The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 62: The Yin Ghost Sect’s Army

Wan Bi, a core disciple of the Wan Family, said this with ruthless eyes, “Waste them for me!”

The soldiers under his command were then about to surge up towards Lu Yiping.

However, before the group of soldiers could reach Lu Yiping, suddenly, a person rushed out from behind Lu Yiping, and with a fierce punch, he blew all of Wan Bi and the group of Wan Family soldiers away.

The person who struck was none other than Wan Rong, one of the ancestors of the Wan family.

This Wan Rong, the same generation as Wan Wudi.

Wan Wudi was afraid that there would be some ungrateful people in Tiandu City who would disturb Lu Yiping, so he sent Wan Rong to secretly “protect” Lu Yiping from afar.

The ancestor of the Wan family, Wan Rong, who was following Lu Yiping, almost lost his soul when he saw Wan Bi, a disciple of the Wan family, trying to strike at Lu Yiping, so he didn’t care about anything else and rushed out to strike.

There were a lot of screams.

Wan Bi fell into the crowd and found that his internal meridians and dantian had all been shattered by the other party, so he was extremely sad and angry, and his killing intent was raging.

Wan Rong was of the same generation as Wan Wudi and had not been out of the ancestral land of the Wan family for many years, and with Wan Bi’s status, it was difficult to see Wan Rong, so he did not recognize Wan Rong.

When Wan Rong saw Wan Bi staring at himself with bloodshot eyes and asking who he was, he couldn’t help but have a cold face and slapped him again, “I am your ancestor!”

Wan Bi was slapped into the crowd. The crowd was in chaos for a moment.

At that moment, footsteps surged, only to see one group after another of Wan Family Legion soldiers rushing over.

At the head of the group was the deputy army chief of the new Wan Family Legion.

The deputy army commander saw Wan Rong from afar and felt that Wan Rong was familiar. When he looked closer and saw that it was Wan Rong, he was so scared that his legs went weak and hurriedly came to Wan Rong and worshiped, “Old ancestor Wan Rong! You, how did you come out?!”

Wan Bi, who was slapped into the crowd, listened and ate, “Wan Rong old ancestor? This old man, is really the ancestor?

Li Bin, Yang Gang, and all the experts around the Wan family were stunned. This, the silver-haired old man who suddenly stepped forward, was Wan Rong, the ancestor of the Wan Family? Wan Rong was the second expert of the Wan family! An existence at the peak of the late stage of True God.

Even in the Eternal Source Plane, he was famous. Wan Rong, the ancestor of the Wan Family, ignored the crowd, turned his head to Lu Yiping, and bowed, “My lord, these unseen things did not disturb my lord, right?” Cold sweat emerged from his forehead unknowingly.

Seeing Wan Rong, the ancestor of the Wan family second only to Wan Wudi, bowing to address Lu Yiping as Lord, Wan Bi’s mind went blank.

Li Bin, Yang Gang, and others, on the other hand, were dumbfounded.

Lu Yiping got down from the back of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, came to Li Bin and Yang Gang, raised his hand, his finger gushed with green light, a green drop of water appeared between his fingers, and a surging life aura pervaded.

Wan family ancestor Wan Rong looked at the green drop of water between Lu Yiping’s fingers, surprised, this is the ancient life god’s origin power, the power of life?

Lu Yiping’s finger clicked, and the drop of life force fell into Yang Gang’s dantian.

At once, Yang Gang’s Dantian, which had just been shattered by Wan Bi, a core disciple of the Wan Family, continued to heal and eventually recovered completely, and Yang Gang could clearly feel that the recovered Dantian was tougher and broader than before.

“Thank you very much, Lord!” Yang Gang said with gratitude.

Lu Yiping nodded his head.

As for Li Bin, his injuries were not serious and he had recovered a lot after swallowing a potion.

Only then did Lu Yiping say to Wan Rong, the ancestor of the Wan Family, “Since he is a disciple of the Wan Family, then your Wan Family will be dealt with according to the Wan Family’s family law.”

The voice was plain, but, when Wan Rong, the ancestor of the Wan Family, heard it, his heart was tightened and he hurriedly answered in a respectful voice, looking at Wan Bi, the core disciple of the Wan Family, as if he was looking at a dead man.

Subsequently, Lu Yiping and Li Bin, Yang Gang a few people left the scene.

After leaving the scene, Lu Yiping a few people came to the Tiandu Restaurant. Li Bin, following behind Lu Yiping, speculated in his heart, guessing at Lu Yiping’s identity.

Since Lu Yiping was from the Medicine King Palace that even Wan Rong, the ancestor of the Wan family, treated him with such respect, was he the Pill King of the Medicine King Palace? Or the Medicine King Palacel’s Li Ancestor?

The only two people who can make the Wan Family’s Old Ancestor Wan Rong so respectful are the Pill King and Ancestor Li of the Medicine King Palace.

Legend had it that the Pill King of the Medicine King Palace had swallowed the Chaos Divine Pill and looks eternal and very young.

Just as Li Bin was guessing, Lu Yiping spoke, “You don’t have to guess, I’m not from the Medicine King Palace.”

Li Bin was stunned, scratched his head, and said, “I thought that the young master was Lord Pill King.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “That what Medicine King, although it is said that also looks eternal, but not as handsome as my master, right.”

Li Bin choked, this, he really bad interface.

The Medicine King Palace’s Pill King’s existence, also not one that he could freely discuss.

Not long after arriving at the Tiandu Restaurant, he saw the sloppy old man Zhou Cheng riding a donkey over, but, to enter the restaurant, Zhou Cheng and the donkey was stopped by the restaurant’s staff.

Lu Yiping saw this and found it funny. Finally, it was Li Bin who went out and brought him in.

After coming in, Zhou Cheng said to Lu Yiping, “It was you who fought with that kid Wan Wudi?”

When Li Bin heard that he was surprised, the one who just made such a big move in Tiandu City and fought with Lord Wan Wudi, the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, was Lord Lu?

Zhou Cheng added, “Yin Ghost Sect and Yellow Springs Demon Sect, and Dark Demon Hall have been plotting, they should be joining forces to surround you, Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Springs Demon Sect and Dark Demon Hall’s army, I’m afraid it won’t take long for them to arrive.”

The Yin Ghost Sect communicated with the Nine Heavens, the Divine Land, and the Hell of the Underworld, and had learned that Lu Yiping did not come from the Nine Heavens, the Divine Land, and the Hell of the Underworld, much less from any divine son.

Lu Yiping smiled, his face bland, Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Springs Demon Sect playing the banner of revenge for Hao Shan, Su Xiu was false, they were only looking at the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist, Time Divine Fist secret book true copy on him.

They even thought that he got the Saint Demon, Old Man Time Devil’s cave treasure.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled and said, “I hope that what Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Springs Demon Sect and Dark Demon Hall will not come only a few small cats and dogs, otherwise, are not enough for my old bull.”

Li Bin was listening to the clouds, Yin Ghost Sect, Yellow Springs Demon Sect, Dark Demon Hall army?

Zhou Cheng said to Li Bin: “You’re afraid you don’t know, this is Lu Yiping who has the name of Qin Xian.”

“Young Master Lu Yiping!” Li Bin was surprised when he heard that.

He also previously only knew Lu Yiping had a surname Lu, but really did not know Lu Yiping’s identity.

The hairy donkey squinted at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull “Big words not to say too early, maybe when the Yin Ghost Sect army arrives, you are so scared that your hair has turned black.”

After the drink.

Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull went back to the Wan Family General Mansion, Li Bin and Yang Gang went to report to the Wan Family New Legion Corps, and Zhou Cheng also came to the Wan Family General Mansion with Lu Yiping.

Wan Wudi had been waiting in front of the Wan Family Residence for a long time, but he was surprised to see Zhou Cheng beside Lu Yiping.

“What, invincible boy, after becoming the Lord of the Divine Martial Continent, you don’t recognize this old beggar anymore?” Zhou Cheng said.

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