It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 131: Something Big Is Happening In The West Prefecture Immortal City

Three hours later, in a secret room in the Jade Lake Palace.

Luo Liuyan’s five people were standing in front of five pairs of scrolls with different expressions.

“Everyone take a look , this Sunset Picture, the sun sets in the west, doesn’t this represent the word ‘west’?”

“This “Ancient Hall Picture,” doesn’t the symbolism mean ‘house’?”

“The Chang’e in this picture of the Running Moon, with its immortal aura, isn’t it talking about immortality?”

“These three paintings, the Young Master tells us: the West Prefecture Immortal City!”

“Look at the picture of the Divine Dragon Ascending the Clouds, its eyes, incomparably fierce and breathtaking, doesn’t this refer to the dragon clan about to strike?”

“If we don’t stop it, then the West Prefecture Immortal City will be littered with wreckage and turn into this appearance of The Smoke Map!”

Luo Liuyan pointed to the five pictures and said. Every word was like a blow to Chen Daoming’s chest, and he secretly shook his head with a face of shame.

“Yes! The Young Master’s instructions are so obvious, but we can’t understand it, it’s really a shame!” Chen Daoming sighed.

“Today, if you hadn’t pointed it out directly, we wouldn’t have thought of it!”

Luo Liuyan looked depressed, looking at the four people in front of him, “As the alliance leader, my comprehension is too low, it is really difficult to be competent for this position! I should let go of this alliance master position!”

“Leader Luo, don’t!”

Chen Daoming spoke at the same time, “Among us, you are the one with the highest comprehension, if you don’t become the alliance leader, who will lead us to fight against the evil clan in the future? Against the dragon clan?”

“Now, the task given to us by the Young Master is incomparably difficult, you should not abdicate at this juncture!”

“Well said, Leader Luo, what about if you find someone with higher comprehension than you, it won’t be too late for you to abdicate!”

“Today, in the world, the evil clan is watching, the dragon clan is about to move, The demons take the opportunity to make trouble for the whole human race, we are in deep trouble!”


After everyone persuaded her, Luo Liuyan nodded, “In that case, I will temporarily take the position of the leader. When there is a more suitable candidate, I will immediately step down!”

“Good!” Everyone nodded their heads.

“What are everyone’s views on this fight against the Dragon Clan?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“The dragon clan is benevolent and feeds on human cultivation. the Young Master couldn’t see past it and ate their two offspring as a punishment!”

“I’m sure with their personalities, the dragons won’t restrain themselves! They will take the opportunity to attack and then suppress the Supreme Court!”

“Now, it seems that they will inevitably attack the West Prefecture Immortal City!”

“There are more than 2 million immortal cultivators in Western Prefecture Immortal City!”

“I’m afraid that when the time comes there will be many casualties!” Everyone nodded unanimously when Chen Daoming opened his mouth to analyze.

Although Su Yiling still felt unclear, she nodded with everyone.

“It’s just that the dragon clan was born as a master of tribulation. You only need to cross the tribulation once to transform into a dragon!”

“After turning into a dragon, they have the top ascendant realm strength, and their bodies are the most powerful of all races. Just with our current strength, it is like hitting a stone with an egg!” Wen Renshi said.

“Can’t we suppress it with the Buddha seal?” Su Yiling asked

“Absolutely not!”

Luo Liuyan sternly refused, “The dragon clan, by nature, is naturally restrained against the Buddhist!”

“That’s a good point!”

Chen Dao Ming nodded, “Next, we need to work hard to improve our strength!”

“In a short period of time, how do we improve our strength to be able to fight the dragon clan?” Wen Renshi asked.

“This!” Chen Daoming directly took out the three bags of tea leaves.

“After thinking about it, I now understand why the Young Master gave us these tea leaves. There is actually this layer of meaning, he is asking us to fight against the dragon clan!” Chen Daoming said.

After hearing this, everyone nodded slightly; no one objected.

“I think the dragon clan will also make some preparations to attack the Western Prefecture Immortal City, they will not be so fast!”

“We need to improve to the strongest strength in the shortest possible time, preferably to become a half-immortal!”

“If it’s not possible, then raise the physical body to a realm stronger than the dragons!”

“In this way, is it good?” Chen Daoming said.

“Yes, but how much time do we need to spend?” Wen Renshi asked.

“Five days! In these five days, everyone stays here, drinking tea and cultivating, don’t go anywhere!” Chen Daoming said.


Everyone began to make tea.



In front of a stone chamber at the bottom of the Purple Sun Star.

“Buzz ……” The sound of boulder friction rang out. A hundred meters high stone wall slowly lifted up.

In front of the stone wall, there stood several men in armor, standing there respectfully.

“Haha ……” A cheerful laugh came out from inside. Immediately afterward, a man in golden robes stepped out from inside and stood in front of everyone.

“Congratulations to General Jin for coming out of the gate!” Everyone knelt down in one go and saluted respectfully.

“Brothers, please rise quickly!” The gold-robed man said.

“Thank you, General Jin!” Everyone stood up and looked at the man in the golden robe, their eyes shining brightly.

“General Jin, you have made a breakthrough?” A man asked.

“Not bad!”

The golden-robed man smiled and nodded, “From today onwards, I am a true Immortal Dragon!”

As soon as the words came out, everyone knelt down again and respectfully saluted.

“Get up, you are all my brothers in death and life, when there is no one else, no need to salute!” The gold-robed man said.

“General Jin, etiquette cannot be abolished! Besides, you have become an immortal dragon, congratulations!”

“Yes, General Jin! In the entire Purple Sun Star, except for the Lord of the Dragon Clan, I’m afraid no one is your rival!” Everyone began to flatter him.

The golden-robed man waved his hand and, with a smile all over his face, “Hey, there is another sky above the sky. One cannot be arrogant!” Suddenly, the gold-robed man seemed to see that something was wrong.

He stared at a silver-armored man and opened his mouth to ask, “Chi Rong, why are you sullen, do you have something on your mind?”

When Chi Rong heard this, he immediately revealed a smile that was worse than crying, “Nothing, General Jin!”

“And you’re telling me it’s nothing? You and I have been brothers for so many years, there’s no matter I can not know it? Say it quickly, or I’ll be angry!” The gold-robed man said.

“Pump!” Chi Rong kneeled down, kowtowing incessantly, tears flowing from his eyes.

“Genral Jin, you must avenge my son!”

“My son was killed by the human race!” As he was speaking of this, Chi Rong let out a cry of pain.

“What? Your son was killed?”

“I can’t believe there is such a thing, did you go to the priests?” The gold-robed man suppressed the anger in his chest and opened his mouth to ask.

“General Jin, I have met him, he …… he could not figure out who did it!”

“However, he can confirm that my son was eaten by the human race!” Chi Rong said.

“Boom!” An explosion of thunder was heard. The golden-robed man’s head roared.

Insolence! Since ancient times, the dragon clan was the supreme clan, and I never heard that there was any clan that dared to eat the dragon clan! Not to mention that it was this kind of weak human race. They have always worshipped dragons as totems, right?

It was their honor to be eaten one by the dragon clan! Now, there were people eating the dragon clan? How outrageous!

Unforgivable, unforgivable! This grievance must be avenged!

“Where did your son go?” The gold-robed man asked.

“General Jin, he eloped with a flood dragon and went to the western region of the Tian Luo continent!” Chi Rong said.

“The Western Region?” The golden-robed man frowned and began to think.

A moment later.

“Chi Rong, this time to take revenge, you will lead the team!”

“First, slaughter the Western Immortal City and teach them a lesson!”

“Then, go to the Supreme Court and ask them to hand over the murderer, if they dare not do so, I will personally command a large army and level the entire Tian Luo Continent!”

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