The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 58: What if I Have To Take Xiao Jin In

Zhou Cheng rode a small donkey, holding a wine gourd, pouring wine into his mouth constantly.

This wine was brewed by himself, and he could not afford to drink Lu Yiping’s. In his words, Lu Yiping’s wine must be drunk with Lu Yiping when eating barbecued meat.

Lu Yiping riding a golden bull, very handsome and majestic, Zhou Cheng riding a small donkey and was very sloppy. The two walked side by side, attracting the attention of many passers-by.

Zhou Cheng also disregarded passers-by’s strange gaze while pouring wine, and he said, “Rumor has it that this Heavenly Capital City is made by the ancient Lord of the Gods, the Lord of the ancient gods. The Lord of the gods was here to give orders and command the gods to fight.

“This Tiandu City, every brick is the ancient fine stone.”

The young man, Yang Gang, just heard it for the first time and looked at the bricks on the street floor with astonishment: “These bricks, are all of them from the ancient times?”

Zhou Cheng nodded, “Not bad, don’t look at these bricks are no different than ordinary bricks, but, every brick in this Tiandu City, has been enriched by the divine power of the ancient gods!”

“And rumor has it, that supreme being has also enchanted the Heavenly Capital City with divine power.”

“This Heavenly Capital City had a grand array being branded by taht supreme being, and because of this, the Heavenly Capital City can endure countless years without decaying!”

Speaking of that existence, Zhou Cheng had a face of awe, excitement, and worship.

“That existence?” Li Bin did not understand which one Zhou Cheng was referring to.

Zhou Cheng stopped pouring wine with a face of the utmost seriousness and slowly spat out, “Sacred Forest!”

Sacred Forest!

When Zhou Cheng’s words came out, the surroundings were instantly silent.

Li Bin’s face changed greatly, but he did not dare to open his mouth because that one existence was forbidden for the Eternal Source realm.

The young man Yang Gang, however, was puzzled and asked, “Sacred Forest? Is that the Sacred Forest at the far end of the Wuji Imperial Dynasty?”

Normally, almost no one dared to talk about the Sacred Forest, and Yang Gang had not been cultivating for long, so he had not heard about the Sacred Forest.

Li Bin was shocked, and with a stern face, he shouted, “Li Gang, shut up!”

Lu Yiping, however, had a calm face.

Just as Lu Yiping was walking within Tiandu City, a Wan Family escort soldier saw Lu Yiping and was stunned, then turned around and ran towards the Wan Family Legion Barracks.

This Wan family guard soldier was one of the groups of Wan family guards who were blown out of the broken temple by Zhao Wen at that time.

At this moment, Wan Bi, the core disciple of the Wan Family, was drinking booze in the legion barracks. In the past few days, whenever he thought of the scene in the broken temple where he was slapped out of the broken temple by that bull, he became furious.

As a core disciple of the Wan family, as the deputy commander of the Wan family legion, it was the first time that he was so humiliated!

And in front of all the guards and soldiers of the Wan family, he was slapped by a cow!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and with a fierce grip, he turned the wine cup in his hand into powder.

Just then, he saw the Wan Family guard soldier run in sharply.

“Lord Vice Commander, I just saw that blue-shirted young man!” That Wan family guard soldier said with great enthusiasm.

“Blue-shirted young man?” Wan Bi did not respond for a moment.

“It’s that blue-shirted young man from the broken temple!” The Wan family guard soldier reminded.

As soon as Wan Bi heard that, he immediately rejoiced, “You mean that blue-shirted young man came to Tiandu City?”

That Wan family guard soldier hurriedly replied, “Yes, Lord Vice Commander, and that bull.”

Wan Bi’s eyes were cold, and he said in a stern voice, “Summon everyone for me!”

“I will cut that bull, one by one!”

“And that kid in the blue shirt, I want to tie him up on the execution ground in front of the Tiandu City gate and play slowly!”

Just as Wan Bi gathered the soldiers of the Wan Family Legion, Li Bin clasped his fist to Lu Yiping and said, “Lord Lu, we will go over to the new Wan Family Legion to register and take the test first.”

“Well, go ahead.” Lu Yiping said.

“After the examination, Li Bin will set up a banquet to thank Lord Lu for saving us.” Li Bin said gratefully, then bowed with his disciple Yang Gang before leaving.

Zhou Cheng looked at the departing Yang Gang and said, “Unfortunately, the Titan Giant bloodline is a bit thinner.”

Then he smiled at Lu Yiping, showing his teeth, and said, “Anyway Young Master Lu, I also have something to do, so I will leave first, and we will meet again at the Tiandu Restaurant later?”

Lu Yiping nodded his head. So, Zhou Cheng also rode away on that small donkey.

After Zhou Cheng also left, Lu Yiping looked in the direction of the Wan Family General Mansion, which was in the very center of Tiandu City. The Wan Family General Mansion was also the residence of the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods back then.

Lu Yiping rode the Dragon Horned Golden Bull towards the Wan Family Mansion.

In a short while, he arrived at the Wan Family Mansion.

When he arrived at the Wan family’s main residence, Lu Yi Ping looked at the two huge strange stone statues in front of the residence and felt more or less emotional in his heart. After so many years, he still came back here.

The guard in front of the Wan Family General Mansion saw a blue-shirted young man arrive and stand in front of the gate staring at the strange stone statues in front of the mansion, without the intention of leaving, and could not help but go up and say “You Cannot stay at the door of the Wan Family General Mansion, go away!”

Lu Yiping looked at that Wan family guards, said blandly, “I am Lu Yiping, tell your patriarch, I am here.”

“Lu Yiping!” The Wan family guard froze for a moment, then fled in fear and panic, fleeing back into the residence, almost hitting the side of the residence’s gate.

The other guards of the Wan family who remained in the same place were trembling on their legs and staring at Lu Yiping with their eyes tightly, and they were holding the lance in their hands so hard that their hands were white with bones.

Lu Yiping’s face was still calm as usual.

Soon, at the Wan family residence, a human shadow flickers.

A sound of footsteps rang out. There was a group of Wan family experts rushed out from the residence.

The leader of the group was none other than Wan Cheng, the Wan family’s master!

Behind Wan Cheng was Wan Hong, the young master of the Wan Family, as well as a group of supreme elders and elders of the Wan Family.

Initially, Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan family, was talking to his son, Wan Hong, and other people about the matter of the Heavenly God River flowed in reverse for the last few days, when he suddenly saw the Wan family guards come in to report that Lu Yi Ping had come. He was shocked, and in a panic, he summoned all the supreme elders and all the elders in the mansion to come out.

When he came out, he also had someone report to all the ancestors within the ancestral land.

Seeing Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan family, come out of the residence like an enemy, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull skewed his mouth.

Wan Cheng looked at Lu Yiping, who was sitting on the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and felt a bit scared in his heart, so he went forward and cupped his fist and said with a strong smile, “Young Master Lu is here, Wan Cheng is humby to welcome you.”

“No need to welcome me, Wan Wudi wants to see me, take me to see him.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

Hearing Lu Yi Ping call their ancestor Wan Wudi by his name, all the supreme elders and elders of the Wan family were angry.

Wan Cheng, the patriarch of the Wan Family, also all frowned, however, he still suppressed the displeasure in his heart and nodded stiffly, “Please follow me, Master Lu.”

However, he added: “But Master Lu, my father said he would only see you, so this bull pet of yours, I think it is not necessary to enter the ancestral land.”

The ancestral land of the Wan Family, how could a bull just enter it casually!

Lu Yiping glanced at Wan Cheng and said, “What if I have to take Xiao Jin in.”

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