The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 69: Heir of the Eternal Night Monarch

Lu Yiping looked at the young man’s corpse in a blue shirt, and his hand made a grabbing motion, and a book with golden Buddhist light flew out from his body.

It was one of the four major Buddhist scriptures, the Ksitigarbha Sutra.

The golden Buddha light of this Ksitigarbha Sutra was somewhat different from the golden Buddha light of the Fire Dragon Sutra. The flame of the Fire Dragon Sutra was permeated with fire, while the light of the Ksitigarbha Sutra was somewhat dark.

Zhou Cheng was looking at the corpse of the young man in a blue shirt, and his heart was complicated.

He was actually very vague about Lu Yiping’s strength before. In fact, it is also very ambiguous, he thought Lu Yiping was also only a Celestial God early stage, but now he seemed to be the middle stage of Celestial God?

Then, Lu Yiping pulled out all the Heavenly God laws from the blue-shirted young man’s Godhead and incorporated them into the Godheads of Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen. At the same time, the corpse was thrown into the Universe Cauldron and then flipped through the Ksitigarbha Sutra.

The Ksitigarbha Sutra was the first of the four Buddhist scriptures. It was created by the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva of the Buddhist realm. It contained the supreme Buddhist mysteries even more profound than the Fire Dragon Buddhist sutra.

However, Lu Yiping read through it quickly, and soon, he finished it. He already knew this sutra completely.

Lu Yiping put the Ksitigarbha Sutra away, looked at the night, and suddenly said, “The night is beautiful tonight.”

Only then did Zhou Cheng notice that the evil qi enveloping the Evil God Plain had surprisingly faded a lot, and the night sky was dotted with stars, which was indeed beautiful.

But the night was slowly fading. Starlight disappears.  After the blue-shirted young man died, the night was uneventful.

Lu Yiping got up and left the courtyard with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

“Not far ahead, is the branch hall of the Dark Demon Hall Evil God Plain, right?” Lu Yiping suddenly spoke.

Zhou Cheng said, “Well, after leaving the Great Desolate City, less than 10,000 miles, there is the Evil God Plain branch of the Dark Demon Hall.” And said, “The Dark Demon Hall here branch have many experts, there are three True God realm experts alone!”

“As for the God realm, there are more than sixteen!”

True God realm experts were very scarce, superpowers like the Dark Demon Hall, their branch hall usually guarded by only one true God, but this evil god plains branch hall, there were three. It coil be seen that the Dark Demon hall put importance to this evil god plains branch hall.

“Three true gods.” Lu Yiping’s face was calm.

Lu Yiping and the others left the Great Desolate City, not long after, they came to the front of the Dark Demon Hall branch hall.

The Dark Demon Hall Evil God Plain branch’s building was extremely grand and atmospheric. The palace stretches covered an area of more than a few thousand square kilometers.

Looking at the magnificent building in front of him, Lu Yiping signaled Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen to make a move.

Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen stepped forward and threw a direct punch.

At once, the waves of fists rolled. As the waves passed by, the Dark Demon Hall building continued to collapse.

Inside the main hall of the Dark Demon Hall, Hall Master Yu Hai was talking and laughing with Yu Zhifang, the Vice Hall Master of the Martial God Hall Branch Hall.

This time, the Martial Gods Hall vice hall master Yu Zhifang led a group of experts from the Martial Gods Hall to come over. The Dark Demon Hall talks about joining forces into the Gods’ battlefield to explore the treasure. Suddenly there was a loud boom and the hall shaking.

Yu Hai, Yu Zhi Fang, and others were stunned.

Did someone attack the Dark DemonHall? The Dark Demon Hall and Martial God Hall experts were all in disbelief.

Yu Hai’s face was as gloomy as water as he led the experts of the Dark Demon Hall out of the main hall.

Yu Zhifang, the vice master of the Martial God Hall branch hall, also led the Martial God Hall experts out.

Yu Hai, Yu Zhifang, and others just came out when they saw two huge deep trenches on the ground. Obviously, this was caused by the punch wave. And the Dark Demon Hall building collapsed.

Among the ruins, there were bodies of the Dark Demon Hall disciples lying around.

Above the ruins, a blue-shirted young man was riding a golden bull breaking through the air, and next to the young man was a sloppy old man riding a donkey.

A disciple of the Dark Demon Hall saw Lu Yiping and said to Yu Hai, “Hall Master, he is the blue-shirted young man who got the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra!”

When these words came out, there was a commotion.

Yu Hai looked at Lu Yiping, who came breaking through the air. He was seemingly not expecting that Lu Yiping would automatically come over to them.

And Zhao Zihao, who was standing next to Yu Zhifang, saw that it was Lu Yiping, his face changed, and he blurted out, “Lu Yiping!”

The Dark Demon Hall and Martial God Hall experts who had just stirred suddenly quieted down and all looked at Zhao Zihao.

Zhao Zihao said to Yu Zhifang and Yu Hai, “He is Lu Yiping!”

“What, he is Lu Yiping!” Dark Demon Hall Yu Hai said in surprise.

The Dark Demon Hall and the Martial God Hall experts were all shocked. The blue-shirted young man who had obtained the Fire Dragon Sutra was actually Lu Yiping, the Prince of the Qin Immortals!

Yu Hai cupped his fist: “So it’s Lord Qin Xian, I don’t know what’s the matter with Lord Qin Xian coming to my Dark Demon Hall?”

Lu Yiping smiled blandly, “What is it? Didn’t your Dark Demon Hall join hands with the Yin Ghost Sect and the Yellow Spring Demon Sect to surround and kill me? And the army of your Dark Demon Hall will soon arrive at the Divine Martial Continent, right?”

Hearing the murderous intent in Lu Yiping’s words, Yu Hai’s face changed, and he laughed, “This is a rumor deliberately spread by someone! There is absolutely no such thing, our Dark Demon Hall has never had this idea.”

Lu Yiping looked at Zhao Zihao, “It seems that your Martial God Hall, did not take my warning to heart.”

Zhao Zihao didn’t know how to speak for a moment. Lu Yiping had warned him that the Martial God Hall should not get involved with the Dark Demon Temple earlier in the Black Sea Mountain.

Yu Zhifang, the deputy head of the Martial God Hall, knew what Lu Yiping was referring to and smiled coldly, “Lu Yiping, you’re too presumptous, who are we allied with, who are we going with, it’s not your turn to tell us what to do! Who the hell do you think you are? Think you’re the Lord of our Eternal Source Realm?!”

At the end of his sentence, suddenly, Lu Yiping had an ink-black longsword in his hand, the longsword came out of its sheath, and with a soul-stirring sound, the whole world became dark.

Everyone’s heart panicked. But in an instant, the world returned to light.

But the Martial God Hall Branch Deputy Hall Master Yu Zhifang was covering his neck, and he looked at Lu Yiping and the longsword in horror, “The Eye of Eternal Night! You are the heir of the Eternal Night Monarch?!”

Many Dark Demon Hall and Martial God Hall disciples did not know about the Eternal Night Monarch, but Yu Hai, Zhao Zihao, and others were all in a state of shock.

“The Lord of the Ancient Demon Race, the Eternal Night Monarch!”

At this moment, the crowd saw that Yu Zhifang, the deputy hall master of the Martial God Hall branch hall’s head dropped and rolled to the ground.

Everyone was stunned.

The Vice Hall Master of the Martial God Hall Branch Hall, the late True God Yu Zhifang, had died just like that?

Zhao Zihao’s face was ugly. Earlier, he did not take Lu Yiping’s warning to heart, and his father and Yu Zhifang and the others also did not take it to heart.

He never thought that Lu Yiping would dare to kill Yu Zhifang for this reason!

The other Martial God Hall True God realm ancestor who came this time, looking at Yu Zhifang’s head, looked at Lu Yiping with shock and anger: “Lu Yiping, our Martial God Hall and you will not stop until death! When the time comes, we will ask the Nine Absolute Martial Gods Old Ancestor to come out, and we will behead you!”

“Is that so.” Lu Yiping said blandly, “Then I’ll wait!”


“People of the Dark Demon Hall, die!”

“Martial God Hall, abolish!” Lu Yiping’s cold voice rang out.

When Lu Yiping’s voice fell, the vast evil qi in the body of the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, who had not made a move, rose up to the sky, and at once, heaven and earth changed color.

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