I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 145: Forbidden Air Array

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“Many thanks brother, many thanks brother, I’ll leave now, I’ll always remember your great kindness!”

Jiang Jiankai busily got up from the ground, said thanks to Shiqi, and ran towards the outside.

But he stopped after he had just run two steps. A huge sword had penetrated his body!

Jiang Jiankai looked at the sword blade emerging from his chest, slowly looked back at Shiqi, and pointed at him, “You, you are not trustworthy!”

Shiqi looked at him and somewhat helplessly spread his hands and said, “Do you believe me when I say that it was my sword that moved on its own?”

Jiang Jiankai died with a painful and desperate expression. Probably guessed, he didn’t believe Shiqi’s word!

The survivors of Qingfeng City who were kneeling in front of Shiqi, looking at Jiang Jiankai’s corpse, all felt that it was too cheap for him to die so simply!

They had reasons to hate Jiang Jiankai.

Shiqi put the three spatial pouches into his pockets, and seeing the group of people under his hands staring at him, he smiled and asked, “Do you believe it?”

“Haha, Lord Commander is so humorous!” Meng Fei laughed. He didn’t believe it anyway.

The other Purple Thorn soldiers also laughed along, and they were disgusted by Jiang Jiankai, who was killed, and ending they were happy to see.

Shiqi asked with a cold face, “You guys don’t believe it?”

Seeing this, Meng Fei hurriedly changed his tone and said, “We believe, we all believe, whatever the Lord Commander says, we all believe!”


Only then did Shiqi nodded in satisfaction. He also believed it. Chen Hao had to admit that Shiqi still had a bit of a sense of humor occasionally.

Killing Jiang Jiankai was what Shiqi had ordered, and Chen Hao was happy to help.

“Lord Commander, the men are all here, and the last group of brothers have all returned.” Meng Fei whispered, “They also searched for more than a hundred living people near the North City, and there is a woman among them who want to see you, Lord Commander!”


Shiqi knew that when Qingfeng City was slaughtered, their loved ones were killed, and their homes were destroyed, the hearts of those who survived were full of resentment. Almost every survivor he met today wanted him to take revenge for them! But he knew what he was capable of.

At the peak of the True Origin Realm, the danger was still a bit too great for him to confront an Innate expert. He was still hesitating, hesitating whether it was worth it or not. He still had a life conscious, and he did not want to die.

“According to the commander, that woman’s claimed to be an array master.” Meng Fei added.

Array master?

Both Shiqi and Chen Hao inside the Devil’s Sword came to be interested. So far, they had met one array master, and that array master had also left an extremely deep impression on them.

Chen Hao spoke out and reminded, “If the other party is really an array master, then we should meet her!”

“Bring that array master up here!”

The Purple Thorn Army quickly brought up the array master. She was a woman of twenty-five or twenty-six years old, wearing a somewhat dirty robe, with messy hair, a withered and thin face, a pair of large light brown eyes, and her eyes no different from the others, equally full of bitter hatred.

If she did not want revenge, she would not have taken the initiative to see Shiqi.

Chen Hao slightly measured the woman in front of him and felt that she should be quite in line with human aesthetics if she dressed up a little.

She looked at him and asked directly, “Are you Commander Chen?”

“That’s right, what do you want to see me about?”

“Is that the Blood Hand Slaughterer Chen Pengfei?”


His strength might not be great in Blackwater County, but his fame was definitely ranked. So it was normal to be recognized.

“My sister is dead, killed by someone from the Black Iron Army!”

“I feel sorry for your loss!”

There were too many people who died in Qingfeng City, and she was lucky to have only lost a sister instead of herself.

The woman looked at the cold expression on Shiqi’s face and bit her lip, and said, “I want to take revenge and need your help!”

Shiqi looked at the woman with some surprise …… he finally met a slightly sober survivor.

“What makes you think I will help you?”

“You are a man of the Purple Thorn Army, you need military service, you want fame, Qingfeng City was broken, you are equally responsible, you help me, it is like helping yourself!”

The woman’s face was grave, and her eyes were calm, not like a madman …… so his interest was hooked. However, he was equally filled with resentment towards the Black Iron Army.

Having just defeated the Black Iron Army’s Tenth Army and killed a Xiantian General, he had only needed to wait for the army that had changed its defenses to come and take over Qingfeng City before he could go and meet the Great General and receive a generous commendation.

But now, Qingfeng City was breached! Soon …… it would be a ghost city in his hands. Shiqi did not forget, when he first left Zijing City, how he assured General Xu Sihai!

Although if the matter was pursued and investigated, perhaps he was almost not responsible …… but this matter was still a great shame to him!

“If you are really that powerful …… how could your sister die?”

The woman lowered her head and mumbled in a low voice, “I was in the basement researching arrays ……”

“Let’s talk somewhere else!” Shiqi said in a low voice.


Shiqi found a street that was piled with dead bodies and tiles, and it was tranquil.

“What’s your name?”

“Shi Xiaoyun!” Shi Xiaoyun replied.

Shiqi spoke again and asked, “What kind of array do you know?”

Shi Xiaoyun gave him a surprised look and said, “I do not know many arrays, concealment array, forbidden air array, ilussion array …… my master died early, she only taught me the basic principles of some arrays. The rest are my own understanding according to the array book she left behind, I slowly figure out by myself. “

“What is the forbidden air array?”

“It’s for against the innate experts, to make them can not fly in a certain range ……”

Shiqi looked at Shi Xiaoyun said, “I see your strength seem to be in the Qi Ocean realm ……”

“As long as you give me time, I can definitely set up a air array!” Shi Xiaoyun said with some anxiety.

“Have you ever used a forbidden air array against an innate expert?”


Shiqi changed the topic, “How is your talent for array arrangement?”

“Master said I have a very good talent!”

“You’re just one person? No other forces behind you?”

Shiqi was a bit puzzled. By definition, array masters were very popular with the major powers. However, he had never thought that an array master would appear within a small Qingfeng City. The important thing was that he had never even heard of it before!

“It’s just me!” The woman said in a low voice, “My master escaped from the Black Blood Kingdom and was seriously injured when she came to Qingfeng City, she taught me some simple arrays and then passed away, these recent years, I have not been out, diving into the study of arrays ……”

“Before my master died just told me to learn the formation properly, did not say anything, but I know that she must have hated the Black Blood Kingdom …… Now my sister is dead, so I want to take revenge!”

Array master, who escaped from the Black Blood kingdom?

The Black Blood Kingdom had many devilish martial artists, and over the years, it had continuously annexed small neighboring countries, so there were simply not too many enemies.

“How do you want to take revenge on the Black Blood Kingdom? What’s the plan, tell us?”

“I can arrange an explosive array, the lightning array, even a True Origin realm martial artist can be killed!”

“How many people can be killed up at once?”

“I don’t know!”

Shiqi laughed helplessly and said, “Then let me put it another way, how far can this array of yours explode?”

“It can explode everything within a ten-meter radius!”

Shiqi felt that the power should be good!

“How far do you need to be from the array to control it to explode?”

“Not more than ten meters!”

Shiqi sighed. In his opinion, Shi Xiaoyun’s array was a chicken on the battlefield! It was good if it was used against small-scale armies or martial artists who had fallen alone, but if it was used against armies ……

Then he fished out an array drawing from his spatial ring and handed it to her, “If you can set up this array, I can consider helping you!”

As for Shi Xiaoyun said the forbidden space array …… he was a bit skeptical!

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