It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 126 Everyone, I’ll Leave Immediately

“Hoo ……” Lie Shang’s body loosened up and regained freedom from the confinement.

“Many …… many thanks!” Lie Shang clasped his fist and saluted to show his gratitude.

Then, he looked at Luo Liuyan’s five people, his face showed an incomparable cautious look. Is it really necessary to use that move? Lie Shang frowned and kept thinking. Finally, with a grit of his teeth, he revealed a ruthless look.

“In that case, I’ll fight with you guys!”

After saying that, Lie Shang picked up the Feather of the Crow Ancestor and shouted.

“Old Ancestor, descend!” The blood qi on Lie Shang’s body rushed into the Feather of the Crow Ancestor.

“Buzz ……”

The Crow Ancestor’s Feather lit up with a dazzling red aura. An enormous fire-red bird slowly emerged in the sky, becoming more and more solid. Its two wings shook, covering the sky.

The body also emitted more immortal power, which made people unable to resist emotions at all. It was precisely the Crow Ancestor’s feather transformation, with the Crow Ancestor’s remnant soul inside.

“Immortal?” Luo Liuyan, five people, looked at this scene and secretly felt the crisis in their hearts.

The five of them nodded to each other, revealing an expression that looked like they were ready to die.

“Who is bullying this ancestor’s descendants?” The enormous fiery red bird spat out human words and swept his gaze in all directions.

The next second, his scalp exploded, his whole body like sinking in hell, with cold sweat all over.

“That …… is the Venerable Green Lotus? That’s the Flux Phantom Demon Ancestor!”

“In the sky is the Space Dragon Ancestor?!”

“They both…… are actually the Shura Twin Saints!”

“Inside that room, there are hundreds of auras that scare me!”

This …… what kind of a place is this? How could my own descendants run to this kind of place to go wild?

Did a donkey kick your brain? Or was it fooled by the pig? If you want to die, don’t frame the old man! This …… how should this be done?

The Crow Ancestor Remnant Soul’s body trembled slightly, and his face showed endless regret. His body shrank rapidly and changed into a red-robed old man.

“Old ancestor, is ……” Lie Shang’s words had not fallen.

 “Pop!” A sound rang out.

The Crow Ancestor raised his hand and slapped Lie Shang right on his face. Lie Shang covered his face with a look of incomprehension, “old ancestor, you ……”

“Old ancestor my ass, the old man has nothing to do with you!” After saying that, The Crow Ancestor moved away from Lie Shang and kept his distance. Subsequently, he knelt down in one go.

“Seniors, I know I’m wrong, please also give me a way to live, I’ll leave immediately!” The Crow Ancestor kowtowed heavily, and waves ripple emerged every time he hit the space.

“Go now then!” Venerable Green Lotus’s voice came.

The Crow Ancestor was about to ask for more benevolence, kowtowing again, “Many thanks senior, many thanks senior!”

After saying that, he fled in a mess. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the sky and was nowhere to be seen.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Lie Shang’s nerves. He opened his mouth wide and stayed in place, not reacting for half a day. These great powers in front of him, he thought they were just ordinary immortals.

When the old ancestor appeared, he should be able to deal with it. Unexpectedly, when the old ancestor appeared, he slapped himself back and fled in a mess.

The once-mighty Crow Ancestor was in such a mess? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, would I have believed it? Until now, Lie Shang did not react. It was all too mind-boggling.

“Hiss ……” After taking a few breaths, Lie Shang couldn’t restrain his trembling body.

Today, it’s finished! However, even if I die, I have to die with dignity!

Come on! After saying that, Lie Shang waved the whisk and then rushed towards Mu Bing.



Under the mountain.

“Boom! Boom ……” The colossal sound continued.

Mo Shan was beaten by the giant ape and vomited blood, suffering from a lot of injuries.

“Damn it, damn it!”

“To be bullied by a small demon to such an extent, your death is enough to be laughed at the world!” After saying that, Mo Shan moved his mind and mobilized the power in his body.

“Hoom ……” Endless black air, wrapped in all directions. Forming a black shield and resist the giant ape attack.

“Monkey head, wake up!” Mo Shan’s right hand pointed with the black air and sinking into the center of the giant ape’s eyebrows.

The giant ape’s body stalled and slowed down its movements. In his eyes, wisps of black air emerged. Like a puppet, the giant ape was standing in front of Mo Shan. Mo Shan smiled and looked at the giant ape. The corners of his mouth rose.

“Great, when we go back this time, I’ll train it into a puppet, it will be no weaker than the four great war generals!” Mo Shan nodded secretly and was about to go back.

“Boom!” An explosion sounded.

Ning Mingzhi walked out of the dust, gritted his teeth. He stared deadly at Mo Shan as his killing intent soaring.

“How dare you …… you make a crease in my scroll?!”

“Don’t you know that it was given to me by the Young Master?”

“Unforgivable, unforgivable!”

“A little evil clan, how dare you act recklessly here, die!” Ning Mingzhi roared in anger and spread out the scroll. Then, he sat down on the ground and began to recite the sutra.

“Sarizi, the emptiness is not different from the color, the color is not different from the empyiness ……” A line of scriptures gushed out from his mouth and poured into the painting scroll.

Then, it then danced out from the painting scroll, forming a golden sutra that danced all over the sky. From a distance, it looked like countless flying golden butterflies, which was extremely beautiful.

These scriptures piled up quickly, and in less than a few moments, a golden Buddha of several dozen meters in height was formed. The Buddha followed Ning Mingzhi and began to recite scriptures.

Lines of mysterious voices formed scriptures and flew towards the giant ape and Mo Shan. After the giant ape heard it, the blackness of his eyes instantly dispersed. His body quickly shrunk and turned into a small monkey, sitting on the ground, and began to listen.

“Ah ……”

Mo Shan clutched his head and screamed in pain. That look as if being punished to the extreme with incomparable pain.

The scriptures flew and came rushing in. The black qi on his body was evaporating non-stop. As time passed, he became weaker and weaker. He was half-kneeling on the ground with a painful expression. 

Clutching his head, he screamed in pain, “Damn bald monkey, shut up! Shut up!”

“Stop reading, please stop reading!”

“If you read it again, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Mo Shan roared in anger.

However, Ning Mingzhi did not stop at all. On the contrary, the more he recited, the faster he became. The scriptures in the sky came flying rapidly, wrapping Mo Shan in a mass.

“You forced me to do this, you forced me to do this!”

“Go to hell, damn bald donkey!”

“How dare you come here to cause trouble, why don’t stay in the heaven!” Mo Shan roared in anger as if he was crazy. He clenched his teeth and supported himself from falling down. Then, he took out a black talisman paper and ignited it at once.

“Come out, Drought Demon, and destroy everything to your heart’s content!”

“Exterminate this bald donkey!” On Mo Shan’s face, a cruel smile appeared.

“Buzz……” A black teleportation vortex appeared in front of him. Mo Shan clenched his teeth, used all kinds of means, and frantically retreated violently after he escaped a hundred meters.

“Howl ……” A roar, like a hellish evil ghost fighting for food, was heard and quite creepy.

Immediately after, a giant black hand, a hundred meters high, poked out from the teleportation vortex. It descended from the sky and slapped on the ground at once.

“Boom ……” There was a loud sound, and dust rushed to the sky. The ground was trembling incessantly. This colossal hand grasped the ground.

“Boom! Boom ……” The entire ground shaking, along with a huge sound, seems to be crumbling apart. Seeing this scene before his eyes,  Ning Mingzhi could not help, but his scalp exploded, and his whole body was chilly all over.

“Not good, it’s over!”

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