The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 64: The Sword God Luo Ning

After reaching the peak of late True God cultivation, one can comprehend the Heavenly God Laws, and after comprehending 10,000 Heavenly God Laws and successfully fusing these 10,000 Heavenly God Laws, it was the time to break through to the Heavenly God Realm.

Therefore, at the peak of the late True God experts, there were strong and weak ones.

There will be a considerable difference in battle power between the enlightenment of one hundred Heavenly God Laws and the enlightenment of two hundred Heavenly God Laws.

The difference between comprehending one thousand Heavenly Dao Laws and comprehending five hundred was even more extraordinary.

Of course, the Heavenly God Laws were not that easy to comprehend. The further you go, the more difficult it was to comprehend. The killer of the Life Killing Dao in front of Lu Yiping had comprehended more than a hundred Heavenly God Laws, which was not easy.

The middle-aged man looked at Lu Yiping coldly, “I didn’t expect you to be so strong that I failed to assassinate you, Lord God of Killers  will send someone stronger to kill you next time.”

The God of Killers was the chief of the Life Killing Dao.

There were many assassin organizations in the Eternal Source realm, but the only one who could get the title of God of Killers was the chief of the Life Killing Dao.

As for this God of Killers strength, no one knew.

However, at this moment, suddenly, a dagger instantly stabbed behind Lu Yi Ping. It was extremely fast, much faster than the sword Qi just now. And the dagger’s ink, obviously tainted with poison.

This time, not only the middle-aged man was sent to kill Lu Yiping, but also another person, who was even stronger than the middle-aged man just now!

However, just as the dagger reached an inch behind Lu Yiping, it suddenly stopped.

The dagger-wielding Life Killing Dao assassin had a big shock, “Spatial stagnation?!”

Lu Yiping turned his head over and looked at the other party with a cold gaze, and the other party was a woman! A very beautiful woman!

“God-devouring poison.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the dagger.

The poison on the dagger was the most potent poison in the world, the God-devouring poison!

Even if this poison struck a Heavenly God realm expert, it would be difficult to dispel it. And those below the Heavenly God realm would die!

Lu Yiping’s whole body vibrated with light, and he sent his opponent flying. As for the dagger, it was shattered into pieces.

“Ruan’er, you go!” The middle-aged man from before then shouted to the female assassin who appeared behind him, and then, the light of his whole body surged and turned into countless sword qi, cutting towards Lu Yi Ping.

The female in the back also did not hesitate, immediately broke through the air.

In an instant, she disappeared into the crowd.

“Go?” Lu Yiping coldly smiled, a single hand, only to see that the female assassin who had disappeared and vanished was once again taken out of the void by Lu Yiping, fell back to the original place.

The middle-aged man’s sword qi was smashed by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s palm, and he, himself, was slapped down to the ground.

Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s huge bull leg stepped directly into the opponent’s chest, stamping out the armor on the opponent.

The middle-aged man who the Dragon Horned Golden Bull stepped on suddenly spilled black blood from the corner of his mouth, and his whole body surface instantly became purple and black.

Obviously, the other party saw that the assassination failed and took poison. It was the God-devouring poison.

The woman, after the middle-aged man, the corners of the mouth also spilled black blood, the whole body also became purple-black.

Seeing that the two people were going to take the poison and die, Lu Yi Ping’s fingers suddenly gushed with light, a ray of light gushed into the surrounding space. The two people found to their horror that the surrounding space-time had not only come to a complete standstill but also began to reverse the flow back to the two people before taking the poison!

“Time and Space Reversal!” The two men couldn’t believe it.

Time and Space Reversal was more difficult to comprehend than spatial stagnation and more difficult to control. Even Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu could not handle this time and space reversal perfectly.

After reversing space-time, Lu Yiping took the two people in front of him and then searched their souls.

Soon, the soul search was over, and Lu Yiping extracted all the laws in the two godheads into Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen’s godheads. Then he crushed the two and was thrown into the Universe Cauldron.

The fight between Lu Yi Ping and the two assassins of the Life Killing Dao was completely isolated in a different space by Lu Yiping using the spatial laws, so it did not alarm the surrounding crowd.

“Master, did the Yin Ghost Sect and Yellow Spring Demon Sect hire the assassins of the Life Killing Dao?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

“I don’t think so.” Lu Yiping shook his head.

The two killers just now didn’t know their employers, but Lu Yiping intuitively told him they were not.

If the experts of the Yin Ghost Sect and the Yellow Spring Demon Sect wanted to kill him, they would do it themselves and would not go to the trouble of hiring the Life Killing Dao assassins.

However, the two Life Killing Dao assassins did not know who their employers were, but the leader of the Life Killing Dao, the God of Killers, surely knew.

Lu Yiping returned to the Wan Family’s main residence and called Wan Wudi to him.

“Life Killing Dao?” Wan Wudi was surprised to hear Lu Yiping ask about the Life Killing Dao.

“There were two experts of the Life Killing Dao who tried to assassinate the master.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

“What!” When Wan Wudi heard this, his face sank, “Then I will now blockade Tiandu City and search the entire city.”

“No need.” Lu Yiping, “Only two of them came and were already killed by me, do you know the headquarters of the Killing Dao?”

Wan Wudi shook his head and mused, “The headquarters of the Life Killing Dao is a mystery, only one person knows the headquarters of the Life Killing Dao.”

“Who?” Lu Yi Ping asked.

“Supreme Unity Sect’s Jiang Yu.” Wan Wudi said in a different tone.

“Oh.” Lu Yiping was surprised.

Wan Wudi said, “I heard that Jiang Yu had fought with the God of Killers of the Life Killing Dao and was the only one who had fought with the him and survived.”

“This God of Killers is so strong, why is he not ranked among the top ten experts of the Eternal Source Realm?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

“Because no one knows his true strength, therefore, it is impossible to rank him.” Wan Wudi said, “The Martial God Hall’s Nine Absolute Martial God seniors haven’t made a move in many years, so, again, there is no ranking.”

When Wan Wudi said this, he carefully glanced at Lu Yiping, the Nine Absolute Martial Gods of the Martial God Hall who had entered the Sacred Forest. As for the relationship between the Nine Absolute Martial Gods and Lu Yiping, many people were speculating.

Suddenly, Lu Yiping’s waist message talisman gave a tremor, and he took out a look, the letter message was the Tianji Chamber of Commerce branch leader Sun Lixuan sent him.

Insuperpowers the beginning, he asked the Tianji Chamber of Commerce to help him investigate the disappearance of Yang Dong back then, and now, there were already results.

After reading the messenger message, Lu Yiping smiled coldly, “Luo Ning!”

Back then, Yang Dong was invited to enter the Gods Battlefield and later disappeared, and now, the Tian Ji Chamber of Commerce investigated that the person who invited Yang Dong back then was none other than the Sword God Luo Ning.

Hearing Lu Yi Ping suddenly mention Luo Ning, Wan Wudi was stunned, Lu Yiping threw the message talisman to Wan Wudi, and after reading it, Wan Wudi was all surprised.

So, back then, Yang Dong’s disappearance was related to Luo Ning?

“Master, Luo Ning is not simple.” Wan Wudi thought about it and said, “He has a good relationship with the Tai Qing Sword Sect of the Nine Heavens.” Speaking of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Wan Wudi’s face looked grave.

There were ten superpowers in the Eternal Source realm, and the Supreme Unity Sect was the top of the ten superpowers. Still, above the Supreme Unity Sect, there were three extraordinary existences.

Nine Heavens!

The Divine Earth!

The Prison of the Underworld!

These three places override the Supreme Unity Sect.

And the Tai Qing Sword Sect was the strongest of the many super sects in the Nine Heavens.

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