The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 55: We Had Blasted The Patriarch of The Wan Family

Leaving the Hundred Flowers Empire, Lu Yiping and the others traveled south.

A few days later, they came to a deserted mountain and wilderness. High in the sky, the thunder clouds pressed into the air, the wind was blowing violently, and the night sky was as dark as ink. It looked like it was going to rain heavily.

Although Lu Yiping did not afraid of this light rain, he did not have the habit of driving in heavy rain. Therefore, seeing the mountain peak halfway up the bonfire, Lu Yiping, Dragon Horn Golden Bull, and the others followed the firelight over.

 Not long after, they came to a broken temple.

Lu Yiping and the others pushed the door and entered, and they saw a thin old man and an extremely tall and stout teenager sitting around the bonfire, roasting roast meat. The roast meat was filled with tasty fragrance.

When the old man and the teenager saw Lu Yiping and the others, they stood up and looked at them with a wary face.

“You two, we are just passing by and come in to rest, don’t bother.” Lu Yiping said to the two people.

The old man looked at Lu Yiping and laughed, “Little brother is polite, this broken temple is not ours, we also just came in, if you do not mind, then join us?”

Lu Yiping also did not pretend, so he sat down by the campfire. But the young man looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with astonishment and said, “Brother, where did you buy this bull?” It was obviously the first time he saw a golden bull.

The old man also looked deeply at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Lu Yi Ping laughed and said, “I did not buy it.” Then said, “I stole it somehwere.”

“Steal?” Both the young man and the old man were surprised.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled smugly, “I’m the only Dragon Horned Golden Bull in the heaven and earth!”

“I am the lord of all monsters!”

“The ancestor of the Thunder God!”

“The Emperor of the Dragon Race!”

Here we go again!

After all these years, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull still hadn’t changed this old habit.

In ancient times, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull introduced himself like this almost every time he met people, the same words, the same voice tone.

The old man and the teenager were stunned.

Lu Yiping laughed at the old man and the teenager and said, “This bull of mine loves to brag, you do not have to take him seriously.”

The teenager smiled nervously, “I used to have a bull as pet, and this one, quite similar in nature.”

“What about your bull pet?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

The young man’s face was sad, “Dead, killed by the people of the Extreme Bliss Sect a few days ago.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull almost choked.

Everyone sat around the campfire and chatted idly.

From the conversation with the old man and the teenager, Lu Yiping learned that the two of them, master and disciple, were going to Tiandu City, the Wan Family was going to build a new army corps, and the two were going to apply and take the test.

“Young Master Lu is also going to Tiandu City?” The old man Li Bin smiled, “Then we’ll go together tomorrow?”

The main residence of the Wan Family was located in Tiandu City.

Lu Yiping said, “That’s fine too.”

The teenager Yang Gang asked, “Master Lu, are you also the ones who signed up for the new Wan Family Legion examination?”

Lu Yiping was stunned and smiled, “That’s not true.” Then he said to the old man Li Bin, “You and your disciple have good foundation and battle power, it should be no problem to pass the test of the Wan Family Legion.”

Li Bin was in the Ancient Emperor realm, and the young man Yang Gang, although he was still in the Violet Palace Mansion realm, but he had the blood of a Titan Giant, although the Titan Giant bloodline was a bit thin, but sweeping ordinary experts of the same realm was not much of a problem.

Titan Giants was a very powerful race in ancient times.

As for Li Bin, his blood energy like a sea, the five internal organs contain five elements of Qi; obviously, he had swallowed five elements and other heavenly treasures, and his cultivation techniques were good.

The two people, even if they participate in the Wan Family Legion assessment, they would definitely pass the evaluation.

The old man Li Bin smiled brightly when he heard that and said, “I accept the good advice of Young Master Lu.” Then he paused, “If Young Master Lu goes to take the recruitment test, I think you will definitely be able to pass as well.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was eating roast meat, and when he heard that, he hurriedly swallowed the roast meat in his mouth and grinned, “Let our master go to be a soldier for the Wan family? Even if our master is willing, the Wan Family Legion would not dare to accept it.”

At this time, it was raining heavily outside, and the rain poured like pillars when suddenly, someone pushed the door violently.

The temple door was already a bit shabby, and when pushed by the other party, the temple door swayed and shook with a loud clang.

The visitors were a large group.

The leaders were a man and a woman, and the man was handsome and extraordinary, the woman was very delicate and had good posture.

A large group of guards followed behind them.

The old man Li Bin saw the large group of guards, and his face changed, this is the Wan Family’s guard soldiers!

This man and woman are the core disciples of the Wan Family?

Only the core disciples of the Wan Family were qualified to be accompanied by the unique guard soldiers of the Wan Family.

After entering, the man scanned Lu Yiping and the others, and he smiled at the woman, “Sister Lian, let’s also go over and sit.”

The woman nodded her head. The two of them came to the bonfire.

The male said to Li Bin, Lu Yiping, “Everyone! do you mind if we sit down?” He said politely, but he didn’t wait for Li Bin and Lu Yiping to say anything, so he sat down with a big grin.

The woman also sat down.

The man came close to Lu Yiping, sat down. It was too narrow, he said to Lu Yiping, “Boy, you get up and sit across the table.” The tone of command seemed to have been in a high position for a long time as he ordered the people out of habit.

Lu Yiping’s face was indifferent, “What if I don’t get up.”

The man was stunned, then laughed, “Boy, when I told you to get up and sit on the opposite side, to you is considered polite. There is a heavy rain outside, I did not told you to get out.”

At this time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped over, and then the man slapped out directly from the broken temple door.

The woman just sat down and suddenly saw the man being slapped out of the temple by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and froze.

The incident was so sudden that all the guards of the Wan family did not expect the Dragon Horned Golden Bull to strike at all.

“You seek death!” A Wan family guard expert was furious, and with a swing of his large sword in his hand, he chopped at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and the other Wan family guards also struck out.

This time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull did not make a move, Zhao Wen coldly grunted, his whole body swept with lightning, turning into an amazing thunder dragon. The Wan family guards were all knocked away by the thunder dragon.

In the temple, only the sound of burning bonfires was left.

The woman’s pretty face changed.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stared at the female, who got up in shock and flew out of the ruined temple like a frightened bird.

The Wan family guards who were blown out of the broken temple took the previous Wan family disciples fled in panic.

The old man Li Bin opened his mouth and laughed bitterly, “Young Master, you just got into trouble, that man and woman, should be the Wan Family core disciples, and that group of guards, should be the Wan Family guards.”

“So what if they are core disciples of the Wan family.” The Dragon Horn Golden Bull laughed, “The Wan family’s patriarch had been blasted by us.”

The old man Li Bin froze, then laughed, “Little brother Bull is joking.” After hesitating for a moment, he cupped his fist and said, “Brother Lu, we still have some business, so we will leave first.”

Lu Yiping nodded his head.

The old man Li Bin was obviously afraid that if he continued to stay with him, he would make the disciples of the Wan Family misunderstand and get involved.

So, the old man Li Bin took his disciple Yang Gang out of the broken temple and disappeared in the rain in the blink of an eye.

After the old man Li Bin left, Lu Yi Ping suddenly said to the distant void, “You followed us all the way, it’s time to come out.”

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