It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 129: Young Master Saved Me Again

“There is no ignorance, and there is no end of ignorance ……” The thousand-meter Golden Buddha’s mouth recited the words.

The sound of the Golden Budha became faster and faster. Golden scriptures, intertwined in a single piece, wrapped the Drought Demon in a mass.

“Ah ……”

The Drought Demon half knelt on the ground, holding his head, screaming in agony. The black qi on his body quickly dissipated.

The scene was like an evil spirit undergoing purification. As the scriptures became thicker and thicker, the Drought Demon’s breath became weaker and weaker.

Finally, the black qi on his body dissipated cleanly. He fell to the ground, motionless.

However, the scriptures did not stop. On the contrary, they gathered more and more. The scriptures formed a thread and drilled into the Drought Demon’s body.

His pitch-black skin slowly condensed into gold. The dry muscles were expanding rapidly. His dead-gray eyes were also rapidly turning golden.

A few moments later, the Drought Demon sat up straight, sitting on the ground with his hands folded, like a devout Buddhist disciple.

“Om ……”

The thousand-meter Golden Buddha stretched out his finger and pointed it at the Drought Demon’s brow.

“Buzz ……”

A sound vibrated up, thousands of scriptures danced swiftly between the Drought Demon’s brow forming a Buddhist symbol. Then, the Golden Buddha waved his right hand. The iron chain that originally crumbled into powder coalesced and took shape in his hand.

“Take a look around and ……”

As the golden Buddha recited the sutra, the iron chain changed into a golden bead at a speed visible to the naked eye. Finally, it formed a string of Buddha beads and hung around the Drought Demon’s neck.


The Golden Buddha’s right hand clicked, and the drought demon’s body shrank rapidly. It changed into an average human size and looked like a Vajrapani.

The Golden Buddha looked at Ning Mingzhi and said, “From today on, you will lead him! Chant the sutra three times a day until all the evil and filthy Qi in his body is purified.”

Upon hearing this, Ning MIngzhi folded his hands, “Yes!”

The Golden Buddha turned around and looked at Luo Liuyan and the others.

One point of his finger.

“Buzz ……” Countless golden lights that, like silk threads, were pouring down. They wrapped Luo Liuyan and the others and slowly lifted them up.

The golden light drilled into their bodies to quickly repair their injuries and quench their flesh. The original painful expression on their faces quickly dissipated.

Their expressions soothed, the corners of their mouths raised slightly. An indescribable relief was surging through the body.

Having done this, the Golden Buddha looked at the devastated surroundings, and stretched out his vast hand covering the sky, and pressed downward.

“Om ……”

The silky golden light was pouring down like a waterfall, flowing all over the earth and gushing towards the mountain peak. At this moment, as if time flowed backward, everything around was recovered rapidly.

In less than a moment, the lake disappeared, the ground was leveled, and the grass and trees were restored.

The mountain peak where Sun Hao lived was also recovering rapidly.  Everything around was restored as before. It did not look any different from before.

“It’s done ……”

After the golden Buddha looked around, his body burst open and turned into countless scriptures, flying into the void and disappearing.

All around, calmness returned once again.

Looking at this scene, Ning Mingzhi dumbfounded, for a moment, it was difficult to calm himself down.

“Hmm ……”

After taking a few long breaths, he looked at the sky and muttered, “Young Master, you saved us!”

“This kindness, I will bear in mind! If there is an opportunity, I will definitely repay you!”

Retracting his gaze, Ning Mingzhi looked at the Drought Demon, his eyes shining brightly.

“This must be the other demon that the Young Master is talking about, right?”

“Young Master, don’t worry, once I have completely rehabilitated him, I will travel to the west!”

“What you have entrusted to me, Mingzhi will never forget!”  There was a look of gratitude on Ning Wisdom’s face.

“Master!” The monkey demon struggled to stand up from the dust and ran forward. Next came the Pig Demon and the Horse Demon. They stared at the Drought Demon, each with a face of scorn on their faces.

The Drought Demon did not move for a moment but just stood dumbly in place. Ning Mingzhi said, “From today onwards, he is your fourth brother!”

“Master, he …… is …… him,” the pig demon hid behind Ning Mingzhi, his voice trembling.

“Stop talking, you come with me!”

“Yes, Master!” 

The Drought Demon folded his hands and bowed.



On the other side.

“So comfortable!” Su Yiling stretched her back, and the corners of her mouth rose, revealing two adorable shallow dimples. After standing up, she looked around with a confused look.

“I seem to remember being beaten half to death by the Drought Demon, how could this happen?”

“Could it be only a dream?” Su Yiling said.

“Boom ……” A chestnut knocked on Su Yiling’s head. The one who struck was none other than Luo Liuyan.

“Master, why did you hit me?” Su Yiling had an aggrieved face.

“Disciple, is this brain of yours broken?”

“Just now, it was clearly the Young Master who saved us, and you even said that you dreamed, do you think that you should be beaten?” Luo Liuyan said.

“The Young Master? Is it true?” Su Yiling was full of doubts.

“Why you? You didn’t see the two thousand meters golden Buddha just now?” Luo Liuyan said in a not-good mood.

“Ah ……, that was sent by the Young Master? He is too powerful, right?”

Su Yiling’s big eyes flashed with worship light,    and for  a long time not it did not extinguish.

“How can we imagine the Young Master’s method?”

“In the future, don’t scream just because the Young Master shows his method a little. This seems so brainless, understand?” Luo Liuyan said.

“Your disciple understands!” Su Yiling nodded heavily.

“Leader Luo, this time the Young Master made a secret move, I’m afraid there must be some deep meaning in it!” Chen Daoming stepped forward and frowned in thought.

“Not bad!”

Luo Liuyan nodded slightly, “Young Master is hinting at us that we must remove the evil race as soon as possible!”

“Is it?” Su Yiling scratched her head with a face full of confusion.

“Don’t interrupt!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Leader Luo, I also failed to understand what the Young Master implied, please give some pointers!”

There was also a look of embarrassment on Wen Ren Shi’s face.

“Yes, Leader Luo, did the Young Master really give hints like this?” Mu Bing asked.

All eyes were fixed on Luo Liuyan in unison.

Luo Liuyan smiled faintly and extended her right hand to mobilize the immortal power within her body.

“Buzz ……” A Buddha seal appeared on the palm of her hand.

 “See?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“This is?” Their pupils contracted and their faces showed great surprise.

“This …… is the Seal of Buddhism and Dao? Master Luo, you’ve actually cultivated Buddhism and Daoism again?”

“Master, you’re too powerful, right? To be able to cultivate the Seal of Buddhism and Daoism!”

Looking at their shocked appearance, Luo Liuyan smiled faintly, “You guys carefully sense your dantian!”

They were full of doubts and began to sense the dantian.

“Boom!” There was a sound like a divine thunderstorm in their minds. There was a look of shock on each person’s face.

On the Dantian Yuan Ying, a golden stripe was all over it and fusing with it. From this moment on, they were able to control Buddhism and Daoism.

As their strength increases, their physical bodies and souls will become stronger and stronger in the future. They could even gain insight into the dao of time and see through everything.

Thinking about it, it made them feel excited. This kind of good fortune was simply unprecedented and heaven defying. All this seemed to be given by the Young Master.

 After a long time.


They let out a few long breaths, calming down from the shock.

“Leader Luo, the Young Master, gave us the Seal of Buddhism and Daoism, is this?” Wen Ren Shi asked.

“Everyone thinks about it, what is the purpose of the Seal of Buddhism and Daoism?” Luo Liuyan asked.

“Master, I know this, the Seal of Buddhism and Daoism inherently restrains evil demons!” Su Yiling said.

“Not bad!”

Luo Liuyan nodded, “This seal can be used to save the believers and can also destroy the evil race!”

“In the future, what should we do?” Chen Daoming asked.

“Very simply, It’s to destroy all the roots of the evil clan in the Tian Luo continent!” Luo Liuyan said.

When they heard this, they nodded their heads in unison.

A few moments later, they flew to the mountain and stood in mid-air.

“Huh, where’s the kid who fought against us just now?” Chen Dao Ming looked at the sky and looked around.

“It looks like he escaped!” Luo Liuyan said.

“Escaped? What should we do about that?”

“It’s okay, since he escaped, I think it’s all in the Young Master’s calculation, don’t care!” Luo Liuyan said.

They listened and secretly nodded their heads. For these, Lie Shang did not know.

At this moment, he was in a certain cave in the Tian Luo Continent. His body was covered in bruises and was covered with dried blood clots.

With a slight exertion, it hurt so much that he gasped in pain and sweated coldly.

“Damn it, damn it!”

“If I had known, I should have listened to that guy and not gone to the Great Demon Mountain!” Lie Shang’s face was filled with remorse. As a one-step half-immortal, he possessed the strength of a three-step half-immortal. But he was beaten like this by five Ascendant Realms. Moreover, he almost died in their place.

“No, the injury is too severe, if this continues, I Will definitely die!”

“I must beg my master to save me!” Thinking like this, Lie Shang took out the transmission jade slip. With a thought, he wrote on the jade slip: Master, save me!

After sending this message, Lie Shang fell to the ground and completely passed out.

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