The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 66: The Hands of the Thousand Buddhas

“Ksitigarbha Sutra!”

Zhou Cheng was surprised when he heard this.

The four great Buddhist scriptures were supreme treasures of the Eternal Source realm, and whichever one of them came out, it could be a great event for the Eternal Source realm.

Lu Yiping was also surprised. Now that the Fire Dragon Sutra was in his hands, another Earth Treasury Sutra had also come out.

“Ksitigarbha Sutra’s The Hands of the Thousand Buddhas was a supreme mastery of the Buddha Dao. I heard that once this Ksitigarbha Sutra is performed, all the devils are destroyed, and the battle power can be increased a thousand times, and no one can beat it!”

“More than that, the Thousand Buddha Hand can pick the stars in the sky and explore the river of yellow springs in hell!”

“Now the whole evil god plains are looking for this kid, I heard that this kid wears blue shirt, looks twenty years old, handsome and extraordinary!”

The experts were passing by in all directions, one by one, talked about it. 

Lu Yiping was stunned; the other party also wears a blue shirt?

Zhou Cheng looked sideways at Lu Yiping and jokingly said, “It’s not about you, is it?”

Initially, Zhou Cheng was just joking, but many of the surrounding experts were gazing at Lu Yiping.

One of the Blazing Fire Sect disciples even came over to Lu Yiping, who looked up and down at Lu Yiping and said suspiciously, “Are you the blue-shirted kid?”

Another disciple of the Blazing Fire Sect laughed and said, “Is it, just search him and see if he has the Ksitigarbha on him.”

Several disciples of the Blazing Fire Sect were not polite and immediately grabbed Lu Yiping.

However, when the hands of these disciples reached Lu Yiping, suddenly, a thousand-foot fire dragon flew out of Lu Yiping’s body.

The fire dragon roared to the heavens and rose to the sky. These Blazing Fire Sect disciples were all incinerated into ashes by the flames on the fire dragon.

Things suddenly changed; all the passing disciples of the major sects, experts are stunned looking at the huge fire dragon high in the sky.

“Fire Dragon?!”

Just as the crowd was stunned, a Blood Sword Sect’s supreme elder suddenly spoke up, “This is the artifact spirit!” Then said, “The fire dragon contains Buddha power inside!”

“Could it be the Fire Dragon Buddha Sutra’s artifact spirit, the Fire Dragon!”

As soon as the words came out, there was a shock, and Zhou Cheng was also frozen for a long time. Fire Dragon Buddha Sutra?

Holy shit!

Not only did Lu Yiping had the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist of the Saint Demon and the Time Elder’s true copy of the Time Divine Fist secret book, but he even had the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra, one of the Four Great Buddhist Scriptures?

Lu Yiping looked at the shaking surrounding crowd and said blandly, “Not bad, this is the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra.” Speaking of this, the fire dragon flew down and returned to Lu Yiping’s side, wrapping around Lu Yiping’s body.

Just as Lu Yi Ping’s words fell, suddenly, a thousand-foot sword lights broke through the air and cut down towards Lu Yi Ping.

The fire dragon broke through the air and instantly smashed the blade in manslaughter. Then, the huge dragon claw directly down, the crowd was shocked, panicked, and dodged. They heard the booming sound, the ground around for the great trembling.

A huge flame dragon claw bottomless pit appeared in front of the ground, just shot the one, the fire dragon slapped into the dragon claw bottomless pit, has become charcoal.

“It seems to be Wu Yu, the Supreme Elder of the Valley of Fallen Devil!” Some experts were greatly alarmed.

The Valley of Fallen Devil’s Elder Wu Yu was a great emperor tenth level expert, the ascension to God realm was expected, but he died just like this, slapped to death?

The fire dragon suddenly flashed and turned into a golden book of flames, which landed in the palm of Lu Yiping’s hand.

When the crowd saw it, their eyes were even more vibrant. All of them stared at the Fire Dragon Sutra with dead eyes.

“Anyone else want to make a move?” Lu Yiping said indifferently.

But there was silence all around.

Lu Yiping took back the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra, then rode the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and left with Zhang Jin and a few others.

Just as Lu Yiping was about to leave, suddenly, an expert from the Yin Ghost Sect broke through the air, and the other party stood in the air and looked at Lu Yiping coldly, “Kid, a Buddhist treasure like the Fire Dragon Buddha Sutra is not something you can possess.”

But just as he finished speaking, suddenly, he was directly cut in half by a sword qi.

The one who struck was none other than Zhang Jin. The crowd looked at Zhang Jin in astonishment. This time, no one blocked it. The crowd watched as Lu Yiping and the others left.

When Lu Yiping left, there was an uproar and dryness in the original place.

“The Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture has actually come out as well!”

“I heard that after cultivating any of the four great Buddhist scriptures, one can have a supreme Buddha body!”

“Back then, the Tan family extinguished the Dragon Temple and searched for years for the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra, but it was on this blue-shirted young man!”

“They wear the same blue shirt, could they be the same disciple brothers?”

Soon, the news of the Fire Dragon Buddha Sutra coming outspread through the Evil God Plain.

Once again, there was significant movement from all sides. And after Lu Yiping left, Zhou Cheng spoke, “Did you do that on purpose?”

 Lu Yiping revealed the Fire Dragon Buddha Sutra, obviously on purpose.

To draw all the experts of Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and Dark Demon Hall over?

Lu Yi Ping’s face was calm, and he did do it on purpose. Since he was passing by the Evil God Plain, he would settle the forces of the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and Dark Demon Hall in the Evil God Plain by the way.

However, instead of looking for the others one by one, it would be better to draw the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and Dark Devil Hall together.

Inside a certain tavern, a young man wearing the same blue shirt as Lu Yi Ping listened to the people talking in the tavern and was dismayed, “Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture?”

Was this a coincidence?

He had come to the Divine Martial Continent this time to go to the Fire Dragon Temple and look for the Fire Dragon Buddhist Scriptures.

“It seems that there is no need to go to the Fire Dragon Temple.” The young man sneered, and his body disappeared in thin air.

It was night. The night was quiet.

However, the smell of blood was still in the air of the Evil God Plain. Within a dilapidated courtyard, Lu Yiping and his company were gathered around a bonfire.

At this time, several people walked in.

When Zhou Cheng saw the few people who came in, unexpectedly, the ones who came were the disciples of the Luo family!

He glanced at Lu Yiping, not expecting that the Fire Dragon Buddhist Sutra first attracted not experts from the Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and Dark Demon Hall, but disciples of the Luo Family.

After several disciples of the Luo Family came in, their eyes fell on Lu Yiping, and a young man at the head of them clasped his fist and smiled, “My name is Luo Chang, I am the young master of the Luo Family, is the Fire Dragon Buddha Scripture on your excellency?”

Zhou Cheng looked up and down at the young man in front of him and said, “Are you the elder brother of that Luo Tong chick?”

Luo Chang was stunned and smiled, “Does senior know my sister? I don’t know what is senior’s name?”

Zhou Cheng shook his head and said, “For the sake of Luo Tong’s chick, listen to my advice, you go back.”

He looked at Luo Yiping, “Sir, I wonder which sect’s disciple you are?”

Lu Yiping did not open his mouth and waited quietly for the other party to say more.

“You killed the experts of Blazing Fire Sect, Valley of Fallen Devil, and Yin Ghost Sect during the day, now, the experts of Blazing Fire Sect, Falling Devil Valley, and Yin Ghost Sect have put you on the must-kill list.” Luo Chang smile and said, “I’m afraid it’s very difficult for you to get out of the Evil God Plain.”

Lu Yiping smiled when he heard that, “Then what?”

He had already guessed what the other party was going to say.

Sure enough, the young master of the Luo family, Luo Chang, smiled, “I can take you out of the Evil God Plain safely, and you can be safe as long as you stay in my Luo family territory.”

Lu Yiping smiled, “The condition is the Fire Dragon Buddhist Scripture?”

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