I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 143: Qingfeng City Has Fallen

“Didn’t show up?” Shiqi looked at the young city guard and asked, “Are you sure, he hasn’t appeared all this time?”

“The subordinate guarantees with my life, everything I said is true!” Liu Yang said through and clenched teeth.

“Hm!” Shiqi nodded his head.

The anger that filled him towards Wang Yongbo gradually dissipated.

Asa general of the Purple Thorn Legion, he was clear that it made no sense for Wang Yongbo to stand idly by at the crisis point when Qingfeng City was under siege.

Wang Yongbo came from the Southern Cloud King family. The Wang family was originally powerful, and he had no reason to betray the kingdom.

Once the innate experts strike, the city guards in Qingfeng City couldn’t be invisible. The biggest possibility was that Wang Yongbo was already dead. The most likely thing was that Wang Yongbo was assassinated.

An innate expert who died without a sound made Shiqi a little gloomy.

“Do you know who the innate expert who attacked Qingfeng City was?”

“The Black Iron Army’s Ninth Army, I saw their big flag, with the word ‘Li’ written on it!”

The Ninth Army’s Li Xue, together with Hui Qingying, intended to ambush him, but he did not run into Li Xue.

Shiqi gritted his teeth fiercely. He was asking from where did the Ninth Army come. It turned out that it came directly to Qingfeng City! But it was impossible for Li Xue to kill Wang Yongbo easily!

“Where is your Commander Jiang? He’s dead too?” Shiqi just casually asked.

Liu Yang replied in a low voice, “The day the city breached, Commander Jiang had not returned!”

“Did not return, where did he go to?”

Liu Yang said, “He went out to scout!”

“It was the day I left?” Jiang Jiankai went out, Shiqi knew, Jiang Jiankai kicked Wang Yongbo, even if he knew Wang Yongbo was unconscious at the time and did not remember, but his heart was scared to death, so he found a reason to scout the enemy out of the city, “But your Commander Jiang did not return until the day the city breached?”

“Yes, it has always been Vice Commander Qian who was in charge of defending the city.”


“I see.” Shiqi took a look at Liu Yang’s wound and said, “You still have to deal treat the wound!”

“Lord Commander!”


“Qingfeng City is too miserable, please take revenge for us!”

Liu Yang cried out in pain and smashed his head hard against the greenstone slab on the ground. His head was directly smashed, and blood dripped from his forehead, staining the slab crumbs red.

“Please, Lord Commander!” Shiqi was about to speak but found that the man had directly fainted on the ground. He sighed softly and turned around to go to the City Lord’s mansion.

The soldiers in the army might come from the various counties of the country, while the city guards, on the other hand, mostly recruited local martial artists.

When he came to the city lord’s mansion, the entire city lord’s mansion had been reduced to ruins, and he did not find any useful clues. He ordered the Purple Thorn Army to immediately scatter around the city and search for useful information.

Qingfeng City had fallen too bizarrely! Shiqi did not believe that Wang Yongbo could simply die.

A good innate expert, even if he died, at least the fight would spurt out some waves, right?

Shiqi looked for a big wicker chair and placed it on the corner of the big square in Qingfeng City. He sat down, and the wicker chair began to sink, creaking in pain.

He leaned his Crimson Blood Devil Sword on the ground, his chin resting on the end of the hilt, his face wooden and indifferent, his gaze lax, as if he was in a daze.

His eyes were filled with twisted black corpses. In the history of Chinese warfare, there were not a few acts of city slaughter.

The slaughter of a city was an effective means of deterring the enemy, as Chen Hao had told Shiqi before. But hearing a story and seeing it with your own eyes, that wasn’t the same thing.

Chen Hao knew that Shiqi was very angry. His anger was no less than the last time he heard someone speak ill of Lan Yanlin inside the restaurant in Yi Yang City.

How calm he was on the surface is how crazy he was on the inside. As a silent and cold person, he just habitually suppressed all his emotions in his heart ……

The Qingfeng City, the city where he was stationed, he more or less has some feelings for this city. 

Feeling? Shiqi had a heavy feeling? That’s right! 

The truth is so unbelievable ……The  Blood Hand Slaughterer “Chen Pengfei” was a person with heavy feelings!

Even he was far more affectionate than ordinary people. The stubborn people were like this, and everything was very persistent!

In the afternoon, the Purple Thorn Army began to return one after another to report the situation. Qingfeng City was completely finished.

From more than 60,000 people in Qingfeng City, the survivors did not exceed three thousand people. The city guards were almost completely wiped out, with no more than fifty people still alive.

The entire city was burned, and the fire was still spreading.

Meng Fei lowered his head and said, “Commander, Qingfeng City is too miserable, there are not many left to survive!”

He did not dare to raise his head. His eyes were red; as a 1000-man commander, he was afraid of being laughed at. He had just laughed at a few recruits who had cried directly at the sight.

Meng Fei stared at Shiqi, his head didn’t even turn, and the Purple Thorn troops standing in front of Shiqi almost didn’t dare to look at the corpses in front of Shiqi.

He really could not understand why the commander-in-chief meeting picked such a place! Those corpses would make people go crazy after looking at them for a long time.

Even they, the veterans who had fought and killed on the battlefield, couldn’t stand it.


“My lord, they all want to see you!” Meng Fei said in a small voice.

“See me? Who?”

“The surviving city guards, and some of the people who survived ……”

“Then let the meet me!” Shiqi did not object.

He slowly propped himself up and leaned on the back of the chair in a very comfortable position.

More than twenty people led by the Purple Thorn Army came up, and they took a look at those densely packed corpses in the middle of the square, their eyes filled with crazy biting hatred.

“Lord Commander!”

More than twenty people knelt in front of Shiqi in unison.

In this world, almost no one would kneel with both legs. Even the family slaves trained by the dead family soldiers would merely kneel on one knee. In the military clan, there was even no kneeling ceremony.

Generally, people would only kneel to parents, kneel to dead ancestors, and kneel on the torture platform.

“What do you want?”

“I beg the lord to avenge the 60,000 dead people of Qingfeng City!” The city guard who was kneeling at the front said.

The city guards were unkempt, about forty say, with strength around the early stage of the True Origin realm, and his chest was wrapped in a red white cloth.

“I’m just a small commander, what makes you guys think I can avenge you?”

“Just by the fact that you, Lord Commander, can defeat the Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army!”

Shiqi asked, “Who told you that?”

Meng Fei secretly closed his eyes. The City Guards did not reply but just hit their heads on the ground fiercely and never looked up again.

“Commander Chen, please take revenge for us!” An old man raised his head. His entire face stained with black ash was wet with tears, looking comical and ridiculous.

But even so, Shiqi still recognized the old man, and the old man often set up a stall near the entrance to the barracks of the Purple Thorn Army to sell bowls of mutton, good craftsmanship, affordable prices, many Purple Thorn Army patronized him.

Shiqi also went to eat a few times, and he heard that his son was a city guard, just married a daughter-in-law last year.

“Your son was also killed in battle?”

“Lord Commander, all dead, they are all dead, I can not find their bodies.” The old man lying on the ground towards Shiqi crawled over, crawled to the feet of Shiqi, just stretched out his hand, saw his black hand, he stopped powerlessly wolf cried, “I just found my daughter-in-law, she died so tragically, her heart was plucked out, the three-month-old child in the belly is also missing …… “

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