It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 132: Take A Look At The “Mysterious Heavenly Pattern”

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The Eastern Domain of the Tian Luo Continent, the Eastern Prefecture Immortal City.

It was the largest immortal city in the Eastern Domain and the center of the entire Eastern Domain. Long rainbows were like rain, and flying boats were weaving. Inside the East Domain Immortal City, pedestrians are incessant. It was a thriving scene.

In the north of the Immortal City, a magnificent residence looked like a royal palace. Above the southern gate, there were two big words written: Weapon Pavilion.

It was solid and authoritative.

On this day, around the Weapon Pavilion, there were red lanterns hung up high. A strong and powerful word, “longevity,” was hung on the gate.

Countless numbers of immortal cultivators streamed in and poured inside. Outside the door, there was a crowd of immortal cultivators watching the fun.

“Master Mo’s thousand-year-old birthday, there are so many people, I want to go in and have a look!”

“Come on? Just by your status, can you get in?”

“That’s right! The number of people who want to see Grandmaster Mo is uncountable! Which one of them is not a big shot want to enter the Weapon Pavilion?” The onlookers stared at the entrance with envious faces.

The main hall of the Weapon Pavilion.

“Lan Xuan, patriarch of the Reverse Element Sect, has come with his disciples to celebrate your birthday, presenting congratulatory gifts: one immortal crystal, twenty heavenly sulfur stones ……”

“Palace Master He Wuhen of the Violet Yan Mansion, has come to celebrate your birthday with his disciples, presenting congratulatory gifts ……”

As the welcoming disciples shouted loudly, a group of immortal cultivators walked into the main hall. All of them had an uncommon cultivation level and were ranked among the strongest in the entire Eastern Region.

On top of the main seat of the main hall.

A man in purple robes sat on it, and from him, there was a majestic aura that made people unable to approach.

He was today’s birthday star – Mo Haoshi. At the same time, he was also the Weapon Pavilion master!

Although he was not strong, no one could match his talent in array refining. Every flying boat he refined there was simply a price without a market.

Ordinary immortal cultivators, squeezing their heads, but also could not ask for one.

By his side, he had followers consisted a group of top powerhouses to work for him.

In the Eastern Region, he was an existence that would shake three times as long as he shook his foot.

Mo Haoshi scanned the audience indifferently, with no expression on his face.


“The young master of the Stargazing Tower, Zhan Tianpeng, has come with someone to celebrate your birthday!”

The welcoming disciple suddenly pulled up his voice.

This sound started.

Mo Haoshi, who was sitting, instantly stood up, his eyes like eagles, staring deadly at the door.

“Haha ……” A burst of laughter rang out.

Immediately afterward, a handsome young man, with two old men, quickly walked in. He was none other than the young master of Stargazing Tower – Zhan Tianpeng.

His appearance caused many people present to let out a gush of shock.

“What? The Young Master of the Stargazing Tower is here? Worthy of being Master Mo, what a big face!”

“Just kidding, the Stargazing Tower is grabbing the flying boats made by Master Mo, and more than 50% of the flying boats are sold by the Stargazing House!”

“No wonder we can’t buy the flying boat, it turns out that the Stargazing Tower has grabbed half of it!”

“If you pay a high price, naturally you can buy it, otherwise, you also pay such a price to try!”

For these discussions, Zhan Tianpeng didn’t care at all. He walked straight up to Mo Haoshi and slightly clasped his fist, “Master Mo, wishing you a long life and good fortune! A small gift, please accept it!”

With a wink from Zhan Tianpeng, an old man took out 1000 immortal crystals from his spatial ring and presented them to him.

The blue luster instantly attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the 1,000 immortal crystals, and there was greed without any concealment.

“As expected of the world’s first Chamber of Commerce young master, took out from his hand is a thousand immortal crystals, too rich!”

“This …… is so much, I’m afraid I won’t earn it in a hundred lifetimes!”

Many immortal cultivators whispered, and their eyes were fixed on the immortal crystals. Even Mo Hao Shi, at this moment, was slightly stunned.

As the number one array master and the number one weapon refiner in the Tian Luo Continent, he had only a few immortal crystals.

Now the combined immortal crystals, but 500. This was several hundred years of savings!

Not felt moved. It was false! However, why did he give himself 1000 immortal crystals? I’m afraid there’s nothing good in it!

Thinking this way, Mo Haoshi returned to his bland expression and said, “Young Master Zhan, you’ve already done me a favor by coming here, so I don’t need a gift!”

What? You don’t want it? This is a thousand immortal crystals! Many people’s faces were written with shock.

“Master Mo’s birthday, how can we come empty-handed, please accept it! If you don’t think it’s enough, I’ll take another thousand!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

“Boom!” Like an explosive thunderstorm in the minds of the people.

Everyone’s face was shocked to the extreme, and their hearts were as if they had been hit hard. A thousand immortal crystals were casually spoken. In the entire world, besides the Stargazing Tower, who could do that?

“Hiss ……” Many people drew a cold breath backward and stared straight at the scene.

“No need! Such a generous gift, I can not afford to accept! Please take it back!” Mo Haoshi said.

Zhan Tianpeng’s face changed slightly, and he frowned in thought. Behind him, an old man leaned over and sent out a divine sense transmission, “Young master, this matter cannot be delayed, it’s not right to make the Young Master wait too long!”

“Young Master, afraid of nothing! Quickly cut the mess, just take him and force him to hand it over!” Another old man said. Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly.

This old guy was not easy to deal with. There was no choice but to go in single-handedly.

“Since Master Mo doesn’t accept it, I can’t force it!”

Zhan Tianpeng smiled faintly, and with a wave of his hand, he put away the immortal crystal.

“Give Young Master Zhan a seat!” Mo Haoshi said.

“No need!”

Zhan Tianpeng waved his hand and said, “Today, I am here to celebrate Master Mo’s birthday, and to discuss some personal matters with Master Mo.”

Hearing these words, Mo Haoshi raised his eyebrows slightly.  

It is really no good. Fortunately, I did not confiscate it! It seems that the birthday celebration is fake, that matter is real, right?

“Young Master Zhan is polite, if you have any orders, just mention it!” Mo Haoshi said.

“Master Mo, this is not the place to talk, please also find a place, we talk alone!” Zhan Tianpeng said.

Talking alone? You’re kidding!

With your strengths, you can control me every minute. At that time, you guys will be the sword, and I will be the fish! How can I believe your words!

“Young Master Zhan, it’s okay, everyone here is an acquaintance of the old man, what is the matter, you can say here!”

When these words came out, the surroundings shook. Many immortal cultivators’ faces were revealing an incomparably moved color.

“No… I didn’t expect that Master Mo actually regarded me as an acquaintance! I was so touched!”

“Master Mo actually let me listen to the secret! Master Mo, don’t worry, beat me to death, I won’t spread the news about today’s incident!”

The cultivators clenched their fists, and their eyes bloomed with a different kind of glow.

Zhan Tianpeng looked around, the corners of his mouth slightly raised. 

This old man, extremely meticulous, really difficult to deal with. However, so what? Do you really think I am afraid of you? In front of the Young Master, you are nothing!

Thinking of this, Zhan Tianpeng took a step forward and said, “Master Mo, it’s not a big deal, I just want to borrow the Mysterious Heavenly Pattern on your body to have a look!”

After saying this, there was dead silence around. Everyone was staring at Zhan Tianpeng in disbelief.

Throughout the hall, a drop of needles could be heard.

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