I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 148: Siege Equipment

“Then get ready, we’ll leave tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow?” Shi Xiaoyun stared blankly at Shiqi and asked, “Tomorrow, are you sure?”

“I’m very sure!” Shiqi nodded thoughtfully.

After leaving Shi Xiaoyun, Shiqi asked Meng Fei, “Inform down that tomorrow we are going to go to the Black Blood Kingdom for a stroll, the journey is difficult and dangerous, if there are any brothers who are not willing to go, stay in Qingfeng City.”

Meng Fei looked at the commander and said in a low voice, “Lord commander, those bastards from the Black Blood Kingdom are indeed worse than animals, but isn’t it too hasty for us to take revenge on them now? I think that it would be more certain if Lord Commander succeeded in advancing to the Innate!”

As an old True Origin Realm expert, Meng Fei knew very well the gap between the commander and the innate.

Shiqi had indeed beheaded an Innate, but there was still an element of luck involved! As a die-hard loyalist of Shiqi, Meng Fei did not want the Lord Commander to risk his life!

“There’s no rush, this time frame is just right!” Shiqi whispered, “not long ago, I heard that the Black Iron Army slaughtered two cities, to be honest, I did not have any idea about this at the time …… Now I know …… you follow my orders shape things just fine! “

After Meng Fei and the others left, Chen Hao, who had been silent, spoke up.

“Shiqi, Why do you still want to be a little hasty!”

“Lord Sword Spirit, although this trip is risky, but the risk is not too big, but rather an opportunity!”

“What opportunity?”

“From total of ten legions of the Black Iron Army, seven legions stationed near Purple Thorn City, the remaining three legions wandering to attack other cities …… The tenth army is finished. In a short time the Southern Cloud Kingdom and the Black Iron Kingdom border line Black Iron Army only had two legions. If I encountered any of the legions, I will not be in danger of life And I’m afraid they can’t imagine that I have the guts to sneak attack!” Shiqi looked at the already completely destroyed Qingfeng City and said, “In fact, Qingfeng City was broken, there is still my reason …… although I told others that I do not have any responsibility, but I know very well that there is indeed my reason …… I am very clear!”

“Shiqi, you know?”


“People who are too responsible, always live a very tired life!” Chen Hao whispered, “You are the most talented sword master I have ever seen, you should learn how to be a little selfish and ruthless, people should live for themselves!”

“That’s not me, Lord Sword Spirit!”

“Alright, you’re the sword master, you’re in charge!” Chen Hao did not want to make nonsensical arguments.

With the current strength of the Devil’s Sword, it was almost impossible to change Shiqi.

This was the result of the swordmaster being too strong and the devil sword weaker. The swordmaster was always not obedient.

Fortunately, Shiqi didn’t have any defense against Devil Sword. If replaced by another swordmaster, perhaps after becoming innate, the first thing he did was take complete control of the devil sword.

Just like that array master Qu Fei!

“In fact, I want to go to trouble the Black Blood Kingdom not only because their defenses are temporarily empty!”

“What else?”

“If this matter of Qingfeng City being slaughtered gets back, my reward for defeating the Tenth Army and Hui Qingying may be reduced, and there is ……” asked Shiqi in a low voice, “If I go back this time, I am afraid that in a short time, there will be no such a good opportunity, I’m afraid that the people of the Purple Thorn Legion will not let go of leading the army out in a short time!”

“Yes!” Chen Hao also sighed. Shiqi’s strength was not up or down right now.

With the late strength of the True Origin realm to kill the innate experts, among the top geniuses of the Southern Cloud Kingdom, itself should have been on the blacklist of the Black Iron Army. The military could not be assured that such a genius in the absence of self-preservation before leading the army outside.

“Qingfeng City was slaughtered, I have just the right reason, even if it causes discontent among the military hierarchy, I’m still young, aren’t I?”

“Young and vigorous?”

“Mm!” Shiqi said, “the Purple Thorn Legion was already at a disadvantage, If I missed this opportunity, I have to wait until the next opportunity, maybe until the year of monkeys. Although Shi Xiaoyun’s Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array efficacy is incomplete, it is enough!”

Outside of Qingfeng City, more than 5,000 people from the Purple Thorn Legion were in formation at the city gate.

The neat formation was interspersed with thousands of survivors of Qingfeng City.

Those who could survive the slaughter of the Black Iron Army either had luck or strength.

The more than one thousand people who had newly joined the Purple Thorn Legion were all martial artists with strength above the Qi Condensation Realm.

Their strength varies, The strong ones include the city guard masters of the real origin realm, martial arts hall masters, the strong escorts, martial artists within the various families in Qingfeng City, and the weak ones are also ordinary martial artists, mercenaries, guards …… their collective combat ability may not be strong. Still, they have a bitter hatred in their eyes!

“Lord Commander, the soldiers are all assembled, not a single soldier quit!”

“You pay attention to the soldiers teaching the recruits marching discipline!”

“Subordinates understand!”

“Then let’s go!”

Marching all the way, no soldier complained—even the new recruits.

The team marched day and night, and Shiqi personally participated in scouting to ensure that the news would not leak out.

In five days, Shiqi had the rare and average luck of not encountering the other two armies of the Black Iron Army when they reached Mingtai City.

Shiqi’s goal was still Mingtai City, who made Mingtai City close?

As night fell, Shi Xiaoyun took away seven hundred spirit stones from Shiqi, and under the leadership of Meng Fei and several other experts of the Purple Thorn Army, began to set up an array around Mingtai City.

Seven hundred spirit stones were almost most of his savings!

This was still because he rarely used spirit stones to enhance his strength. If he hadn’t killed Hui Qingying and robbed her of all her savings, there would be no way to set up this defective version of the array!

When he thought about it, he suddenly realized that Shi Xiaoyun’s half-assed array was really suitable for him.

In the second half of the night, Shi Xiaoyun was able to finish the outer array. If not for Meng Fei and his team, she was afraid that she could set it up until tomorrow came.

Shiqi whispered and asked, “No mistakes, right?”

“No, the outer array is the most complex, it has been set up, the next is  the inside, just go in, I can handle it in a quarter of an hour!”

“Then let’s attack the city!”

“Then the Lord Commander please!”

Meng Fei said in a low voice, and almost all the soldiers looked at Shiqi.

The original mission of the Purple Thorn Legion was to garrison Qingfeng City, and the military department did not equip them with siege equipment.

Aerial ladders, flying bridges, rushing ram… all of them were not there!

Originally the Purple Thorn army had doubts, but their Lord Commander said that he had a way. Although they were confused, they still chose to believe Shiqi because their Lord Commander had never failed yet.

Shiqi slowly retreated, backing up to about two miles away from the city gate.

Shi Xiaoyun asked Meng Fei in a low voice, “What is your Lord Commander planning to do? Doesn’t he want to attack the city?”

Meng Fei said in a deep voice: “You have to trust the Lord Commander!”


After so many days together, Shi Xiaoyun almost understood the situation of these 5,000-odd soldiers.

Almost all of them were Chen Pengfei’s die-hard loyalists, and for Chen Pengfei, they had nearly blind confidence!

Shiqi stared at the distant city gate, half crouched down, and shouted in a low voice, “Realm of Force Intent! Golden Body Forging Technique!”

His skin almost turned golden, shining in the darkness of the night.

The surge of power instantly filled his limbs and bones, his muscles swelled, his body hardened through his armor, and his height was almost stretched to three meters!

“Flash step!”

With a loud bang, his whole body leaped up, leaving an enormous black crater in the same place!





That was the sound of Shiqi’s footsteps! All the Purple Thorn Legion troops could feel the earth trembling.

“He’s not going to crash the city gates, is he!” Shi Xiaoyun covered her mouth and said.

“It seems, it seems …… like it’s really possible!” Meng Fei swallowed a mouthful of saliva and answered with some uncertainty.

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