The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 57: Is this Boy From the Palace of Medicine King Palace

Lu Yiping put away the chariot, only riding the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. The bull was very plump, while the sloppy old man Zhou Cheng rode a small donkey, which was very thin and small.

Two people riding side by side, walking between the mountain road. Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen rode two Thunder Lin horses followed behind.

Zhou Cheng looked at the thick and strong legs of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and laughed at Lu Yiping, “This bull of yours often eat roast meat? No wonder it’s so thick and strong.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull, however, smiled heatedly, “It’s only natural.” Then he lifted his thick bull leg and showed the powerful beef on it, “What, envy?”

The donkey looked displeased with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and deflated his mouth, “If it is not usefull, who would envy this thing.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull snorted, “Could it be that a skinny one like yours is good-looking and useful?”

At once, the donkey and the bull were staring at each other again. Lu Yiping laughed and did not stop. It’s rare for this donkey to quarrel with the bull, so the journey was not so boring.

When Zhou Cheng saw the two beasts tussling, he laughed at Lu Yiping and said, “Young Master Lui, this bull of yours is funny.”

Lu Yiping smiled. Everyone continued to traveled all the way. In a short while, they passed through this wild mountain range.

However, just through this wild mountain range not long, they heard the sound of fighting.

Getting closer, Lu Yiping unexpectedly saw one of the fighting parties: Li Bin and Yang Gang, who left the ruined temple last night. The two were being surrounded by a group of experts wearing red robes.

This group of experts in red robes, their red robes were very gorgeous.

“The Extreme Bliss Sect.” When Zhou Cheng saw the group of experts in red robes, he crooked his mouth, “This group of wicked things.”

The Extreme Bliss Sect’s fame in the Divine Martial Continent was not small. Their strength and the Flying Flower Sect were on par, but the fame was much higher than the Flying Flower Sect, for no other reason than that, the disciples up and down this Extreme Bliss Sect cultivate a technique called the Extreme Bliss Treasure Code. After cultivating this Extreme Bliss Treasure Code, the biological body function was greatly changed and became unmanly.

Li Bin and Yang Gang’s two master and disciple strength were not weak, but under the siege of dozens of experts of the Extreme Bliss Sect, They had been cornered left and right; their circumstance was dangerous.

There had been multiple injuries to the two of them.

Especially the teenager Yang Gang, his chest injuries resulted in deep in the bone exposed, and his injury was severe.

Li Bin, who was surrounded by the people of the Extreme Bliss Sect, suddenly saw someone coming from afar, it was Lu Yiping, so he could not help but feel hope and shouted, “Young Master Lu!”

“Please, save my disciple!”

Lu Yiping gestured to Zhang Jin with his eyes.

Zhang Jin understood, but he didn’t do it himself; his Thunder Lin Horse under his seat opened its mouth, and the heavenly divine lightning fell down with a bang. Immediately, all the dozens of experts of the Extreme Bliss Sect who were surrounding Li Bin were all knocked out by the divine lightning.

Li Bin was dumbfounded.

He obviously did not expect that Lu Yiping’s men had a mount whose strength was so strong.

You should know that among the experts of the Extreme Bliss Sect who just attacked him, there were two Ancient Emperors. They were seventh-level ancient emperor experts.

After being dumbfounded, Li Bin hurriedly took his disciple Yang Gang and flew over to Lu Yiping’s side.

When they arrived in front of Lu Yiping, Li Bin and his disciple Yang Gang clasped their fists with a grateful face, “Thank you for saving me, Young Master Lu.”

Lu Yiping nodded, then flicked his finger, nine raw unending reincarnation needles flew out, inserted into the chest of the teenager Yang Gang, a burst of fire-red light emerged, the teenager Yang Gang only felt a warm chest, a stream of warmth flowed throughout the body, injuries recovered at an alarming rate, even his chest wounds continue to heal back.

Although there are many ways to use Lu Yiping’s strength to instantly recover from the injury of the young Yang Gang, in ancient times, he used this endless reincarnation needle.

Now, Lu Yiping always kept this habit.

“Resurrection Nine Sun needles!” Li Bin said in surprise, “Young Master Lu is from the Medicine King Palace?”

Zhou Cheng was also surprised.

This Lu Yiping, he actually had the Medicine King Palace’s Soul Restoring Nine Yang Needle?

Could it be that he was from the Medicine King Palace?

Just blown away by the Thunder Lin horse of the Extreme Happiness Sect experts climbed up, initially furious, seeing the Soul Restoring Nine Sun Needle was also a big jump.

Medicine King Palace heal the wounded and the dying and had an excellent relationship with the major sects of the Eternal Source realm. Its prestige was high, second only to the Supreme Unity Sect.

Even the Martial God Hall’s reputation was slightly inferior compared to the Medicine King Palace.

Seeing that Li Bin and the others misunderstood himself as a member of the Medicine King Palace again, Lu Yiping didn’t bother to explain. Seeing that Yang Gang had recovered from his injuries, he put back the Reincarnation Needle.

“How does it feel?” Lu Yiping asked Yang Gang. Lu Yiping still had a good impression of this naive teenager, Yang Gang.

Yang Gang ran his true essence, which ran smoothly, and said with a naive smile, “Young Master Lu is really a divine doctor, I’m completely healed.”

At this time, an ancient emperor realm leader of the Extreme Bliss Sect came forward with his injuries and boldly clasped his fist to Lu Yiping and said, “Dare I ask if the Young Master is from the Medicine King Palace?” He also said, “These two people were ordered by our Extreme Bliss Sect’s Extreme Ancestor to be caught and taken back.”

The Extreme Ancestor was one of the two strongest old ancestors of the Extreme Bliss Sect.

 Lu Yiping looked at the other party indifferently, “Then what?”

The head of that Extreme Bliss Sect Ancient Emperor Realm squeaked, not daring to say anything further.

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping said to the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

No one from the experts of the Extreme Bliss Sect dared to make a move to stop them and watched as Lu Yiping led Li Bin and Yang Gang away.

“Elder, these two are the people that the Extreme Ancestor has designated to be apprehended, if we go back empty-handed, I’m afraid that the Extreme Ancestor will be furious.” One of the Extreme Bliss Sect experts stammered, thinking of how the Extreme Ancestor would be furious by then; everyone shuddered.

The ancient emperor realm expert’s face was ugly and said, “The people from the Medicine King Palace intervened, the Extreme Ancestor should not be able to punish us even if he knows about it.” At the same time, he looked suspicious, “However, the Medicine King Palace’s only a few disciples who has the soul nine sun needles, this young man is certainly not those few disciples, how can he also posses the soul nine sun needles?”

Speaking of this, he said to an expert of the Extreme Happiness Sect beside him, “Check whether this young man is from the Medicine King Palace or not.”

And after leaving, Li Bin followed behind Lu Yiping with an embarrassed face and said to Lu Yiping, “Young Master Lu, what happened last night, we.”

“You guys are not to blame for this matter.” Lu Yiping shook his head.

They continued to walk all the way. Occasionally they rested on the road.

On the third day. Tiandu City was in the distance.

Tiandu City was located on the peak of the highest mountain in the Divine Martial Continent, the Sun and Moon Mountain, which was the true number one city in the Divine Martial Continent.

Lu Yiping and the other were standing in the air, looking at the Heavenly Capital City, only to see in the peak of the Sun Moon Mountain, the Heavenly Capital City in the clouds looked ethereal like an immortal city. Even from a great distance, they still could feel the Heavenly Capital City monarch overlooking the world’s aura.

High in the sky, airships and chariots from the Divine Martial Continent and even other continents were flying from all directions towards Tiandu City.

After stopping for a while, Lu Yiping and the others also flew towards Tiandu City.

The closer they got to Tiandu City, the more they could feel its immensity and majesty, only to see that it was surrounded by teams of soldiers from the Wan Family Legion on patrol.

Lu Yiping rode the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Zhou Cheng entered Tiandu City with them.

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