I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 152 – Help Me A Little

“All right, I’ll withdraw my troops!” Shiqi didn’t make things difficult for Ning Yinghua anymore.

After he calmed down a little, he thought clearly that the Blackblood Kingdom was not a place where he, an Innate Expert, could run wild.

The successive successes weren’t that the Black Blood Kingdom was weak but didn’t react in time.

Of course, ordinary Innate experts could not resist him, but what about the above Innate experts? Shiqi was not arrogant enough to fight against Heaven-Breaking level experts.

“I order the whole army to pack up immediately, let’s go back!” Shiqi said loudly, “Captain Ning said that the Black Iron Army is running towards us.”

“Fuck tn’s Black Iron Army, Lord Commander, we’re not afraid of them!”

“That’s right, kill them all!”

“Lord Commander, as long as you take us with you, what Black Iron Army’s, how many come, we’ll kill them all!”


Ning Yinghua looked at the equally fierce Purple Thorn Army underneath Shiqi, and his face was solemn.

He could probably tell that the strength of the four thousand or so Purple Thorn Army was definitely generally one level higher than the ordinary Purple Thorn Army corps as a whole, almost comparable to the First Army under the Great General.

As for the combat power, he wouldn’t doubt it. Not long ago, they even defeated the Black Iron Army’s 10th army head-on!

The successive victories had completely made the Purple Thorn army cocky! In their opinion, if they followed Shiqi, there would be no enemy on their front road!

Shiqi waved his hand in mid-air and said, the more than four thousand people were instantly silent.

“This is my order!” Shiqi slowly said the tone of voice contained an irresistible might, “Everyone throw away all the burdensome load, remember, the thing you plunder are only those you bring yourself to the Southern Cloud Kingdom!”

More than four thousand people, throwing down all the burdens that were considered unnecessary, no one spoke, only the sound of chaotic footsteps could be heard.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the four thousand people had already arranged themselves in a neat formation, just like sculptures.

Ning Yinghua gave a deep look at Shiqi. He could feel very clearly that Shiqi was the absolute authority of the four thousand-strong Purple Thorn army!


On the way, Shiqi also requested Ning Yinghua to scout the nearby enemies with him reasonably, with a very low altitude.

If it were other than him, Ning Yinghua would have simply refused …… to let an innate expert act as a scout, and it’s very degrading!

But if this person was “Chen Pengfei,” then it was a different story!

Ning Yinghua said, “This is a good deal, I’m just taking a casual trip!”

The innate experts were indeed very suitable for scouting, flying fast, and sharp; as long as there were heavy ambushes, it was almost impossible to escape the detection of the innate experts.

They took a long way around, traveling day and night for nearly ten days, bumping into the Black Blood City Guards three times to intercept, three times to defeat the insolent City Guards. They were getting closer and closer to the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

The closer the Purple Thorn army was to the Southern Cloud Kingdom, the more relaxed they were, while Shiqi was different. The closer they got to the borderline, the more worried he became.

It was reasonable to say that as long as they retreated in time, there was indeed a great possibility that the Black Iron Army would not be able to find them.

After all, the borderline was so long, and the Purple Thorn Army was desperately trying to escape back, so it was only logical that they were not caught.

But Shiqi then felt panic in his heart panic.

“Lord Sword Spirit, do you think I’m being too careful?”

Soon after he made up his mind to go back to his Kingdom, Chen Hao slowly “woke up” from his slumber.

This was the best news Shiqi had ever received.

“It’s always right to be careful, I also think you are making trouble within the Black Blood Kingdom, they have no reason to be so quiet.”

Stepping onto the land of Southern Cloud Kingdom, Shiqi looked back at the Black Blood Kingdom behind him, this time leaving. He didn’t know how long it would be before he came back.

Ning Yinghua said in a rather relaxed tone, “Commander Chen, it looks like you are overly worried, the Black Iron Army’s large force is so far away from us, there is no way they can catch up to us.”

“Thank you Captain Ning for your help!”

“We are all fellow soldiers, why are you so polite, when we return to Zijing City, I will treat old brother to a drink!”

“It’s a deal!”

“It’s a deal!”

At that moment, the sound of muffled thunder rang out from the clouds, and the whole heaven and earth seemed to have darkened. The clouds were dyed grey.

“A little innate martial artist, how dare you dare to be reckless in the Black Blood Kingdom, leave your life behind!”

The voice sounded like muffled thunder as if it came from the ears but also from the sky.

A black as ink, curved like a crescent moon, true qi energy cut through the clouds and came at Shiqi with irresistible power.

Faced with such a sudden attack, Shiqi wanted to dodge, but it was too late. In a crisis, he could only choose to resist, and he raised his Crimson Blood Devil Sword to block in front of his body!

“Golden Body Forging Technique!”

“Force Intent, Killing Intent!”

His entire body turned golden, his figure swelled up, and that terrifying true essence qi energy first crashed into the red-blooded devil sword. Then the black true essence qi energy directly wrapped around the Crimson Blood Devil Sword and crashed onto his body.

Even though his Golden Body Body Forging Skill had been cultivated to perfection and his body had been tempered in the Flame Body Forging Chamber, he could not resist for long. He spat blood, and his whole body was sent flying by the strong true qi energy!

Inside the devil sword, Chen Hao was very sure that the martial artist who could send such a strong attack is definitely not some innate expert!

Shiqi was powerlessly flying in mid-air …… true qi energy-carrying black energy constantly corroded his body. However, even after being knocked away, he still clutched the Crimson Blood Devil Sword to death.

Shiqi flew about five miles away and then directly crashed into a small hill with a “bang.”

“Old Devil Li Tian, you are a heaven-breaking expert, but you attacked a young man from behind who just broke through to the Innate Realm, are all of you Devil Dao martial artists so shameless?”

“Haha, we devil martial artists never care about those rules and regulations, so what if we strike at a youngster, so what if we sneak attack? I don’t even care about those false names!” That heaven-breaking expert called Old Devil Li Tian continued, “To be able to kill a supreme genius, I’ve earned it anyway, I won’t fight with you, if we’ll fight, it won’t be fruitful!”

When Chen Hao heard the words of that Old Devil Li Tian, he looked at the seriously injured Shiqi beside him, lying in the rocks. Apparently, Shiqi was still breathing. His heart could not help but want to remind him …… Old Devil Li Tian, don’t you dare to make up another strike?

It was true that the real masters never look back when they kill ……How confident was he to kill Shiqi in one blow?

Amidst the rocks, Shiqi opened his eyes and pulled out a bitter smile from the corner of his mouth.

The casual strike of a Heaven-breaking level expert, the true essence qi energy seemed to have strong corrosive energy within it, continuously corroding his body. He was barely able to support himself with the Killing Intent and the Force Intent.

However, he had already passed the danger, and Chen Hao found that Shiqi’s body was beginning to recover, only that he was temporarily unable to use his true qi.

Soon, Shiqi heard a movement outside.

“Great General, ypur subordinate has failed in his mission, Chen Pengfei, he is still dead!”

“You can’t be blamed for that, the Old Devil Li Tian made a move, no one can stop him!”

Hearing these words, Shiqi immediately bit the Crimson Blood Devil Sword at his mouth, then desperately plucked away the debris to climb out …… the messy rocks could not stop Shiqi at all. He was like an earthworm leisurely walking through the loose mud.

Shiqi headed the rubble out, looking at some stunned great general, as well as the dumbfounded Ning Yinghua bitterly smiled and said, “You can not give up on me, I think, you can still help me a little!”

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