I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 151: Can’t Go Back

Plundering at will, the soldiers were reduced to mad beasts, and in one day and one night, Mingtai City was reduced to ruins.

Mingtai City was not a big city, about the same size as Qingfeng City, but the population was not as large as Qingfeng City, with less than 40,000 people.

When inside the array, no more blood gathered over, Shiqi looked at the Crimson Blood Devil Sword in the center of the array eye. His face still looked terrible.

The trumpet sounded, the army began to assemble, Shiqi looked at the soldiers who hadn’t slept all day and night and looked at the dozens of horse-drawn carriages beside the array… His complexion was even worse.

Fine weapons, elixirs, cultivation methods, gold, silver, and jewels, he could understand …… but gold-encrusted screens, beautiful white jade beds, what are these things?

Fortunately, there was no woman in the carriages, or else Shiqi would draw his swords to kill!

There were also many soldiers standing on the bulging, seriously hindering the movement of belongings. Shiqi said loudly, “Gold, silver, jewelry, valuables can be taken with you, other miscellaneous things that impede the march all must be thrown away, we are here to fight, not to, not to escort the dart, by bringing such things, you may not even be able to save your lives!

Shiqi realized that he had thought a bit yesterday.

Fortunately, the Purple Thorn Legion in front of him was all trained by him. Fortunately, he still had the Devil Fury aura to use …… otherwise, how could the Purple Thorn Legion that had robbed so many belongings have the heart to fight?

Shiqi said loudly, “Our goal, not just a Mingtai City, everyone can only pick the most valuable that will not hinder the killing of the enemy!!”

Shiqi’s status in the soldiers’ hearts was extremely high, and his words were highly reasonable; they were here to fight, and they were still within the Black Blood Kingdom.

The Black Blood Kingdom was not a cattle and sheep that were left to the mercy of others. After listening to his lecture, the soldiers, even if they were reluctant in their hearts, could only discard those bulky things under the arrangement of the officers.

Meng Fei took this opportunity to resist a big box to Shiqi, “Lord Commander, this is what you want!”

Shiqi opened the box, which was filled with cultivation methods and martial skills and spirit stones, as well as piles of purple crystal coins.

“There are three Xuan-level lower grade cultivation methods, four Xuan-level lower grade martial skills, more than five hundred spirit stones, and some precious pills …… The vast majority of them were found in the city lord’s residence and the big families in the big city, and no one from the brothers dared to hide them privately, they are all here!”

Shiqi nodded with satisfaction. Sure enough, looting was the fastest way to get rich.

With the more than six hundred spirit stones he got from the Innate experts, he might set up another array.

“Let’s distribute all the pills that can enhance strength to the meritorious generals according to their merits!” Shiqi thought for a moment and said, “These things that can quickly improve the strength is not necessary to keep, the rest I accept, wait to go back, the first to find martial skills and the most meritorious generals, can come to me to transcribe a few copies, you can tell every soldier what I said!”

“Your subordinates understand!”

Meng Fei’s tone was a little trembling. Even if the Xuan level lower grade cultivation method, that was also the untold secret of the small family.

As long as there were Xuan-grade cultivation methods in hand, and the descendants could have a few competitive people, perhaps a family could rise.

Shiqi whispered, “You have to let them know that war is the best chance to rise!”

Shiqi’s words were actually transmitted to every soldier’s ears by Meng Fei and other thousand households, and all the soldiers became exuberant!

Those who joined the army and started from the bottom were almost all martial artists who had no power or support, and their purpose for joining the army was realistic and straightforward!

They want to make a name for themselves, and they want to build a family business!

What kind of spirit do you use to protect their homes and the country? their awareness may not be so high …… But if you use the money to motivate them, their potential would be fully stimulated.

In the face of material things, everyone was full of vitality. There was no distinction between races and borders, and there was no difference between ages and genders.

The most powerful clans within the Black Blood Kingdom are primarily gathered in the hinterland of the original Black Blood Kingdom, and the cities that Shiqi destroyed was originally belonged to the White Moon Kingdom.

The White Moon Kingdom turned into history ten years ago.

The strongest people he met were ordinary innate experts of the Black Iron Army stationed on the border, some of whom were not as strong as Wang Yongbo.

Moreover, not every city was guarded by Innate experts. The Black Iron Army’s strategic focus was on the front line, and they were not that ambitious to assign Innate experts to every city!

The biggest challenge that Shiqi ran into was facing two Innate experts at the same time and facing the attack of tens of thousands of city guards.

Unfortunately, with the strength of these people, they were not able to stop him.

Shiqi led more than five thousand soldiers to take advantage of the Black Iron Army’s negligence and carelessness to surprise attack the Black Blood Kingdom’s cities. After conquering Mingtai City, he sprinted all the way, marching all the way, and within twenty days, he conquered four more cities one after another!

With the financial pile-up from the five cities, the strength of his soldiers was likewise expanding rapidly accordingly!

Even the leading commander, Shiqi, felt a little unbelievable. It felt like a dream! When he was planning to attack Mingtai City, he still thought he would withdraw his troops after conquering it.

But after Mingtai city was down, the Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s spirit fell into a deep sleep. Thus, he grabbed enough spirit stones, and he desperately wanted to wake up the sword spirit again …… soldiers under the hands of high fighting spirit.

After breaking a city, he wanted a second city, after breaking the second city, he wanted to break the third city …… people’s greed always had no end!

Then, Shiqi could not hit the brake! When the fifth city was destroyed at his feet, an innate expert rushed in.

Before he got close, he shouted, “Excuse me, is this Commander Chen Pengfei?”

“I am Chen Pengfei, who are you?” Shiqi felt that the other party was not here to fight.

“I’m the Grand General’s personal guard leader Ning Yinghua, the Grand General ordered you to return to the Southern Cloud Kingdom immediately without fail!”

Who am I to believe you?”

Ning Ying Hua hurriedly took out the token from his arms and tossed it to Shiqi. He didn’t dare to get close to Shiqi at all. From a distance, he could feel the compelling killing aura on Shiqi!

That killing aura was even more intense than the killing aura on the Grand General!

It was also the first time for Ning Yinghua being so polite to a commander …… even Shiqi’s boss Xu Sihai, he dared not to give him face!

He knew very well that the teenager in front of him was a ruthless man!  If he did not explain clearly, perhaps he would be killed without the chance to say a word.

“This is General Xu’s token!”

Shiqi took a look. It was a tiger talisman, seamlessly combined with the tiger talisman he was carrying.

“More than twenty days ago, the grand general received a report that Qingfeng City was broken, and you led your troops to an unknown destination. fifteen days ago, we got the news that you had broken Mingtai City, but unfortunately, our men couldn’t even get close to you, and the people we staioned in Mingtai City were killed by your soldiers to the extent that only one of them was left!”

For the last sentence, Shiqi just pretended not to hear. On the battlefield, accidentally injured comrades from time to time, let alone the unseen rats ……

“Ten days ago, we found that the front line of the Black Iron Army has a strange movement, the grand general ordered me to find you, so that you have to withdraw!”

Shiqi touched the rough texture of the tiger talisman in his hand and bowed his head without speaking.

Ning Yinghua advised, “The grand general said, if you don’t hurry to withdraw now, I’m afraid you won’t be able to return!”

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