I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 153 – Worship A Master

The Great General of the Purple Thorn Army had a dignified appearance, a purple armor that was powerful and uncommon, carrying the might of a Heaven-breaking level expert, ordinary martial artists would not even have the courage to raise their heads in front of him.

He checked Shiqi’s body couldn’t help but marvel, “What a strong body!”

Shiqi was embarrassed to speak, and if his body were really strong enough, he wouldn’t have been incapacitated by a simple blow from someone.

“Chen Pengfei, what’s that look on your face? You think it’s that easy to be a Heaven-breaking expert?” The great general saw Shiqi’s expression and said, “Even for a late innate expert, suffering a blow containing the profound meaning of darkness from the Old Devil Li Tian, it is almost the same as nine deaths, but you, a young man who just became an innate expert, can escape from the hands of the Old Devil Li Tian, you can brag for the rest of your life!”

“What is the profound meaning of darkness?”

“The profound meaning is the sublimation of the realm of intent, you don’t even understand this?”

“I don’t understand!” Shiqi said honestly.

He had never been the kind of person who didn’t know how to pretend to understand.

The great general asked suspiciously, “Hasn’t anyone ever mentioned it to you?”


“Oh!” The great general snapped his forehead and said, “I remember, your master was the Red River Ancestor who died long ago!”

“Mm!” Shiqi nodded his head.

It would be strange if the great general didn’t know about his intelligence. He was so famous now, and he could be considered a celebrity of the Purple Thorn Army!

“So …… are you willing to worship me as your master?”

The great general looked at Shiqi and slowly asked.

“Your subordinate is willing!” Shiqi just froze for a moment and then answered without hesitation.

The most powerful battle force in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom was the Heaven-breaking expert. In the whole Southern Domain, only a few people could suppress the Heaven-breaking experts, but those people were not accessible to Shiqi.

To be able to worship a Heaven-breaking expert as a teacher or a great general of the Purple Thorn Army, it was impossible for him not to agree.

The great general smiled, “Still call yourself a subordinate?”

“Your disciple is willing!”

“Good, when we return, I will officially announce to the Southern Cloud Kingdom, from now on, you are my disciple!”

It was not a sudden whim to take “Chen Pengfei” as a disciple. After seeing his battle record and strength, as well as his age, he couldn’t help but have a love for talent.

It could be said, in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom, Shiqi’s talent was absolutely the first! No one could be his equal!

Ning Yinghua looked at the Shiqi, who was still lying on the ground with envy and jealousy, wishing to replace him.

He knew very well that the great general had three personal disciples, the first disciple died early, no need to mention; second disciple Wu Changlin was a total martial arts enthusiast and often traveled outside; the third disciple Yun Shanshan was the seventh daughter of His Majesty, she had extraordinary talent. At twenty-three years old, she was already a mid-innate expert, but she was almost at a disadvantage in the development of the military as a woman. So far, she had only been given the title of general in the Purple Thorn Army.

Chen Pengfei became the disciple of the great general, he could almost walk across the Purple Thorn Army, and his future was bright!

“Ning Yinghua, I will first take Pengfei back to Purple Thorn City to receive treatment, you bring back his soldiers!”

“Subordinate obeys!”

The great general lifted up Shiqi, and then the entire person shot up into the sky.

A Heaven-breaking level expert could fly extremely fast, but the Great General wrapped Shiqi with true essence, so it was not so hard for Shiqi.

“I just checked your body and found that there are actually two realms of intent within your body. I am curious, what is another realm of intent within your body?” The great general asked, “If you didn’t have two realms of intent within your body, even if your body was strong and your killing intent was well comprehended, it would have been difficult to resist the Dark Aura contained in a casual strike from Li Tian

“That’s because I just comprehended the Force Intent Realm!”

The great general looked at Shiqi oddly and asked, “Force Intent Realm? Are you sure?”


Having even comprehended the realm of intent, how could one not even know what the realm of intent was?

“Realm of Force Intent, very good, very strong!”

Chen Hao could hear clearly that the Great General’s tone was a bit staged and relaxed. It seemed that the Realm of Force was indeed very strong!

“You slaughtered five cities, just for this devil sword?” The great general glanced at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword and asked with a frown, “Chen Pengfei, can you control it?”

Chen Hao, who was in the sword, suddenly tensed up!

“Demonic weapons can be different from spiritual weapons, although the increase of demonic weapons for martial artists is stronger than spiritual weapons of the same level, but using them, you will have to pay the same price!” The Great General said, “The more advanced the demonic weapon, the greater the impact on the weapon master, if you can’t control it, you might as well destroy it!”

“Thank you master for reminding me, I can control it!”

“In short, you should be cautious!”

What should be reminded, he will remind, but everything still depends on the disciple’s choice.

He could not destroy a demonic weapon carefully cultivated by his disciple in the name of “protection”!

Master was not a nanny!

The general thought so, but Chen Hao in the devil sword had already cursed! But Chen Hao still did not move, and the Crimson Blood Devil Sword did not even bother to move a little.

He was a good-tempered devil sword!

“I understand!”

Shiqi nodded and wiped the dust on the Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s blade, revealing the first blood ring on the sword’s body.

After most of the day’s work, Shiqi was brought back to Zijing City by the Great General.

“You don’t need to heal the wound on your body, and I won’t help you remove the profound meaning of darkness on your body, it can’t help you anyway, use your intent to fight it properly, it’s also a kind of cultivation for you!”

The great general left these words and left, and Shiqi lay on the bed, somewhat helpless. He probably understood the Great General’s style of teaching his disciples!

Returning to the safety of Purple Thorn City, Shiqi’s heart was much more at ease.

He calmed his mind and began to turn his divine sense to his body. The Killing Intent and Force Intent were still continuing to fight against the residual profound meaning of darkness.

Chen Hao was about to speak to Shiqi, seeing that he was immersed in the confrontation with the profound meaning of darkness. Thus he planned to wait until he finished cultivating before speaking.

Shiqi consecutively sacrifice five cities, nearly more than 200,000 people, almost made him eat up!

If the sword itself wasn’t made of the wrong material, he could have upgraded long ago.

According to his knowledge, Shiqi plundered five cities in a row, so his spatial ring was loaded with many excellent sword casting materials.

Not long ago, he was pretending to be asleep, and recently because of Ning Yinghua’s presence, he was a little hesitant.

Now back in Purple Thorn City, it’s time for Shiqi to hand over the good stuff.

Late at night, Shiqi slowly woke up from the confrontation with the profound meaning of darkness.

He had gained a lot from the confrontation with the profound meaning of darkness. Both the Killing Intent and the Force Intent had improved, and he had deepened his understanding of the profound meaning.

Shiqi understood that with his current strength, he had no chance of defeating a Heaven-breaking level expert who had mastered the profound meaning.

He was able to kill Innate experts at the True Origin realm, relying on his great strength and physical defense.

But the strength of his physical body could not resist the threat of profound meaning for the time being.

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