The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 68: The Disciples of Tang Xiaobai

Lu Yiping looked around this foreign space and said, “Let’s go out first then talk about it.”

Then the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang left this foreign space under the Evil God Plain.

The evil qi over the Evil God Plain, which was originally dry and restless and almost boiling up, suddenly calmed down.

The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, and experts from all sides looked at the evil qi that suddenly became calm in the high altitude and was even more astonished.

“Have some people check what is going on.” Luo Chang said to the expert of Luo Family.

That Luo family expert respectfully answered yes.

Just at this time, suddenly, his talisman shook loudly, he took it out and took a look, and his eyes stared.

“Young master, what is it?” An expert of the Luo family saw Luo’s expression and asked.

Luo Chang gave the amulet to that Luo family expert, and that Luo family expert took a look and was surprised, “What, this blue-shirted young man might be Lu Yiping!”

Luo Tong sent the message.

Hearing that Zhou Cheng said he knew his sister, Luo Chang asked his sister about the identity of Zhou Cheng and Lu Yiping to see if she really knew them.

Unexpectedly, that blue-shirted young man turned out to be Lu Yiping!

“Young master, so what do we do now?” An expert of the Luo family said.

Luo Chang frowned.

At the North Star Empire celebration, Lu Yiping killed the Young Patriarch of Yin Ghost Sect Hao Shan with one sword.

When the Flying Flower Sect, a divine beast phoenix under the hand of Lu Yiping, broke the Flying Flower Sect’s great sect protection array, the Flying Flower Great Array.

Plus, the Yellow Springs Demon Sect’s old ancestor Su Xiu died at the hands of Lu Yiping, so now all forces were speculating that Lu Yiping’s strength should be a late peak True God!

Some even said that Lu Yiping was most likely a Celestial God at the early stage! That divine beast, Phoenix, should also be a late peak True God.


Zhou Cheng saw the evil Qi that suddenly calmed down again in the high altitude, also all surprised and suspicious. However, he was about to sit down again when he saw Lu Yiping walked in with a black-robed youth.

Seeing the black-robed youth, Zhou Cheng looked puzzled.

At that moment, he saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull stand up and laughed at the black-robed youth, “Little Liangzi, I knew you boy wouldn’t die so easily!”

When the black-robed youth saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, he smiled awkwardly, “Greetings, Senior Xiao Jin.”

Zhou Cheng looked at the ancient evil god Qiang Liang and opened his mouth to ask Lu Yiping, “Young Master Lu, I wonder what this little brother calls himself?”

But the Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “You can call him Little Evil or call him Purple Hair.”

Little Evil? Purple hair? Zhou Cheng was stunned.

On the contrary, when the ancient evil god Qiang Liang heard the Dragon Horned Golden Bull talk about purple hair, his face suddenly became colorful.

“So it’s Brother Little Evil.” Zhou Cheng addressed.

The Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang heard Zhou Cheng addressed in this way, hmmm, also did not think too much, he and Lu Yiping sat down.

Lu Yiping took out the wine and threw a jar to Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang.

Qiang Liang took the wine, poured a mouthful of it, wiped his mouth, and laughed, “In this world, only your Ten Thousand Worlds Wine, my lord, worthy to be drunk.”

When Zhou Cheng heard this, he laughed, “So this wine is called the Ten Thousand Worlds Wine. However, even supreme existences that have surpassed the Celestial Gods can only live one life, and no one can live two lives, let alone ten thousand lives.”

Lu Yiping spoke in silence. Ten thousand lives?

Lu Yiping suddenly looked somewhere in the night sky and said indifferently, “Since you’re here, why hide.”

When Zhou Cheng heard the words, he followed Lu Yiping’s eyes and looked over, someone? But with his cultivation level, he could not sense anything unusual.

Just when Zhou Cheng wondered, he saw a blue-shirted young man come out from the depths of the night sky.

The blue-shirted young man came out and looked at Lu Yiping suspiciously, and he had rich treasures on his body that could completely conceal his breath. How did the other side see through his hiding place?

His gaze swept over Lu Yiping, Zhou Cheng, Qiang Liang, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Donkey, Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and the others.

“The Fire Dragon Sutra is on you?” His eyes forced on Lu Yiping.

But the Dragon Horned Golden Bull hemmed and hawed, “You’re the kid who got the Ksitigarbha Sutra?”

The blue-shirted young man ignored the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and said indifferently to Lu Yiping, “Hand over the Fire Dragon Buddha Sutra and I’ll spare your lives!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull continued to gnaw on the roast meat, the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang and Zhou Cheng continued to pour wine, and the donkey was stoned.

Seeing this, the blue-shirted young man’s face sank as he leaped up, his longsword swung out, and ten million sword maces dazzled heaven and earth.

“The sword breaks the void!” The blue-shirted young man’s voice was cold.

Zhou Cheng was surprised, “Void Sword Qi!”

“Are you Tang Xiaobai’s disciple?!”

Three thousand years ago, Tang Xiaobai came out of nowhere, both good and evil, doing things based on preference, slaughtering countless experts from evil sects and even the righteous sects, and was later besieged by the Supreme Unity Sect and died in the Cliff of Buried Souls.

Although Tang Xiaobai died, but the amazing power of Tang Xiaobai’s masterpiece Void Sword Qi was still mentioned from time to time by the Eternal Source realm powerhouse.

Seeing Zhou acknowledge the Void Sword Qi, the blue-shirted young man coldly said, “Not bad, it’s Void Sword Qi!”

His ten million sword qi stabbed in front of Lu Yiping. Looking at the stabbing sword qi, Lu Yiping raised his hand and pointed out a finger.

The blue-shirted young man sneered when he saw Lu Yiping so careless, “Idiot! Kid, my void sword qi is a dual attack of soul and physics, even if an early Celestial God realm expert suffers from my sword, his soul will be traumatized, and below Celestial God, he will surely die!”

But at this time, suddenly, from Lu Yiping’s fingertip, a pillar of light blasted out.

When this pillar of light blasted out, the powerful force made space and time stand still for a while.  All space shattered as the pillar of light passed by!

That’s right, and it shattered like a lens.

The pillar of light plowed through thousands of empty sword qi, pushed through the night sky, and blasted the blue-shirted young man in the chest, and then passed through his chest.

The pillar of light kept going, like a falling star, constantly blasting through the night sky of the Evil God Plain. Almost the entire Evil God Plain experts saw this unusually eye-catching pillar of light.

The blue-shirted young man stopped frozen in mid-air in the courtyard, looking at his chest in disbelief, only to see that his chest had been completely blown through, the entire chest into a large hole.

He was wearing Tang Xiaobai’s Void Clothes, which concealed his cultivation and defended against invincibility.

However, his five organs, including his heart and dantian, completely disappeared! Everything in his chest was completely blown away by the blow just now.

Lu Yiping looked at his opponent and said indifferently, “With your strength, wearing the Void Clothes, it would be difficult to kill even an early Celestial God expert, but unfortunately, I am not an early Heavenly God.”

The blue-shirted young man smashed down from above the courtyard. The power of Lu Yiping’s strike just now was still destroying the vitality of his entire body, and his eyes were gradually lax.

A late peak True God and a late peak True God who had cultivated more than 8,000 channels of Heavenly God Laws had died just like that!

The blue-shirted young man was already extremely close to the Celestial God realm, and his face was filled with disbelief. He had received the cultivation methods and masterpieces left behind by Tang Xiaobai and had even received one of the Four Great Buddhist Scriptures, the Ksitigarbha Sutra. This time out, he had expected to be as amazing as Tang Xiaobai and would have amazed an era.

But now, he died in this dilapidated courtyard! He hadn’t even had the chance to perform the skill of the Ksitigarbha Sutra.

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