branch of the Yin Ghost Sect was in sight.

Not long after, all the experts of the Evil God Plain saw that the evil Qi that had just calmed down over the Evil God Plain boiled up again.

Half a day later.

“The descendant of the Evil God has emerged! The Soul-Severing Evil Hand  reappears in the world!”

“Dark Demon Hall, Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, tens of thousands of experts were all exterminated by Lu Yi Ping and the Evil God’s descendant!”

“Dozens of experts of the Martial God Hall were killed, and two true gods, Yu Zhifang and Sun Liang, even lost their heads to the ground!”

News after news spread all over the Plain of Evil Gods. When the young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, and the experts of the Luo family heard the news, they were all horrified.

“This Lu Yi Ping, is he going to raise the whole world as his enemy?” For a long time, an expert of the Luo Family said with a hoarse voice.

“I heard that not only did he obtain the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra, even the Eye of Eternal Night of the Lord of the Ancient Demon Race, the Eternal Night Monarch, is in his hands, and he has already obtained the Eye of Eternal Night to recognize his master.” A Luo Family expert was astonished, “Now it is all rumored that he is the heir of the Ancient Devil Clan’s Lord, the Eternal Night Monarch.”

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