The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 56: Can You Sell the Hair on Your Body?

The other party did not seem to expect that Lu Yiping would find himself.

There was paused for a while.

Then they saw the sloppy old man riding a donkey came down from the void. This sloppy old man was unexpectedly the old man Zhou Cheng which Lu Yiping met in the Hundred Flowers Plain.

The sloppy old man Zhou Cheng rode the donkey into the broken temple, then jumped off the donkey and smiled at Lu Yi Ping, “I didn’t expect that I could not hide from Young Master Lu, eventhough I had cast the Phantom Vanishment Technique.”

Lu Yiping’s face was as usual, back then, even the Phantom Demon King cast this Phantom Vanishment Technique to escape from the space, the Phantom Demon King could not escape his palm, let alone this old man Zhou Cheng.

This old man Zhou Cheng may be very strong in the current Eternal Source plane, but compared with the Phantom Demon King back then, he was not even a little bit close.

Lu Yiping looked at the sloppy old man Zhou Cheng and said, “What is it?”

In fact, from the time they left the Hundred Flowers Empire, this Zhou Cheng had been following them, but Lu Yiping was just too lazy to pay attention.

Zhou Cheng grinned, revealing his yellow teeth, then sat down next to the bonfire, rubbed his hands, and laughed, “Actually, it’s not a big deal, just a little matter.”

As for what small matter, he didn’t say clearly.

But Lu Yiping didn’t ask and kept fiddling with the barbecue.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stared at the donkey and laughed: “I say little guy, do you sell this donkey? Master is lacking a mount.”

Like Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull had long seen the extraordinary nature of the donkey and was greedy for it.

Zhou Cheng smiled with a strange face; he was thinking of a picture of a bull riding a donkey.

The donkey was fiercely glaring at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and said, “Is the hair on your body for sale.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was stunned, and with a glare in his eyes, he said, “Hey, you little donkey has a big temper.” Then said, “Believe it or not, the master will now pluck all your hair and roast it to eat!”

Zhou Cheng ignored the two beasts tussling and smiled at Lu Yiping, “Young Master Lu, do you still have that wine?” His face had a quite embarrassed look.

Lu Yiping smiled and looked at the other party, “Of course, do you still have the other jade?” Meaning Dragon Han jade.

But unexpectedly, Zhou Cheng nodded his head, then laughed, “I still have a piece.” Then he took out a piece of jade, precisely the same as the Dragon Han jade that he gave to Lu Yiping earlier!

Lu Yiping was surprised, he was just asking casually, but he didn’t expect that Zhou Cheng really had another piece.

There were five pieces of Dragon Han Jade, and Zhou Cheng had two pieces!

Lu Yiping took out a jar of wine and threw it to the other party.

Zhou Cheng took the wine and couldn’t wait to open it before throwing the piece of jade to Lu Yiping.

After throwing the jade to Lu Yiping, Zhou Cheng sniffed a mouthful of wine near the lid of the altar, mouth-watering, his face intoxicated, and he wanted to drink but unable to drink.

Lu Yiping laughed when he saw Zhou Cheng’s mouth salivating but could not drink, “Hey you,  that wine jar, wouldn’t you drink it all?”

It’s only been a few days.

Zhou Cheng laughed and said, “No, no, how can I finish such good wine. I just drink one sip every day, just one sip?” A small sip, he emphasized twice.

But looking at his appearance, it was clear that there was definitely more than a small sip every day.

Lu Yiping laughed, “This jade, do you still have another one?”

Although the Dragon Han jade is precious, this thing could only be of great use if five pieces were collected.

Zhou Cheng shook his head and said with a serious face, “I only have two pieces, this time I really don’t have any.”

Lu Yiping stared at the other party, “This jade, where did you find it?”

But Zhou Cheng smiled cheekily and said, “Does this count as a trade?”

Lu Yiping took out another wine jar and opened it. Immediately, the fragrance of wine overflowed the entire temple and even overflowed out of the temple that even the rainstorm outside could not disperse the fragrance of the wine.

Zhou Cheng’s eyes glared, staring straight at the wine jar in front of Lu Yiping, his eyes were on fire, and his exhale became different, the wine jar in front of Lu Yiping smelled stronger, and obviously, the year in which it was kept was longer than his previous two wine jars.

In the countless years that Lu Yiping spent in the Sacred Forest, in addition to cultivation, he liked to make wine. Every 10,000 years, he would brew a batch.

Although the ingredients were the same, the year it was made was different, so the taste was also different. The longer the year, the more mellow and fragrant it would be.

Lu Yiping said, “This jade was five in total, if you tell me where to find and help me find the remaining five pieces, this wine jar is yours.”

“The two jade jars you have are 200,000 years old, and this jade jar is 400,000 years old!”

Four hundred thousand years! Zhou Cheng swallowed his saliva.

He stared at the jar of wine, but for a long time, before he laughed bitterly: “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you the whereabouts of the other three jades, because I found this jade in the Phantom Demon King’s cave, and the Phantom Demon King’s cave doesn’t have the other three pieces.”

But when he said this, he suddenly said: “However, in the Phantom Demon King’s cave, there are some places that I can’t go in, maybe there is something inside.”

Phantom Demon King was a powerful demon king of the ancient demon race. His cave was heavily forbidden, Zhou Cheng could only break a very small part.

“Oh.” Lu Yi Ping smiled, and his eyes lit up.

“Phantom Demon King cave, I’ll tell you its whereabout, but, I want two jars of the 400,000 years wine.” Zhou Cheng stammered, “Moreover, when the time comes, if you have a way to enter the rest of the Phantom Demon King’s cave, besides the other three jades, other treasures, I want a third of it.”

Lu Yiping looked at Zhou Cheng and smiled, “You’re not afraid that I’ll capture you and search your soul?”

Zhou Cheng’s wrinkled face twitched and laughed, “Young Master Lu Gongzi is joking, you’re not such a person.”

Lu Yiping laughed and said, “Then tell me, what kind of person am I?”

Zhou Cheng squeaked for half a day but couldn’t say it.

Lu Yiping also did not make things difficult for the other party. He threw two 400,000-year-old ones to the other party. Zhou Cheng’s face was delighted. He put away all three jars of wine as if they were treasures and then told Lu Yiping about the place.

Lu Yiping was surprised, the Phantom Demon King’s cave was actually in that place?

However, after Zhou Cheng got the wine, he didn’t leave but sat by the bonfire, eating roast meat and drinking with Lu Yiping.

Of course, he was drinking in small sips.

Lu Yiping was gulping it down.

The donkey, also sitting by the bonfire, there was a mouthful of nibble roast meat. The donkey was very thin and looked like malnourished. It seemed to be distracted when eating the roast meat.

On the other hand, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was biting all over the mouth with oil all over his mouth.

“You do not leave?” Lu Yiping asked Zhou Cheng.

Zhou Cheng laughed, “Anyway, I am also wandering the world, this old man is bored, it is better to follow you. If there is someone accompany you it will be livelier, later I can also run errands for the Young Master.”

Lu Yiping, of course, knew what this Zhou Cheng had in his heart. But since the other party wants to follow him, he did not care.

The night slowly faded.

The rain stopped.

The morning after the rain, the air was particularly fresh.

Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull and the others went out of the temple to travel towards the Wan family.

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