I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 149: Advancing to The Innate Realm

Shiqi ran rapidly, and with every step he took, the entire earth shook once. When he approached the Purple Thorn Legion, some of the weaker ones almost couldn’t stand!

The Purple Thorn Legion heard the guards on the city walls shouting.

“An earthquake?”




“No, look outside the city, what is that golden thing?”

“It seems to be a person!”


Unfortunately, even if they found out, they couldn’t resist. No one could possibly block a full-force running Shiqi, and even an innate expert would have enough trouble!

Seeing the blackened cities close in front of them, Shiqi hands protected their heads and crashed into them without hesitation.

A loud sound was heard from almost every corner of Mingtai City.

The whole city wall trembled violently, and more than ten soldiers standing on the wall fell down directly from the wall.

Then a sound of a “creak creak” a piercing tearing sound, huge and heavy iron doors can not bear the weight, and all fell in front of Shiqi.

The …… city wall was broken!

Shiqi was panting, waved his numb hand, and twisted his body. After he felt no major physical damage, he patted the dust on his head. He turned back and shouted, “The city wall is broken, what are you waiting for?”

“Brother Liu, are you sure that the Lord Commander is not a vicious beast transformed to a man?” A new recruit who had just joined the Purple Thorn Army from Qingfeng City asked.

“Our Lord Commander is a real man! A super tough man! Not to mention the city gate, he can twist even an Innate expert into a pulp!”

Shiqi raised his Crimson Blood Devil Sword sword and yelled, “Charge in, leaving no one behind!”

The demon fury aura instantly enveloped all the soldiers. In a blood-colored mist, this group of crazy soldiers broke into Mingtai City!

“The city gates are broken, inform the Lord General!”

“The city gates are broken, inform the Lord General!”

Lord General? Chen Hao couldn’t sit still a bit after hearing that! He really didn’t expect that there was an innate general existing in Mingtai City!

It was evident that the Black Blood Kingdom had the battlefield advantage and took the initiative to attack the Southern Cloud Kingdom’s city. Was it necessary for them to send an innate expert to guard this city?

With Shiqi’s current strength, would there be a chance to kill another Innate? Chen Hao was nervous!

Shiqi was preparing a feast for him by attacking Mingtai City this time!

Shiqi commanded the troops to attack the Mingtai City city guards, who were almost routed under the influence of the Demon Fury Aura.

“Meng Fei, you guys take Shi Xiaoyun to set up the formation inside the city first, and after the formation is set up, take her out of the city immediately!” Shiqi ordered, “The innate experts inside the city, I will deal with them!”

“Subordinates obey your orders!”

There was great chaos within Mingtai City, and almost all of the city guards gathered towards Shiqi and them.

The ones protecting Shi Xiaoyun were all experts in the Purple Thorn Army. As long as they didn’t meet the Innate, no one could hurt Shi Xiaoyun.

“Let’s go, Miss Shi!”

“Will he be able to do it?” Shi Xiaoyun hesitated.

“If the Lord Commander says it’s okay, then it’s okay, your first task is to set up the array!” Meng Fei threatened, “If the array arrangement becomes a problem, ten of our heads won’t be enough for the Lord Commander to chop!”

Looking around at the buildings, the highest one was still the city wall.

Shiqi ascended the city wall, the walls have long been without any defenders, the city gate has broken. The defenders could withdraw a long time ago if they dare not to withdraw because of fear of death, but they also could not escape the poisonous hand of Shiqi.

Quietly lying on the wall, running the “Breath Convergence Technique” to conceal the breadth of his body, under him, it was the city gates, the Devil Fury aura had been withdrawn, but in mid of the night, the Purple Thorn army still frantically poured in.

They knew that their commander was inside the city! Shiqi, who was waiting quietly, soon saw a blood-red figure flying over inside Mingtai City.

Shiqi heard the figure floating in the air shouting, “The Purple Thorn Army dares to come to Mingtai City, is the lesson from last time not enough?”

Immediately after that, he saw the silhouette in mid-air start to slaughter the Purple Thorn Army.

Innate experts, when they were flying in mid-air, had an almost absolute advantage!

Shiqi carefully observed the strength of the other party, and he was much weaker than Hui Qingying. It was estimated to be at the early stage of the Innate Realm, not comparable to those powerful generals who lead an army alone.

Watching the soldiers fall one by one, Shiqi’s heart ached, but he still endured. In order to win, there must be sacrifices! This was the truth that he had concluded on the battlefield.

All the five thousand Purple Thorn Legion troops can’t rush in at a city gate, which caused many soldiers to congested at the city gate.

The innate masters quickly noticed this situation.

Inside the city gates, the Purple Thorn army and the city guards fought together, and the innate masters could not perform their huge destructive moves. Still, the Purple Thorn Army crowded together would be an excellent target!

Any innate expert with a bit of intelligence would not ignore it!

They would look for the opportunity to kill the enemy on a large scale as much as possible, this was the meaning of the existence of the innate experts on the battlefield.

And so, that innate expert approached the towering city walls!

“Realm of Blood: Rain of Bloodlust!”

The bright red blood-red true qi turned into raindrops and fell towards the densely packed Purple Thorn Army on the ground.

Looking at his opponent performing a martial skill, Shiqi finally struck!

He stepped on a corner of the city wall and jumped directly towards the innate expert suspended in mid-air not far away.

Just when Shiqi was about to touch the innate expert of the other side, the innate expert who seemed to be executing a group attack skill against the Purple Thorn Army on the ground raised his head and grinned at XVII, “I knew it, without the innate expert, the Purple Thorn Army definitely wouldn’t dare to attack the city!”

 Found out?

“Too late!” Shiqi laughed likewise.

The opponent was an innate expert. Shiqi didn’t dare to be careless; as early as the moment he jumped out of the city wall, the Devil Fury aura was ready!

The blood-red color that spurted out and rushed to the face of the innate expert and the bone-chilling and thick killing aura made that innate expert couldn’t help but mess up his mind too!

He just needs a chance! Need an opportunity to meet the innate expert!

The darkness covered him, the walls shortened the distance between him and the innate expert, and the devil fury aura disturbed the opponent’s mind …… Shiqi pounced directly on the innate expert’s body!

“Get the hell down!”

The innate expert shouted.

The thick true essence exploded violently, and his blood-red true qi reflected the entire battlefield through the Devil Fury Aura!

“Struggle, it’s all in vain!” Shiqi whispered in his ear.

“Realm of Force Intent!”

The muscles of his entire body contracted, and Shiqi was like a giant python that was wrapped around its prey!

The innate expert suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood from the sky and then plunged straight to the ground.

After the loud sound, Shiqi carried the blood-stained longsword and roared to the sky!

After taking the pills Chu Yan had given him, his strength had reached the peak of the True Origin realm, and the Crimson Blood Devil Sword was constantly channeling the True Origin, and blood Qi absorbed from the Innate Expert into his body.

His dantian was swollen and compulsorily expanded, yet the true qi within the Crimson Blood Devil Sword was still being channeled.

Shiqi vaguely saw a mysterious space, the space was hazy with grey mist, and in the middle of the space, there were two masses of strange colors. One was red blood drops constantly writhing, filled with the aura of killing rage, and the other was grey, like an ordinary stone!

Shiqi knew that this was the Killing Intent and the Force Intent!

The true essence within the Crimson Blood Devil Sword remained unbroken, and the Killing Intent Realm and the Force Intent Realm began to glow differently.

He heard the sword spirit’s voice: “Shiqi, you should directly advance to the Innate!”

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