It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 130: It’s Time To Come Out Of The Mountain

Purple Sun Star, on a certain island.

Here, the clouds curled up and looked like a fairyland. An old man was sitting and cultivating on the ground on a mountain peak with his eyes closed.

He was none other than Lie Shang’s master, Yu Guizi, one of the Nine Immortals of the Human Race. He was an old monster who had lived for tens of thousands of years. No one knew how strong he was.

Suddenly, Yu Guizi opened his eyes, his hands penetrated the sky, and he pulled out a transmission jade slip from the space of his soul.

“Master, save me!” Seeing these few words on it, Yu Guizi frowned slightly.

“Someone has attacked my disciple?”

Yu Guizi counted with his fingers and frowned with a puzzled expression.

“I can’t believe I can’t calculate it? There’s a mysterious aura enveloping it! Who the hell is it?”

“Could it be that some other immortal has come out of the world and struck against my disciple?”

“It looks like it’s time to come out of the mountain!”

“Hmph, I’m going to see exactly which one dares to strike against this old man’s disciple?”

After saying that, Yu Guizi waved his right hand, and the sky shook up layers of ripples. Stepping away, he drilled into the ripples and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already in the sky above the Tian Luo continent, on top of a mountain range. This mountain range called the Daqi Mountain Range. It was located in the northern region of the Tianluo Continent. Here, there was the cave where he had originally stayed.

“How dare someone place a forbidden array outside my cave house? Don’t think highly of yourself!”

Yu Gui Zi pointed his finger, and the forbidden system instantly broke apart. He walked towards the cave house step by step, looking immortal and incomparably transcendent. He was oblivious to the few secret sentries not far away.

After entering the cave, Yuguizi sat on the ground after some arrangement and counted with his fingers. 

A few moments later, he shook his head, “I still can’t figure it out?”

“It looks like someone behind this is playing a trick!”

“Let’s not worry about it, let’s see where my disciple is first?”

After saying that, Yu Guizi closed his eyes and counted with his fingers. A moment later, he opened his eyes, and there was shock on his face!

“Damn, how did he run into that?”



Time flew by, and it was a day in the blink of an eye.

This day, in the sky of Sun Hao’s residence, a giant flying boat shrouded the whole sky.

Luo Liuyan and the others looked at the flying boat. They directly flew up, surrounded the flying boat with a face of wariness.

After they saw that it was Sun Hao and Huo Rumeng stepping out, they breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Greetings, Young Master!”

They flew to Sun Hao and bowed with their fists. Seeing these five people, Sun Hao smiled and nodded his head.

“All of you are too polite, come, let’s go down together!” Huang Rumeng led Sun Hao and flew downward.

Luo Liuyan’s five people followed closely behind.

After landing on the ground, Huang Rumeng put the flying boat into her spatial ring with a wave of her right hand.

“Brother Chen, thank you for helping me guarding for so long!”

Sun Hao looked at the surrounding area with everything intact and nodded in satisfaction.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming looked ashamed. If it wasn’t for the Young Master’s amazing method, with these five people, how could they be the Drought Demon’s opponent?

This surrounding, how could it be restored as before?

“You’re welcome, Young Master!” Chen Daoming said. Luo Liuyan and the others were equally ashamed.

“Since everyone is here, let’s have dinner together!” Sun Hao said.

“Sure!” Without any hesitation, Su Yiling agreed. Her eyes bloomed as if she had seen a pile of super delicious food.

Luo Liuyan shook her head helplessly, sighed gently, and came forward, “Young Master, I’ll help you cook then!”

“I’ll go too!” Su Yiling said. The two women followed Huang Rumeng and quickly walked to the kitchen.

Half an hour later. The seven people settled down before a table and started to eat.

“Young Master, did you have a good time this time?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Ai ……”

Sun Hao heaved a sigh. 

Luo Liuyan’s five people’s faces changed.

The Young Master was blaming us! It looked like we still hadn’t been able to comprehend what he meant.

“We had a good time in the Western Immortal City, but there is one thing that is really disturbing!” Sun Hao said.

“What is it, Young Master, can you tell us?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Of course!” Sun Hao nodded, “The Western Region, Qing Lan Sect, was destroyed and swallowed by the dragon race as food!”

“The old and the young, the sick and the disabled, none of them are left. I heard that only a pile of bones is left!”

“You said, why can this kind of harmful race exist in this world!” Sun Hao clenched his fist and his face full of anger. 

If it weren’t for his lack of strength, he would definitely fight the dragon clan for 300 rounds! Catch them all and eat them up!

Seeing Sun Hao’s anger. The faces of the five people were different. Luo Liuyan and Chen Daoming looked at each other and nodded their heads to each other.

Mu Bing clenched her fist with a furious face. Wen Ren Shi stroked his long black beard, his eyes turned straight, not knowing what he was thinking.

Only Su Yiling picked up a piece of radish and tasted it carefully, letting outbursts of praise from time to time.

“Young Master, the dragon race is indeed abominable, however, you can rest assured that the dragon ……”

Su Yiling’s words did not finish, but then she was stared at by all four eyes. At this moment, her body trembled, and she hurriedly shut her mouth.

“What happened to that dragon?” Sun Hao asked.

Su Yiling looked stagnant, and after looking at her company’s faces, she smiled slightly, revealing shallow dimples, “Young Master, you can rest assured that dragon has been stewed by a supreme master,!”

What? A supreme master? Stewed the dragon? How can there be someone who thinks the same as I did? I must visit such a great man when I have the chance!

“Miss Yiling, may I ask what is the name of that supreme master?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, I’m really sorry, that kind of person is not something we can know!” Su Yiling blushed slightly. She was really not good at lying. However, in order not to break the Young Master’s dao heart, she left with no choice but to lie!


Sun Hao nodded his head and pondered. They continued to start eating and chatting.

After finishing the meal, Mu Bing looked at Sun Hao. She seemed to want to say something but not say anything.

“Miss Mu Bing, just say what you want to say, no need to be polite!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, …… I want to ask you to help me write a couplet!”

After saying this, Mu Bing’s face was blushing with shame, and she hurriedly lowered her head.

Write a couplet? This is a good thing? I would love to!

He was still thinking about how to give them something.

“Okay! I’ll write a couplet for you right away!” Sun Hao nodded his head.

The paper was laid flat, and the ink was ground. Sun Hao lifted the pen, looked at Mu Bing, and said, “Miss Mu Bing, what do you want to write?”

“Young Master, just the one you wrote for Xuan Yuanshi last time, is it okay?” Mu Bing said.

 “Of course it’s okay!”

Sun Hao nodded his head and moved his pen to write.

“The auspicious dragon prances the purple pavilion, the happy phoenix surrounds the Zhuxuan!”

The dragon flew, and the phoenix danced in one breath.

“Another improvement!”

Sun Hao looked at the couplet and nodded his head in satisfaction. He had made progress again! After the ink dried, Sun Hao handed the couplet to Mu Bing.

“Thank you very much, Young Master!”

Mu Bing bowed and saluted, her body trembling slightly with excitement. With this couplet, the Mu family could also become a supreme holy land!

At that time, the parents’ status in the Mu family would also rise. They could also be treated better! All of this was given by the Young Master!

Thinking like this, Mu Bing secretly clenched her fist. She looked at Sun Hao, her eyes were red, and her face was full of gratitude.

“You’re welcome, Miss Mu Bing!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, we’ll leave today!” On Luo Liuyan’s face, a flash of anxiousness flashed. After saluting everyone, she retreated.

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  1. this is referring to the dragon from chapter 100 ain’t it? also wonder when a ‘supreme being’ gets involved with mc’s minions senses mc’s aura or something and actually is smart enough to be like “yeah no screw this i’m outta here 🤔

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