It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 137: Both Hands Present The Mysterious Heavenly Pattern

That carving knife was not a mortal object at all! Instead, one could not see the rank at all!

That wood was also not mortal wood, much less spirit wood.  Then there was only one possibility, that was the immortal wood!

To engrave the core of the boat with immortal wood, this …… was too extravagant, right?

Mo Haoshi’s heart felt as if a huge wave of 10,000 meters hit him. His whole heart was torn apart and hard to heal.

Today everything was completely beyond imagination. What shocked him the most was that was Sun Hao’s supreme engraving technique.

It looked so natural with automatic dao rhyme that it was impossible to pick a single fault. In the entire history of weapon refining, who else could achieve this level?

Just ask, who else? This must be a dream! This was definitely a fake! He must be on a hang-up!

Mo Haoshi pinched himself a few times and bared his teeth in pain. Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows. His eyes were glued to the wooden ball in Sun Hao’s hand.

Why was it so familiar? No, this was his own imitation of the “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern” engraved out of the array!

How did it reach this level in his hands?  Flawless, and there is no fault to be found.

It was even more perfect than the array on the “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern.”

In this world, there is such a supreme array master? This …… is heaven’s favor to the old man, right?

Mo Haoshi’s eyes can’t help but flow hot tears. Sun Hao took the engraved boat core and looked it up and down.

“What’s going on? It’s not bright?” Sun Hao had a puzzled face.

“Young Master, you need this!”Huang Rumeng took out the immortal crystal and handed it to Sun Hao.

“Immortal crystal?” Sun Hao picked up an immortal crystal and put it on the core of the boat.

At once, the immortal crystal turned into wisps of blue light and gushed into the core of the boat.

 On the boat core, there were hundreds of lines quickly lit up.

“Not enough?” Sun Hao directly put the boat core on the immortal crystal pile.

 “Buzz ……”

One by one, the immortal crystals melted at speed visible to the naked eye, turning into wisps of light and integrating into the boat core.

After using a hundred immortal crystals, all the lines on the boat core were activated. The light blue light gushed out, like a precious pearl, extremely bright.

“What? Swallowing immortal power, this …… is an immortal grade boat core!”

“This is a hundred times, no, a thousand times, ten thousand times stronger than the boat core you carved yourself!”

“It’s not even a grade!”

“I, Mo Hao Shi, was even fortunate enough to see such a person!” Then what was there to hesitate.

“Plop!” A sound rang out. It directly startled Sun Hao, only to see Mo Haoshi knelt down in front of himself and hugged his feet to death.

“Master is all above, please accept disciple’s obeisance!” After saying that, he performed the three kneels and nine kowtows rituals.

Such a scene not only stunned Sun Hao in place. It even shocked Zhan Tianpeng and his guards in place. Mo Haoshi, this stubborn old man, has no morals like this? Was this a dream?

The next second was even more surprising to everyone. They witnessed Mo Haoshi after saluting, then took out an ancient booklet, on which was written, “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern.”

These few words strongly stimulated everyone’s eyes.

“Master, this is a small gift from disciple, please accept it!” Mo Haoishi presented the Mysterious Heavenly Pattern with both hands, with an incomparably respectful demeanor.

It was a long time before Sun Hao came back to his senses. 

What is this situation? How could he kneel down like this? Calling himself a master? Did he promise?

This person just now had a contemptuous face, don’t think you didn’t see it.

In the blink of an eye, why did he change his face? Was it because he had engraved the core of the boat?

Thinking like this, Sun Hao quickly understood. He picked up the Mysterious Heavenly Pattern and started to check it out.

“Mysterious Heavenly Pattern?” Sun Hao murmured. Then, he started flipping through it.

After taking a glance at each formation pattern, Sun Hao remembered it in his mind and couldn’t forget it even if he wanted to.

Moreover, it was surprisingly possible to find out the flaws in it and modify it by himself.

“Wow ……”

Turning over page by page. Mo Haoshi glanced around, his heart beating violently.

“It’s page 32, Master turned to page 32, my God!” Inside Mo Haoshi’s heart, he was hit by huge waves beyond description.

This “Mysterious Heavenly Patterni” had a shocking pressure on it. Those without array talent, no matter how strong they were, could not flip through it. Even with all his strength, he could not turn to page 4. Unexpectedly, the master had flipped to page 32 so easily.

Too powerful! Too mighty! Too domineering!

A moment later.

“58 pages up!”

“80 pages up!”

“120 pages up!”


 “The first half is turned over?” Mo Haoshi was dumbfounded in place, unable to calm down for a long time.

The first half was all about ancient formations. In that case, the master enlightenment, unimaginable, simply unimaginable!

The second half that is about runes. This is used for runes engraving. Without the talent of runes engraving, it is impossible to go through it.

It’s hard to believe that Master wants to flip through it?

“What? Turning it over?”

“Master is actually also a rune engraving master?”

“Oh, the old ancestor!”

“Turning 12 pages?”

“Twenty-five pages up.”

“63 pages up.”


“Finished flipping through?” Mo Haoshi looked at Sun Hao, frozen like a wooden chicken.  Above this Mysterious Heavenly Pattern, the mighty pressure was all multiplying.

There was no way to imagine how intense the pressure of the last page was. Only a supreme talent could flip through it. The master actually turned all the way to the end easily?

Moreover, there was no half discomfort.  What kind of demon is the master? He is so terrifying! Master, in my disciple’s heart, you are a god!

Mo Haoshi’s face was overflowing with adoration and fiery gaze.

“This array atlas is good, you can put it away!”

After saying that, Sun Hao handed the Mysterious Heavenly Pattern back to Mo Haoshi.

“Boom ……” Like an explosive thunder. Mo Haoshi’s head went blank.

Was the master unwilling to accept himself as a disciple? How should this be? It was so hard to find a master, but he was not willing to accept himself.

No!  Even if I die, I still want to worship this senior as my master!

Thinking like this, Mo Hao Shi knelt on the ground and came forward. He knelt directly in front of Sun Hao and hugged his thighs to death.

“Master, please, please accept me!”

“Master, without you, this disciple can’t live!”

“You are the bright light in my heart, illuminating my way forward!”

“Master, just take this gift from my disciple!”


Mo Haoshi cried bitterly and had no intention of letting go.

When Sun Hao saw this scene, three black lines appeared on his forehead. He noticed this old man. He was born majestic, not easy to approach. He did not dare to take the initiative to ask.

I didn’t expect that under the majestic appearance, he was like this. This is really not easy to describe in words.

The other side. Zhan Tianpeng and his guards almost dropped their jaws. What happened to the promised reluctance to hand over the “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern” even after death?

How come, in the blink of an eye, you were crying and begging to give it away?

Moreover, you had turned into a licking dog? This licking is so clever! I’m really ashamed of him! This old fellow is really too cunning.

“Get up first!” Sun Hao said.

“I don’t, I don’t, Master, if you don’t accept me, I won’t get up!”

“Even if you kill me, this disciple will not get up!”

Mo Haoshi shook his head firmly and had no intention to get up at all.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao showed a helpless face. This was really a toilet stone, smelly and hard.

However, he was a mortal, how could he take on a disciple? Teach him to beat iron? Teach him to carve? Teach him to draw ……Is he that piece of material?

“I’ve memorized all of this Mysterious Heavenly Pattern, it’s useless to take it, you take it back, it might help!” Sun Hao said.

The moment these words came out.

“Boom!” Like a divine thunder of the nine heavens, it exploded in everyone’s minds.

The shocking color, words can not describe. One thought that the master was overrated. Now it seems that it was far from enough.

To be able to remember such ancient formation patterns and runes, today in the world absolutely can not find the second person.

Master was definitely the supreme immortal array master! Moreover, he was also a supreme rune master! I must become his disciple! Definitely!

Mo Haoshi clenched his fist with a determined face. He clung to Sun Hao’s thigh and didn’t let go of it at all.

“Master, you can not accept the gift, but the apprentice cannot not accept it!” Once these words came out, the air around was stagnant.

Infinite pressure, sweeping around, straight towards Mo Haoshi’s body.

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