The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 67: Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang

Seeing Luo Yiping’s teasing smile, Luo Chang, the young master of Luo Family, frowned and then laughed, “I just want to borrow the Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture, and after a month, I will return it to Young Master.”

“The Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture is still yours, you have not lost anything, so you can consider it.”

Then laughed, “In the Evil God Plain, the only one who can protect you from leaving safely is our Luo family.”

Suddenly, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled, “Kid, what if we don’t lend you?”

The young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, smiled, “Then I’ll bother you.” He cupped his fist and said, “Farewell.” But when he walked out of the courtyard, he added, “If you changes your mind in the future, you can always contact my Luo family.”

Then he and the Luo Family expert left.

After leaving, the young master of the Luo Family, Luo Chang, had a gloomy face.

“Young master, we don’t make a move?” An expert of the Luo family said.

Luo Chang shook his head, “That kid, I can’t see through him, and the strength of his guards around him is not low, wait until the experts of our Luo Family arrive before making a move.”

“Order all the experts near the Luo Family to come over at the fastest speed, I want to make a move before the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect and the others!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the young master of the Luo Family, who left and snorted, “He is the same as that chick Luo Tong.”

Lu Yiping suddenly said, “You guys wait for me here for a while.” After saying that, he disappeared out of thin air.

Zhou Cheng was stunned and spread his divine sense to cover the four directions, even penetrating the heavy space, but he did not find Lu Yiping’s breath. Lu Yiping seemed to have disappeared entirely in this world.

He was astonished. Just now, how did Lu Yiping leave? Was it a spatial dislocation?

And when Lu Yiping reappeared, he had already arrived at a foreign space deep underground in the Evil God Plain.

This foreign space was in the deepest heart of the Evil God Plain. The entire space, devilish Qi rushed to the sky and rampage, condensed into a mass of terrifying hurricanes.

And over the space, there was a huge black heart! The black heart was crossed by eight bright chains emitting holy light and blocked high in the sky.

The whole heart, on which the magic pattern was densely emitted an eternal aura.

Around this heart, the devilish qi had actually liquefied, and it had transformed into a devilish spirit!

All the devilish qi within the space and all the evil qi were emitted from this heart.

“The Ancient Devil Heart.” Lu Yiping looked at the huge heart in front of him and said.

This was precisely the heart of the ancient evil god Qiang Liang, the Ancient Devil Heart!

Seemingly sensing Lu Yiping’s arrival, that Ancient Devil Heart’s demonic light vibrated, but the eight bright chains completely blocked its power, and it simply could not break free.

Lu Yiping flew up and arrived in front of the ancient demon heart, looking at the eight bright iron chains that emitted a holy light.

These eight chains of light, each ten thousand feet long, penetrated through the Ancient Devil Heart in eight directions before reaching into the depths of the void, ultimately merging with this space to become one.

“Eight Directions Purification Grand Array!” Lu Yiping’s eyes became sharp.

Another ancient grand array!

Although this Eight Directions Purification Grand Array was not as powerful as the Nine Extinct Burial Gods Grand Array in the Gods Battlefield, it was also one of the extremely powerful grand arrays in ancient times.

The person who killed the ancient evil god Qiang Liang laid this eight-sided purification formation to block the ancient devil heart here?

Lu Yiping came to one of the light iron chains, and with a squeeze of his finger, he directly broke that light iron chain.

When Lu Yiping broke the chain of light, the remaining seven chains burst out in unison, flooding Lu Yiping with light power. Each one of these light forces was enough to destroy a giant ancient mountain.

Lu Yiping let these light forces blast on himself.

When these forces, which were enough to destroy countless ancient mountains, bombarded Lu Yiping, he did not move at all.

Then, Lu Yiping came to the other seven light chains, did as he did before, and then crushed the other seven chains.

When Lu Yiping broke all the eight light chains, at once, the ancient devil heart, which had been sealed for countless years, shook with a devilish light, and the appalling power burst out.

When the ancient devil heart appalling power burst out, the entire evil god plain heard a loud boom, and then there was a violent shock.

At this moment, all the experts of the Evil God Plain felt the violent shaking of the Evil God Plain.

The experts of Luo Chang and Luo Family looked at the evil qi that was almost boiling up in the high altitude and were shocked.

“What’s going on? The Evil God Plain’s Evil Qi, how could it be so different!”

The evil Qi of the Evil God Plain had never been so different before.  One by one, the hidden evil devils also all flew out from the ancestral lands of the various sects and clans.

Zhou Cheng was equally astonished and got up haughtily from the bonfire. Only the Dragon Horned Golden Bull vaguely guessed the reason.

Within the foreign space, the ancient devil heart glow became stronger and stronger, and the evil aura was like an endless ocean, devilish qi burst out, blasting the foreign space as if it was going to collapse.

Lu Yiping broke the eight bright chains, but there were still eight sections in the ancient devil heart, but now, by the ancient devil heart of the sky evil qi were shaken out. The eight chains shot into the space earth and shot through.

When the evil Qi of the ancient devil heart boiled to an extreme level, Lu Yiping had a divine stone in his hand. The divine stone burst with multicolored light, it was the Five Colored Chaos Stone.

In Lu Yiping’s hand, the Heaven and Earth Dao Fire appeared, refining the Five Colored Chaos Stone into a liquid form, and then, the liquid of the Five Colored Chaos Stone flowed to the Ancient Devil Heart.

The Five Colored Chaos Stone Liquid continuously rotated around the Ancient Devil Heart.

As it rotated, a human head gradually appeared, followed by the neck, chest, arms, and then the lower limbs, with the Ancient Devil Heart as the center.

A tall youth with a large figure appeared in the sky.

Lu Yiping took a shot into the void when the tall youth was successfully shaped, only to see dots of light-converging from the void of the Evil God Plain and then slowly seeped into the youth’s brow.

The youth’s eyes, which were originally godless, gradually became flexible and glowing. After a few minutes had passed like this. Lu Yiping stopped, then took out a black divine armor and gave it to the youth to put on.

The youth opened his palm and looked at his new body. Even with his heart, it was hard to restrain the excitement in his heart.

After a while, the youth came to Lu Yiping respectfully, and bowed down and said, “Thank you for saving me, and reshaping Qiang Liang’s Chaos God body!”

Lu Yiping looked at the ancient Evil God Qiang Liang, who was worshiping, and revealed a smile, “Get up.”

After the Ancient Evil God Qiang Liang got up, Lu Yiping asked, “Who killed you back then? Was it this person who set up the Eight Directions Purification Array?”

Qiang Liang recalled, “The other party wore a ghost head mask, the Eight Directions Purification Array was also set up by him, and the other party was tall, three meters tall.” Speaking of this, a gloomy face, “Extremely terrifying!”

Extremely terrifying! This was his description of that person.

“Ghost head mask?” Lu Yiping couldn’t help but think of the masked man who had entrusted the Heavenly Guardian (prev. Tianji)  Chamber of Commerce to auction the Decree of Ten Thousand Gods.

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