I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 150: Their Home

As the sword spirit of the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, Chen Hao had never been selfish.

Killing feedback, he has never enjoyed the vast majority of the benefits alone and leaving a little for the swordmaster.

Even if the swordmaster was in a crisis, he had no choice but to share some more with the swordmaster, and he will let the swordmaster taste the “side effects” of rapid improvement.

In order to improve strength without side effects, relatively speaking, it was very slow to improve!

To quickly improve the strength, then be prepared to enter the devil ……The swordmaster had only two choices, there was no third way.

Chen Hao was always wary of the swordmaster. After all, in his opinion, the doom burst skill took time to launch and reduce the qi value of 15 and not mitigate 20 for insurance.

But today, Chen Hao had to break his own rules for Shiqi. Because on this trip, Shiqi risked it all for him to draw a big pie!

Chen Hao could not refuse!

Attacking the city of the Black Blood Kingdom was such a bold move, Chen Hao was afraid that Shiqi could have an accident.

Inside Shiqin’s body, the killing realm and the force realm erupted more and more intensely. The blood-red and gray light was splitting the entire mysterious space in two. Immediately after, the two realms began to vibrate violently, and countless comprehensions about the Killing Realm and the Force Realm surged to his mind.

A strong aura instantly swept through the entire street, with him as the center, all the martial artists within ten meters were pushed away by a fierce aura without being able to help themselves.

In full view of everyone, Shiqi’s majestic body slowly broke away from the earth’s gravitational pull!

Innate expert!

Innate expert!

An innate expert!

The Purple Thorn Army within Mingtai City looked up at that magnificent figure and couldn’t help but cheer! Their commander had successfully advanced to the innate right there, in front of them, on the battlefield!

The city guards of Mingtai City looked at the corpse of the innate expert lying directly below Shiqi, and their morale almost dropped to a freezing point.

The innate general who had been given high hopes on the side was dead, and the enemy leader suddenly advanced to innate ream …… There was nothing more demoralizing than this!

Shiqi stood in the night sky, looking down on Mingtai City and the enemy martial artists on the ground like ants! He clenched his fists tightly and closed his eyes, and then he took a deep breath.

So, this is what it feels like to be an innate expert!

His true qi was thicker, communicating with heaven and earth, and the speed of true qi recovery increased nearly ten times.

Occupying high altitude, it was almost difficult for ordinary martial artists to touch.

Opening up the divine sense, his perception was sharp, even if he closed his eyes, he could perceive the fluctuations of the martial artist’s true qi.

In the process of promoting to the innate realm, Shiqi entered another state of epiphany, and the two realms of intent he possessed were enhanced again, the Killing Realm was close to the Grand Success, and the Realm of Force was close to the Minor Success.

Promoting to the Innate, Shiqi felt that he was several times stronger than before!

“Lord Sword Spirit, is this Innate expert very strong? I just killed one and advanced?”

Chen Hao said in an exasperated tone, “Of course not, I just infused the essence of the devil sword itself into your body, allowing you to advance without any side effects …… The Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s vitality has already been greatly injured!”


Hearing that the Crimson Blood Devil Sword’s vitality was significantly injured, Shiqi immediately became anxious, and even the joy of the sudden promotion to the Innate had dissipated. He knew very well that the Crimson Blood Devil Sword was the root of his rapid strength increase. Without it, he would be a minor genius at best!

Without the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, at his current age, he wouldn’t even be able to touch the threshold of the True Origin Realm.

“Shiqi, you are my most favored swordmaster, there are many experts in the Black Blood Kingdom, I don’t want you to fall midway!”

“But Lord Sword Spirit doesn’t need to damage your vitalityi for me!”

“Last time you met an innate expert, thanks to your hasty wisdom, this time you met an innate because you were prepared early …… What if next time you meet a stronger opponent?” Chen Hao’s voice was broken, and if anything, “Well, I’m very tired and want to rest, you have to live well, during this time, you have to be careful!”

“Lord Sword Spirit!”

“Lord Sword Spirit!”

“Lord Sword Spirit!”

However, the cries in Shiqi’s heart did not receive a response from Chen Hao, the sword spirit seemed to have fallen into a long slumber.

Shiqi’s face was gloomy, and his eyes were ruthless as he looked at the Mingtai City below him.

For several years, the sword had been accompanying him, even in his loneliest and most desperate years, it had never broken contact, and now that the sword spirit had suddenly fallen asleep, his entire being was in an unspeakable rage.

He wanted to awaken the sword spirit lord from his dormancy!

Chen Hao silently looked at him. Ermmmm…… he did not think it was cheating! How could a lie that deceived people into moving forward and motivating them to advance further be called a lie? If that was really a lie, it was only a lie full of good intentions ……

“Continue the attack, leave no one alive!”

Shiqi found Shi Xiaoyun’s group in the center of Mingtai City, and the array was set up, just waiting for him to place the Crimson Blood Devil Sword.

“Congratulations, my lord, for advancing to the Innate Realm!”

Seeing Shiqi fly over, Meng Fei and his group looked wildly happy. If they had been worried about Shiqi’s attack on the Black Blood Kingdom a while ago, their worries were now gone!

The Lord Commander who was able to kill the Innate at the True Origin Realm became an Innate expert, could that be an ordinary Innate expert?

Shi Xiaoyun looked at Shiqi, and her whole person also trembled with excitement!

An Innate expert less than sixteen years old, even in the Southern Cloud Kingdom Black Blood Kingdom, or even the entire Southern Region, that was a top genius!

“Where is the sword placed?”

Unfortunately, after Shiqi’s promotion, there was not much joy. In his heart, he was still hung up on Chen Hao who was pretending to be dead inside the devil sword.


Shi Xiaoyun pointed at the eye of the formation and said.


Shiqi thrust the Crimson Blood Devil Sword into the ground, and his sensitive divine sense quickly sensed an energy fluctuation.

He faintly felt his body tingling!

The flow of true qi and blood in his body was slightly accelerated.

“Meng Fei, take someone with you to escort Shi Xiaoyun out, others protect the array eye, anyone who dares to go near the formation eye is to be killed!” Seventeen ordered.

“Subordinates obey!”

Although Shi Xiaoyun was only a half-baked array master, she was instrumental. Her help was still needed for the next plan, and Shiqi didn’t want anything to happen to her.

He rejoined the Purple Thorn Legion to chase down the discarded city guards. Without the innate experts sitting in the town, he rampaged without any enemy, and the whole Mingtai City had trouble organizing any effective counterattack.

The Purple Thorn Legion had already become the red-eyed, except for the influence of the preliminary devil fury aura and also the promise made by their commander.

After the city was broken, they could plunder at will!

Blood gurgled out from the wounds of the corpses, some of them penetrated their clothes, some of them passed through the gaps of the heavy armor, jumping happily onto the clean green stone slabs, onto the green grass and leaves, onto the dirty gutters, onto the garbage full of stench, they seemed to have a life, they listened to the call from the underworld, and kept creeping towards the direction of the city center.

They used to belong to different masters, there was no connection between them, but today they were like long-lost brothers, long-lost friends, as soon as they met, they embraced tightly together and became a whole.

They came together drop by drop, strand by strand, forming streams, turning through a few streets, passing through a few alleys, the streams gather into small rivers …… where they flowed through, leaving no trace.

Against the gravity of the earth, they merged in the gloomy stinking gutters and did not disperse.

They seemed to have a great determination and will, through hardships and dangers, approached the center of Mingtai City from all sides of the city.

As if that was their home!

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