I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 144: No One Opposes

Within the Black Blood Kingdom, the Devil Dao was prevalent, and there were many Devil Dao martial artists. Within the Black Iron Army, a large part of them were Devil Dao martial artists who practiced Blood and Dark Attribute techniques.

The “Blood River Technique” practiced by Shiqi was also a devil dao technique.

Within the “Blood River Technique,” there were also several cruel and extremely quick-completion cultivation secret methods, but he never tried to cultivate it.

Quick cultivation means an unstable foundation! Shiqi, who had suffered, would not repeat the same mistake. With the Crimson Blood Devil Sword in place, he could also achieve rapid cultivation.

With Lord Sword Spirit around, he hardly had to worry about the impure true qi absorbed into his body. He didn’t need to take any risks at all and didn’t need to collect those cruel and weird materials.

As for the martial artists of the Black Blood Kingdom, they might still be slightly restrained in their homeland, but once they get to other countries, they went crazy.

Their army was always eager to slaughter cities. They slaughter cities not only for deterrence but also to collect materials to enhance their strength.

Like the essence blood of those corpses in the square, like the fetus in the belly of the old man’s daughter-in-law in front of him, as well as the heart and those other weird organs.

“You guys take him to rest first!” Two Purple Thorn soldiers pulled the old man away.

“You guys be quiet first, I want to be quiet!” Shiqi said to those who were kneeling on the ground. Those people instantly quieted down, and they didn’t even dare to cry out loud.

Shiqi was sitting on the rattan chair. The danger on his body was enough to make them fear! He did not take a stand, and he only looked at the square as those corpses continued to fret, waiting for the other purple thorn army to return.

Meng Fei whispered in Seventeen’s ear, “My lord, Commander Jiang has returned!”

“Bring him here!”

“Elder brother Chen, Elder brother Chen, it’s really good to see you!” As soon as Jiang Jiankai saw him, he hurried over and said, “I didn’t expect you to be alive!”

Shiqi said in a flat tone, “I didn’t expect you to be alive either!”

“I just got lucky and just went out on a scouting mission!” Jiang Jiankai said somewhat thankfully, “If I had come back a day earlier, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been able to see me!”

“But that gang of Black Blood Kingdom’s scum is so bad, my house is all gone, after I went back, the house was burned down!”

“I heard that you have been leading a team to scout outside?”

Jiang Jiankai nodded his head, “Yes!”

Shiqi turned his head and gave Jiang Jiankai a look, “So, did you get anything?”

“Uh ……”

Jiang Jiankai looked at the corpses in the square, then hurriedly lowered his head.

Shiqi looked at the city guards who were still kneeling on the side and asked, “You defending Qingfeng City, have you gotten any news back from Commander Jiang?”

Especially the expert at the early stage of the True Origin Realm. No matter how you say it, the early stage of the True Origin Realm was a high-level officer in the city guard army.

Either he was a deputy commander or a 1000-man commander. The wounded City Guard gritted his teeth and replied, “Received it!”

“What kind of message?”

“There are no no enemy traces around …… ……” Large beads of sweat began to seep from Jiang Jiankai’s forehead.

He felt that Chen Pengfei wanted to turn the other cheek!

“Commander Jiang, what’s going on?”

“Maybe I just happened to miss them, or they didn’t come from the side I was in charge of scouting!”

Shiqi patted the handle of his chair noncommittally and nodded, “It’s indeed possible!”

Jiang Jiankai was slightly relieved. The situation did not seem to be that bad.

“Then you can tell me why you didn’t come back until today?”

Jiang Jiankai didn’t answer, today he suddenly received news that the Purple Thorn Army had entered the city, so he hurried over.

 “I don’t want to hear false words!”

Jiang Jiankai sat on his buttocks and hugged Shiqi’s thighs, and said, “Brother Chen, I admit that I am at fault, I am afraid of death!”

Shiqi did not directly answer Jiang Jiankai’s words, “Tell me, what have you done recently?”

“After I learned that Qingfeng City had fallen, I didn’t dare to return to the city, and only after I saw you return did I come over to look for you!” Jiang Jiankai fiercely went to slap himself till his whole face was swollen.

He wiped his tears while saying, “I know, I deserve to die, I am not something, but I am afraid. Brother Chen, you went to White Mountain City, you do not know how powerful the Black Iron Army, even General Wang is not a rival, I am just a small person at the early stage of the True Origin realm, even if I rush into the city, it’s the same as sending my own death! “

“I admit I’m guilty, but I just don’t want to die without any value, I just want to stay useful and wait for Brother Chen’s return of!” Jiang Jiankai cried bitterly, “I beg Brother Chen to spare my life for the sake of past love, I want to step into the battlefield, kill those Black Blood Kingdom’s sons of bitches, and avenge the folks of Qingfeng City, even if I have to put my own life on the line, I won’t hesitate!”

Jiang Jiankai’s words from the bottom of his heart made the survivors kneeling in front of Shiqi look at him with excited eyes. Jiang Jiankai said what they wanted to say in their hearts but did not have the opportunity to say!

Even the Purple Thorn Army, which was not kind to Jiang Jiankai just now, looked at him slightly solemnly. They thought he was a man who endured humiliation!

“Meng Fei, go and interrogate the city guards that Commander Jiang took out for scouting, what have they been doing lately!” Shiqi thought for a moment and added, “No matter in what way, I only want to hear the truth.”

“The subordinate obeys!”

Meng Fei was a little skeptical that the Lord Commander was paranoid, but he still told himself in his heart that he must make things look good for himself.

Jiang Jiankai was lying on the ground, looking apprehensive.

Not long after, Meng Fei rushed over with a face full of anger and kicked Jiang Jiankai away.

“Commander Chen, not a single word Jiang Jiankai said is true, in addition to taking a bunch of his inner circle out of the city, he also took a beautiful woman surnamed Bai with him, he didn’t even go scouting, but directly nestled in the Chen family ditch to enjoy himself!”

“He did send his men to scout, but most of his gang of henchmen were doing it perfunctory!”

Shiqi looked at Jiang Jiankai, and it was said that the soldiers bear a bear, the general bear a nest, Jiang Jiankai was enjoying himself. How could they expect their beloved men to perform their duties seriously?

“This bastard is little clever. Before he came, he had colluded with those confidants but his confidants were very honest. I asked directly, even not using torture, and they completely confessed!”

“Who in the end betrayed me?” Jiang Jiankai looked at Meng Fei angrily and asked. He usually treated his men well! Weren’t they afraid of death?

 If things were exposed, they would be guilty of the same crime as him, Jiang Jiankai!

Meng Fei’s eyes looked weird, and he looked at Jiang Jiankai angrily and funny and said, “I haven’t counted it, your confidants are all rushing to answer the questions I asked…… I had a hard time getting them to quiet down, let them speak one by one, to smooth out the situation … …they all hate you! Jiang Jiankai! Don’t you know? They want to take you with them to die!”

Jiang Jiankai was desperate, and if it were normal times, he would still have a chance to live. But in wartime, with Qingfeng City still in this state, his crime was enough to kill him several times!

“Brother Chen, look …… can you spare my life, I will give you all my things …… spirit stones, techniques, martial skills, land deeds, stores …… And Bai Feifei …… I’ll give you everything, just please spare my dog’s life ……”

Said Jiang Jiankai, while wiping the snot and tears on his face, stuffed three space bags to Shiqi and then looked at him expectantly.

Shiqi took his things, Jiang Jiankai saw the smile on Shqii’s face, he saw his mouth open and said the words he had dreamed of hearing, “Yes!”

Jiang Jiankai swore that this was the most wonderful and pleasant sound he had ever heard in his life ……It was more pleasing to the ear than even Bai Fei Fei’s moaning!

Meng Fei took a deep breath and turned around, not wanting to look again. The Purple Thorn army was more or less in the same situation, or lowered their heads down, or looked away.

No matter what Shiqi did, they would not speak out against it, although not too comfortable in their hearts.

Meng Fei also pondered whether to kill everyone present except the Purple Thorn Army to silence them.

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