I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 146: Unreliable

A Qi Ocean realm cultivator who had never fought against an Innate before claimed that he could pull an Innate expert down from the sky with a forbidden air array.

No ordinary martial artist would believe it! What if she runs into an Innate expert on the battlefield and her array suddenly didn’t work?

Shi Xiaoyun took the array handed to her by Shiqi, and on the drawing of the formation were written five big words, “Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array.”

Shi Xiaoyun was not like Qu Fei. She was a person with mastery. After carefully looking at the array diagram, she clearly understood the effect of the formation in her hand!

“You want to refine demonic weapons?”

“Yes!” Shiqi said blandly, “To help you take revenge on the Black Blood Kingdom, I have to fight with my life, without enough benefits, do you think I will make a move?”

“Give me one night, I’ll give you an answer tomorrow!”

“One night will do?”

Shi Xiaoyun said quite confidently, “My master said I’m a genius!”

Genius? Let’s hope she is one!

Shiqi found Meng Fei and instructed him to find a clean place specifically for Shi Xiaoyun to study the array.

“Remember to monitor her every move, don’t let her get away!”

“Understood, Lord Commander!”

No matter what, an array master was still an extremely useful talent, even if it was only a half-assed one.

Shiqi also asked the Purple Thorn Legion to inquire about Shi Xiaoyun from the survivors. Among the more than 100 survivors who were found at the same time as Shi Xiaoyun, there were really some who knew her.

Shi Xiaoyun was about twenty-one years old this year, a very strange girl, because she was twenty-one but not married yet!

Her mother died in childbirth while giving birth to her sister, and her father died when she was fifteen, and for a while, she relied on washing clothes for large families to earn some hard money to support the family.

After doing the laundry for a year, she did not continue …… from then on, to live deeply hidden, sometimes for six months no one could see her face, every by the time she went out, she would buy a lot of food.

Her sister got married two years ago, married to an ordinary family, and had two children.

Mmmmm …… complete nerd obsessed with arrays!

After listening to the report of the Purple Thorn Legion, Chen Hao couldn’t help but wonder, if Qingfeng City hadn’t been slaughtered, would she have been nerdy until the end of time?

Shiqi ordered, “This evening, everyone dig a pit outside the city overnight and prepare to bury the corpses!”

Tens of thousands of corpses in Qingfeng City, if they were not buried in time, would likely cause a plague.

Early the next morning, Meng Fei came to report that Shi Xiaoyun wanted to see him.

Could it be that she had studied the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array? Shiqi rushed to Shi Xiaoyun’s residence with great enthusiasm.

Shi Xiaoyun was still in the same sloppy dress, with dark circles under her eyes, so she probably hadn’t slept last night.

“You were able to set up the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array?”

Chen Hao inside the Devil Sword also looked at Shi Xiaoyun, and the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array was originally prepared for him.

“Yes, the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array is not difficult!”

“Then you set it up for me to see!”

“I’ll show you the simplified version first!”

After saying that, Shi Xiaoyun took out the spirit stones in the courtyard and carefully placed them in all directions.

In each direction, she had to ponder for a long time, repeatedly pushing …… compared to the array master Qu Fei layout speed, her speed was like a snail.

According to this slow speed of her array, once she fought with the enemy, the enemy may be able to take a nap in front of her before getting up to kill her.

“Is it ready?”

“The array is ready!” Shi Xiaoyun said, “it still need to put a killing weapon on the array eye, the kind that has killed people, the material should be good, otherwise it may not be able to withstand the array.”

Shiqi entered the formation and inserted the Crimson Blood Devil Sword in the position designated by Shi Xiaoyun.

Shi Xiaoyun set up the array by only spending twenty-three spirit stones. Chen Hao curiously surveyed the array with some excitement!

The Crimson Blood Devil Sword could only absorb the blood energy soul of the living creatures killed by the swordmaster, while the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array was very domineering. As long as the living creatures died in the array, they would be absorbed by the weapons in the eyes of the array …… Chen Hao had been eyeing this array for a long time!

“Start the array!”


Shi Xiaoyun punched a spirit stone into the array accurately, all the spirit stones lit up together, converging into a complex and very regular formation diagram, and then …… there was no more then!

Shiqi silently looked at the array, and after waiting for half a day, he turned his head and asked, “Are you sure, this is the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array?”

“I think so!” Shi Xiaoyun said in a less specific tone, “The Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array should be like this! Isn’t it?”

Chen Hao inside the formation wanted to jump up and give Shi Xiaoyun a beating! This single, old, dead geek girl who had not seen the world was trying to bully him and Shiqi?

Shiqi was silent for a moment and ordered, “Xiong Tingzhi, go in for a look!”


He could see that Xiong Tingzhi was a bit nervous. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, holding his weapon in his hand, slowly walked to the edge of the array, then took a deep breath and crossed in.

This was a legendary array!

He had never seen an array master before, but he had heard that arrays were all terrifying!

After stepping into the array, Xiong Tingzhi gradually adapted to it, and he heard Commander Chen behind him ask him, “Any strange feeling?”

“Does a little itch on your body count?”

Chen Hao wanted to ask Old Xiong if he would like to scrape it with his sword. A scrape, and it would never itch again.

Shiqi continued to ask, “Dizzy?”

“No, I’m not dizzy!”

“Can you see clearly where I am?”

Xiong Tingzhi turned around and looked at Shiqi in some confusion, “Lord Commander, aren’t you just standing there?”

Shiqi took a deep breath and asked, “Can you see where that heavy sword of mine is?”

Xiong Tingzhi pointed to the location of the sword.

“Let’s see if you can come out!”

Xiong Tingzhi stepped out of the array range and walked to the front of Shiqi …… Shiqi closed his eyes.

Sure enough, it’s unreliable!

“Shi Xiaoyun? This is the array you set up?”

“Impossible, impossible, according to the principle of the array, it must have succeeded!” Shi Xiaoyun stepped into the array, took two steps around the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, scratched the back of her neck, and then suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Then she drew a dagger and slashed it on her palm, and blood dripped onto the ground ……

“Is that little girl crazy?” Meng Fei whispered.

Shiqi was about to answer, but at that moment, Shi Xiaoyun suddenly jumped up and cheered loudly, “It worked, I did it, look!”

Shi Xiaoyun squatted on the ground and pointed to the blood on the ground, and said, “Look, it’s moving!”

Shiqi took a closer look and found that the blood that had just dripped from Shi Xiaoyun’s palm wound seemed to be alive, moving rapidly along the ground, towards the Crimson Blood Devil Sword at the eye of the array. The blood touched the sword and quickly disappeared as if the Crimson Blood Demon Sword had absorbed it!

“Look at my hand!”

Blood gushed out nonstop from Shi Xiaoyun’s palm wound. The wound of a normal person could not bleed so fast!

“My true qi seems to be gushing out from the wound as well!” Shi Xiaoyun said with great certainty, “So the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array was like this! The array absorbs blood and true qi out of a person’s body and then pours it into the killing weapon at the eye of the array, allowing the killing weapon to absorb enough essence blood to evolve into a demonic weapon ……”

“That’s right!” Shi Xiaoyun clapped her hands, jumped out of the array, and said proudly and definitely, “Yes, that’s definitely the case, as long as you understand the principle of the Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array, everything will come in handy!”

Shiqi and Chen Hao looked at Shi Xiaoyun at the same time, and if they had never seen the genuine Fatal Qi Refining Demon Array, I’m afraid she would really fool them!

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