The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 65: Ancient Devil Heart

“Oh, the Tai Qing Sword School.” Lu Yiping was calm when he heard the words.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled and laughed flirtatiously, “So it’s that group of old birds from the Tai Qing Sword Sect, this Luo Ning, he wouldn’t be a disciple of that group of old birds, right?”

Old birds? Wan Wudi smiled, and his face was numb.

He knew which ones the Dragon Horned Golden Ox was talking about, but about those, he couldn’t know how to communicate.

“We will leave later.” Lu Yiping said.

“Your Excellency will leave later?” Wan Wudi was surprised and wanted to say something.

Lu Yiping looked at Wan Wudi and said, “Do you want some green flames to temper your divine body?”

He had just broken through the Celestial God realm, and if he could use the green flame from the Green Flame God Tree to temper his Celestial God body, it would save him hundreds of years of hard cultivation.

Lu Yiping said, “Although the green flame of the Green Flame God Tree is wonderful, the effect is still poor.” Speaking of this, a golden flame appeared at the tip of his finger.

The surrounding space suddenly seemed to be in flames.

Wan Wudi looked at the golden flame in Lu Yiping’s hand and said in surprise, “Is this the Phoenix Flame?

“Not bad, it is the Phoenix Flame born from the Phoenix God Tree.” Lu Yiping said, then pointed the Phoenix Flame at the tip of his finger into Wan Wudi’s body.

“This Phoenix Flame is many times better than the Green Flame of the Green Flame Divine Tree.” Lu Yiping said, “When refining it, you can carefully comprehend the law of fire in it.”

Wan Wudi bowed respectfully and said with a grateful face, “Many thanks, my lord.”

“Get up.” Lu Yiping said, “If there is anything you don’t understand about your cultivation, you can ask me now.”

Wan Wudi was ecstatic, and after getting up, he asked Lu Yiping for advice on the problems he had encountered in cultivation over the years.

An hour later.

Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Zhou Cheng left Tiandu City. Wan Wudi alone personally sent them outside of Tiandu City.

It was not until Lu Yiping disappeared into the sky for a long time that Wan Wudi returned to the ancestral land of the Wan Family.

“I didn’t expect that the matter of that kid Yang Dong back then was related to this Luo Ning fellow!” After leaving, Zhou Cheng frowned.

The message talisman, he also read it. He also knew that Lu Yiping’s destination now was the Luo family.

Speaking of which, Zhou Cheng looked at Lu Yiping, “What do you plan to do then?”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed heatedly, “I hope that Yang Dong’s kid’s death has nothing to do with him.” Then he paused, “If it’s related to him, then his fate will be worse than Yang Dong’s.”

Lu Yiping was expressionless.

Zhou Cheng sighed, “This Luo Ning, I have long seen that his heart is not right.” Then added, “However, his relationship with the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword School is not simple.”

“Over the years, he has also been coveting the position of the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, begging for compensation for not having the Tai Qing Sword Sect behind him.”

Speaking of the Nine Heavens Tai Qing Sword Sect, Zhou Cheng also had a gloomy face.

Three days later, Lu Yiping and his company arrived at the Evil God Plain.

The Evil God Plain was the most extensive plain in the Divine Martial Continent. It was also the most chaotic plain in the Divine Martial Continent. Within the plain, the forces were intricate and complex.

Here, there was no power of any empire, even the Wan Family, could not govern this place.

There were many evil forces in the Divine Martial Continent, the Yin Ghost Sect, the Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and the Tan Family’s forces in the Divine Martial Continent.

Here, there were branches of the Yin Ghost Sect, the Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and the Tan Family, and they are the most important branches in the Divine Martial Continent.

In addition to the Yin Ghost Sect, the Yellow Spring Demon Sect, and the Tan Family branch, there were also the headquarters of the Blazing Fire Sect, the Extreme Bliss Sect, the Evil God Sect, the Heavenly Ghost Sect, and other forces all built on the Evil God Plain.

Here, fights and killings could be seen everywhere.

The Luo family’s power was at the other end of the Evil God Plain. Lu Yiping just had to cross the Evil God Plain, and then they would be in the Luo family territory.

“It is rumored that the ancient evil gods perished here, that’s why here, the evil aura is so strong.” Zhou Cheng rode on a donkey, poured wine, and said, “There are also people who say that the Ancient Evil God actually did not die out, his heart, is still alive!”

The Ancient Evil God was the greatest enemy of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods.

However, the Ancient Evil God was so powerful that he was one of the top ten experts of the ancient world with the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods, and the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods had not been able to kill each other.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled and said, “That kid Qiang Liang has cultivated the Ancient Devil Heart, even if his divine soul is destroyed and his physical body is also destroyed, but his heart left, he will always be able to live.”

The ancient evil god, whose original name was Qiang Liang.

“Ancient Devil Heart!” When Zhou Cheng heard this, his face changed.

He knew how difficult it was to cultivate the Ancient Devil Heart successfully.

From ancient times to the present day in the Eternal Source Realm, only one person had cultivated the Ancient Devil Heart. However, he had not heard that the Ancient Evil God also cultivated successfully.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull gave a hint, “This kid’s talent is indeed demonic, and he obtained the Ancient Qi Gan’s Supreme Evil Demon Technique and cultivated it to the last layer.”

Zhou Cheng did not know who the ancient Qi Gan was but expected it to be an ancient evil devil expert.

“The ancient evil god really cultivated the Ancient Devil Heart?” Zhou Cheng asked in amazement, “But, the ancient divine code does not have relevant information recorded.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull heatedly laughed, “The Divine Canon did not record a lot of things, Qiang Liang that boy’s body hair is purple, but also  the Divine Canon did not record it.”

Zhou Cheng spewed out the wine in his mouth. There was still this thing?

“You know all this?” He looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull suspiciously, “All this, how do you know?”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull heatedly smiled and said, “Because I have plucked that kid’s body hair.”

The donkey snorted at his words, “Why didn’t you say you had plucked the ancient Heavenly Emperor’s hair.”

Zhou Cheng also shook his head. Lu Yiping did not open his mouth.

In ancient times, the Evil God Qiang Liang’s body hair was indeed plucked by Xiao Jin, and the body hair of his whole body was plucked completely.

However, for the kid Qiangliang, Lu Yiping was quite pleasing to the eye. Although this kid did things recklessly, he didn’t squander him.

After the battle of the gods, he was in the sacred forest in seclusion. After many years, he learned that the ancient evil gods perished.

After entering the Plain of Evil Gods, feeling the faint evil aura of the plain space, Lu Yiping frowned. Who set up this array? Is it the person who killed Evil God Qiang Liang?

If the other party killed Evil God Qiang Liang, but why did they set up this grand array here.

It didn’t take long for a few people to see an ancient city.

The ancient city stretched across the Evil God Plain, and the city walls were almost full of sword marks, knife marks, and traces caused by various weapons.

“Great Desolate City.”

Above the city gate, three words were engraved in an ancient script. The Great Desolate City, the largest city in the Evil God Plain and was also the oldest city in the Evil God plain.

Although it was named Great Desolate City, it was not desolate at all, and within the city, there was an endless stream of experts from all sides in all shapes and sizes.

“I heard that the Ksitigarbha Sutra has appeared, and there is a kid who has executed the Ksitigarbha Sutra skill and killed the Elder of the Extreme Bliss Sect!”

Among the crowd, the whispers kept coming.

The most talked about by the experts passing by was the news of the appearance of the Ksitigarbha Sutra, one of the four great Buddhist scriptures.

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