The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 61: Always Looking For You

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Seeing the arrival of the two, Wan Wudi barked, “What are you doing, why don’t you quickly come over and pay your respects to the lord!”

Pay respects to the Lord?

Hearing Wan Wudi’s thunderous bellowing voice, the two of them, Wan Cheng and Wan Hong were confused.

The Lord? Lu Yiping?

Seeing that the two were still dumbfounded there, Wan Wudi hummed coldly and his eyes looked over like ten thousand years of cold blades, scaring Wan Cheng and Wan Hong, who didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, and in panic, they came to Lu Yiping and paid respects to Lu Yiping.

Since Lu Yi Ping withdrew the power of Ten Thousand Gods from Tiandu City, the Tiandu City pedestrians were restored again.

Wan Bi, a core disciple of the Wan Family, asked his men to check the whereabouts of Lu Yi Ping.

“Vice Commander, the blue-shirted young man’s whereabouts have not been found for now, however, the old man and the teenager who were with them earlier, we found out that they are registering at our new corps registration test location, and it looks like they want to test into our new Wan Family Legion.” His men replied.

“Sign up for the examination of our new Wan Family Legion?” Wan Bi smiled coldly when he heard that, “Good, then let’s capture that old man and the young man first, and then ask about the whereabouts of that blue-shirted young man and that bull!”

“Let’s go, go to the new legion registration test location!”

So, Wan Bi, a core disciple of the Wan Family, led the soldiers under his command over to the new corps registration test site.

And at this time, Li Bin and his disciple Yang Gang were enrolled in the new legion of the Wan Family’s soldier assessment.

Lu Yiping was right, Li Bin had indeed swallowed the five elements of heavenly treasures, so his body and blood energy were much stronger than those of experts of the same realm, plus his cultivation methods were good, so he passed the new legion assessment of the Wan Family.

His disciple Yang Gang, who has the bloodline of a Titan, also easily passed the new legion test of the Wan Family.

Li Bin and his disciple Yang Gang both stood in front of the list and saw that both of their names were at the top of the list, and both of them showed delighted smiles.

In each realm, each batch of assessment results could be passed as long as they entered the top one hundred, and both of them ranked in the top ten.

“Master, we passed the test!” The teenager Yang Gang smiled nervously at Li Bin.

“Yes, we passed!” Li Bin laughed “We’ll go to the Tiandu Restaurant later and make an early reservation, then we’ll invite Young Master Lu and the others to have a good drink!”

“A good drink?” At this moment, an arrogant voice laughed, “There is no need to go to the Tiandu Restaurant, I will accompany you to the torture ground in front of the Tiandu City gate to have a drink!”

Then, he saw Wan Bi, a disciple of the Wan family, coming this way with hundreds of his own soldiers.

Li Bin saw that it was Wan Bi and his face changed.

And the legion leader who was in charge of the examination at the scene saw that it was Wan Bi and hurriedly greeted him, “The subordinates have met Lord Vice Commander!”

Then asked, “Lord Vice Commander, what are you?”

Li Bin’s heart sank again when he heard that Wan Bi was the vice commander in front of him.

Before they came, they knew about the official ranks of the Wan Family Legion, from low to high, they were junior captain, middle captain, senior captain, and only above the senior captain was the vice commander.

Vice Commander, in the Vanguard Legion, can be said to be a very high official position.

“These two have offended me earlier.” Wan Bi said to the captain in charge of the examination, and then said to his own soldiers behind him, “Take them both down and take them away!”

The captain in charge of the examination smiled and said, “Lord Vice Commander, these two people have passed the examination of the new corps, according to the rules, they are now soldiers of the corps, they have not committed any crime, so you just take them away, this is not in accordance with the rules of the corps.”

When Wan Bi heard this, he laughed coldly and slapped that examination captain directly on the face, sending him back several steps.

“Who said they passed the test? If I say they didn’t pass, they didn’t pass!” Wan Bi said coldly, “Take them down for me!”

The soldiers behind him surged up towards Li Bin and Yang Gang.


Inside the ancestral land of the Wan Family, Wan Wudi trembled and said to Lu Yi Ping, “Your Excellency, since you have come out of the world and descended into the Wan Family, please stay in the Wan Family for some more days, so that we, the junior members of the Wan Family, can serve your Excellency properly.”

Lu Yiping glanced at Wan Wudi and said indifferently, “I will stay in Tiandu City for a few days this time.”

Naturally, he did not come to Tiandu City just to visit the Wan Family, he had other things to do. When Wan Wudi heard this, he was overjoyed and said, “Then I will have someone prepare a banquet right now and give you a reception!”

“There is no need for a reception.” Lu Yping said, “I have already arranged for someone to go to the Tiandu Restaurant.”

Tiandu Restaurant?

Wan Wudi was stunned, and then said, “Then I will have someone clean up Lord Patriarch’s home for His Excellency to live in.”

Lu Yiping said, “No need, I will just stay at the Ten Thousand Gods Residence when the time comes.”

“Ten Thousand Gods Residence?” Wan Wudi was stunned, the Ten Thousand Gods Residence, which was the place where the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods lived back then, was also within the residence of the Ten Thousand Family, but the Ten Thousand Gods Residence was heavily forbidden, even the Patriarch of the Ten Thousand Family, Wan Beibei, could not enter back then.

However, Wan Wudi quickly reacted and respectfully replied, “Then I will wait in front of the House of Ten Thousand Gods when your Excellency returns from the Tiandu Restaurant, and if your Excellency has anything to ask, I can answer your Excellency.”

Lu Yiping did not object, and then he and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull left the ancestral land of the Wan Family and came over to the place where the new Wan Family Legion registration test was held.

At this time, at the registration test place of the new Wan Family Legion, Li Bin and Yang Gang had been captured, and the two looked angrily at Wan Bi and the soldiers under his command.

“That blue-shirted young man and that bull, where are they now?” Wan Bi asked coldly.

Yang Gang looked at the other man angrily, “I don’t know!”

“Don’t know?” Wan Bi’s eyes were cold as he stepped forward and fiercely blasted his fist at Yang Gang’s dantian, shattering it.

“Yang Gang!” Li Bin angrily shouted, “Stop! Young Master Lu is from the Medicine King Palace!”

Wan Bi was stunned, “Medicine King Palace?” Then he snorted and laughed with a ruthless face, “So what if he’s a disciple of the Medicine King Palace, even if he’s a disciple of Medicine King Palace, I’ll still scrap him just the same!”

“Is that so.” A cold and indifferent sound rang out.

When Li Bin, Yang Gang heard this familiar voice, his heart rejoiced and looked over, Lu Yiping was coming from the end of the street on his Dragon Horn Golden Bull followed by Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen behind him.

When Wan Bi saw Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horn Golden Bull under Lu Yiping’s seat, his eyes flashed with a fierce light, and walked towards Lu Yiping, he stared at Lu Yi Ping, “Kid, you came just in time.”

Then looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull: “These days, I’ve been looking for you and this bull pet of yours!”

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