I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 147: Explosive Lightning Array

A powerful attacking and refining weapons array in one, but she abruptly made it into a complete auxiliary array!

Chen Hao was curious to know where Shi Xiaoyun’s bewildering confidence came from!

“Your array has failed!” Shiqi said without a doubt, “The array diagram of the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array was found on the corpse of the array master after I killed a powerful array master at the peak of the True Origin Realm, the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array, I’ve been trapped in it, it’s definitely not just just this little ability!”

Shi Xiaoyun looked at the extremely Shiqi’s deep eyes and was somewhat shaken. He did not look like a person who would lie.

“Forget it, the array you set up is barely usable!” Shiqi asked with some headache rubbing his face, “Can you enlarge this array?”

“Yes, as long as there are enough spirit stones!” Shi Xiaoyun said with great certainty, “There’s also the Demon Fury Alchemy Array I set up doesn’t consume much, it shouldn’t cost much spirit stones.”

 “Let me see that thunder explosion array you mentioned!”

“It’s a Explosive Lightning Array!” Shi Xiaoyun corrected.


After finding an open space cleared out by the Purple Thorn Army, under the eyes of Shiqi, Shi Xiaoyun began to set up the array.

Her speed in setting up the Explosive Lightning Array was relatively fast compared to setting up the Demon Fury Alchemy array.

Meng Fei asked in a low voice on the side: “Lord Commander, are all array masters so slow in setting up arrays? I feel like I could have killed her several times!”

“She is the slowest one in the array masters I’ve ever seen to set up a array!”

Shi Xiaoyun’s ears were red.

“Okay, the array is complete!”

Having completed the array, Shi Xiaoyun let out a sigh of relief.

When she used to study arrays in the basement, she had fantasized that after coming out of the mountain, once the identity of the array master was revealed, countless martial artists paid homage, numerous forces flocked to her, offering a large number of spiritual stones and treasures, and beautiful men …… but she just did not expect that she was disliked!

But it makes sense for the other party to dislike her skill! She could not say anything to refute. What’s wrong with being slow to set up an array? Haven’t you heard of slow work and fine work?

“Let’s detonate!”


Shi Xiaoyun retreated a distance of about seven meters, then made a strange gesture with her hands and whispered softly, “Explode!”

In the array, lightning flashed, and a violent explosion sounded. Dirt and stones were blown everywhere.

Shiqi nodded, at least the explosive lightning array was really exploded!

Meng Fei and Xiong Tingzhi looked at the scene of the explosion, their faces also gloomy. The Explosive Lightning Array could indeed kill True Origin Realm martial artists!


Shi Xiaoyun took out her best Explosive Lightning array just to get a little confidence back and have Commander Chen recognize her strength.

The loud-mouthed Meng Fei had already told Shi Xiaoyun about Shiqi’s glorious battle last night.

Although Shi Xiaoyun seldom went out, she was more concerned about the war situation between the two countries since the war between the Southern Cloud Kingdom and the Black Blood Kingdom started. After all, her master deeply hated the Black Blood Kingdom.

From Meng Fei, she knew that the Purple Thorn Legion had been badly wounded not long ago and had turned from attack to defense.

And the five thousand men led by Chen Pengfei, the strongest in the entire Purple Thorn Legion, had defeated the Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army not long ago, and Chen Pengfei had personally killed an innate expert with his strength at the late True Origin Realm!

Wanting to take revenge, perhaps she could only rely on the strong strength of the other side.

It was said that Chen Pengfei was crazy, and only a crazy person would have the guts to take revenge on the Black Blood Kingdom!

The array Chen Pengfei asked her to set up yesterday already showed that he had revenge in mind!

“Miss Shi is really worthy of being a array master, really powerful!” Meng Fei praised from the bottom of his heart.

A Qi Hai realm array master setting up an array that could almost threaten a mid-True Origin realm martial artist, an array master was really something!

“Commander Chen, what do you think?”

Shiqi looked at the explosion scene after the dust cleared and asked in a low voice with an odd expression on his face, “What do you think, how big is the explosion range of the  Explosive Lightning Array?”

“All martial artists within a ten meter radius will be blown up!” Shiqi once again covered his forehead. Chen Hao let out a soft sigh from within the evil sword.

“What’s wrong?”

“Meng Fei, tell her how big the explosion range of her array is!”

Meng Fei looked at the scene of the explosion seven meters away in a wreck, with the ground all dented, and whispered, “It should be about six or seven meters in circumference …… nowhere near ten meters in circumference!”

Shi Xiaoyun argued, “Impossible ah, it was so large, it was impossible not to have a circle of ten meters!”

Meng Fei understood what the lord commander’s expression was so painful.

But the commander asked him to answer Shi Xiaoyun’s words, and he could only politely say, “That is indeed between six and seven meters square, less than ten meters, I’m sure!”

Seeing that Shi Xiaoyun seemed unconvinced, Shiqi shook his head and said, “Shi Xiaoyun, you are afraid that you have some misunderstanding about ten meters!”

Shiqi no longer held much hope on Shi Xiaoyun’s Forbidden Air Array.

“Let’s go!”

“Wait, Commander Chen, you still haven’t told, are you willing to help me take revenge!”

Shiqi stopped in his tracks and asked without turning back, “Can you use the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array you set up to bring a city into the array’s range?”

“You want to slaughter a city?”

Shi Xiaoyun asked in surprise.

She had always thought that the other side just wanted to kill more Black Iron Army soldiers and sacrifice them to refine an evil weapon …… but did not expect him to be so crazy!

“They can do it, there’s no reason why can’t?” Shiqi tone slowly turned around and said, “I killed the innate expert last time, it was just a fluke, I can’t guarantee that I can kill the enemy instead of being killed, I need an evil weapon!”

“But don’t you think it’s too cruel to slaughter the city?”

“Don’t you want to let the people of the Black Blood Kingdom feel your pain?”

“Uh ……”

Seeing Shi Xiaoyun did not speak, Shiqi continued, “The fall of Qingfeng City is not my responsibility, and I am not from Qingfeng City, nor are there any of my relatives within Qingfeng City …… not long ago I just made a great achievement, waiting to return to Purple Thorn City to receive the reward, I actually do not necessarily have to help you take revenge! “

“I do not like to force people, you can choose to accept, or not to accept!”

Shi Xiaoyun looked at Shiqi, and she finally gave in. At least she wouldn’t know anyone more powerful than the man in front of her.

Maybe a notoriously evil person like Chen Pengfei could deal with those beasts of the Black Blood Kingdom!

“If you’re soft-hearted, you can set up the array outside the city and don’t have to enter the city!” Shiqi walked Shi Xiaoyun’s side, said in a very for her tone, “you can not lie to me, if you spend a thousand spirit stones, but still can not set up the array, I can not sacrifice the evil weapon …… if we meet an innate experts that I can not beat down, I’m very likely to lead my troops to surrender directly!”


It was the first for Shi Xiaoyun to see such a shameless general! No wonder the South Cloud Kingdom had difficulty in beating the Black Blood Kingdom’s second-rate legions!

“Don’t worry, if only expanding the array, I still have a grasp of it!”

“It better be!”

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