It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 124 He is The Godly Cunning Immortal!

A few dozen kilometers away from Sun Hao’s residence, two black shadows were hidden in the void.

One of them was none other than the patriarch of the corpse puppet clan—Mo Hun.

Following him, it was none other than the Corpse Puppet Clan Elder-Mo Shan.

“Boom ……”

A dull voice came from a distance, coming from far away, reverberated in the heaven and earth for a long time. A shock wave hit, blowing on the body. It was raw pain. There was a hint of shock on the faces of the two of them.

“Patriarch, this attack contains the flame dao, it looks like it was an attack by Lie Shang!” Mo Shan said.

“Not bad, this kid, one step half-immortal, can actually explode with the power of three steps half-immortal, very strong indeed!” Mo Hun nodded his head.

“Patriarch, there does not seem to be a powerful aura over there, should we ……” Mo Shan said.

Mo Hun frowned slightly, and after thinking about it, he waved his hand, “Follow me!”

Under the leadership of Mo Hun, the two quickly flew down and stood on the ground.

Then, the two turned into two transparent shadows and rushed through the dense forest.

Within a few moments, he came to the mountain where Sun Hao lived. They slowed down and moved forward carefully.



At the foot of the mountain, west of Sun Hao’s residence.

In a thatched hut.

Ning Mingzhi looked at the steaming hot pot in front of him and his eyes gleaming.

“Good, good!”

“Benefactor, you can go with peace of mind!”

Next, Ning Mingzhi picked up the chopsticks, picked up a piece, and swallowed it into his belly.

These days, the Young Master was away, so he could not go to listen to the Young Master’s sutra recitation. He thought about the previously entrusted task given by the Young Master, looking for the fourth demon.

As a result, he could only take three apprentices and search around. These days, they met many great demons.

However, these great demons were too weak, and it was really helpless that they were beaten to death by the little monkey.

It was a pity to directly discarded the dead great demons. So he sincerely obeyed the Young Master’s order and changed eating by fasting to eating meat.

In order to kill fewer living creatures, it could only be used for stew.

“Master, look, the monkey killed the demon again. When can we go west?”

A man with a big belly spoke up and said. This man was the pig demon who had transformed.

Next to him, a man with a blazing mouth snapped at the pig demon, and he was so scared that he hid behind Ning Mingzhi.

“Well, dead is dead!”

“The Young Master said, the wine and meat have passed through the intestines, and the Buddha will keep it!”

“As long as the little monkey has goodness in his heart, that’s enough!”

“Eat up!” Ning Mingzhi said.

“There’s good food again, ooha ……” The corner of the pig demon’s mouth was salivating.

“Hey, you dead pig, only knows how to eat but usually doesn’t work hard at all!” said the monkey demon.

“Brother Monkey, don’t we have you! Besides, you can’t eat such a big tiger demon all, right? Come …… come, eat together!”

“Wine and meat through the intestines, and the truth is that the Buddha’s heart stays not?”

“It’s delicious!”

After the pig demon finished speaking, they relaxed and ate up.

“Humph!” The monkey demon snorted coldly and started to eat.

Ning Mingzhi looked at the white-clothed man standing in front of him and said, “You still want to be a vegetarian?”

“Master, I am naturally a vegetarian, and there is no way I eat meat!”

This white-clothed man was exactly what the horse demon had transformed to.

“That’s all right, you can watch it by the side!”

“Yes, Master!” They ate calmy and watched the horse demon devouring his own saliva. They were eating happily.

At this time.

“Boom!” A loud sound came from the top of the mountain.

The whole house kept trembling, and it seemed like it would disintegrate at any moment. The hot pot fell directly to the ground.

“What’s going on?”

“Master, it looks like someone is attacking the Young Master’s residence!”

“What? Could it be the evil race? Are they looking for death?”

“Master, what should I do now?”

Ning Mingzhi frowned slightly and touched the painting scroll that he kept close to his body, a touch of confidence appeared on his face.

“Disciples, follow the teacher to suppress the demons!” Ning Mingzhi said.

“Yes, Master!”

After saying that, they lifted their sticks and knives and forks and headed out.

On the other side, in the dense forest. Two shadows slowly coalesced.

They are Mo Hun and Mo Shan. After stopping, their eyes were staring at Ning  Mingzhi.

A mortal? Without any spiritual power fluctuations? With three great demons by his side?

Wasn’t he a bald donkey? (1)

“He’s the Godly Cunning Immortalt!”

The two people spoke in unison and looked at each other with joy on their faces. What a way to find him!

God helps them too!

“Patriarch, I’ll go!” Mo Shan transmitted voice.

“En!” Mo Hun nodded secretly.

“Swoosh ……” Mo Shan’s figure changed rapidly. In less than a moment, he transformed into a man and quickly ran forward.

“Master, wait!” Mo Shan shouted.

When Ning Mingzhi heard this, his face was puzzled, and when he looked back, he saw a man. The faces of the three demons were full of vigilance.

“What’s the matter?” Ning Mingzhi said.

“Master, you should stop pretending, I know you are an expert!”

“You are now practicing as a mortal, in a mortal body, in fact you are very powerful! Am I right?”

After saying these two sentences, Mo Shan back a few steps, a wary face looked at Ning Mingzhi.

He also had inquired about this news. As long as he broke the Godly Cunning Immortal’s Dao heart, he would definitely suffer a Dao injury.

By then, killing him was like slaughtering a chicken.

But then I saw.


Ning Mingzhi stood there dumbfounded, with a bunch of question marks on his head.

The three great demons who followed him were also stunned, with a puzzled expression.

“What? There was no change?”

“It didn’t break his Dao Heart?”

“How could it be possible!”

“Sure enough, the Dao Heart’s rumor is false! In that case, die!”

After speaking, Mo Shan’s figure flashed, and he appeared in front of Ning Mingzhi instantly. He aimed at his chest, and he pressed it down with a palm.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise.

Ning Mingzhi just thought that he was aiming at the Young Master, and his body flew out like a broken kite. He then bumped into the thatched hut.

“Boom…” The thatched house exploded. Ning Mingzhi was buried inside, and his life and death were unknown.

“So weak? He is really a mortal, the Godly Cunning Immortal? Is the bald donkey here to make fun of it?” There was a sneer on Mo Shan’s face.

 “Bah…” The monkey demon roared, carrying the stick, and rushed up.


However, he was nowhere near Mo Shan’s opponent, and he was blocked even after exhausting any means he could.

“Boom…” With a loud noise, the monkey demon was slapped into the ground. The dust soared into the sky and disappeared.

Seeing this scene, the pig demon who had rushed over couldn’t help but be stunned.

After that, he turned around and waved his big fork in the other direction, “Kill!”

“Brother Pig , it’s the other way around !”

When the horse demon saw it, he shook his head repeatedly and rushed towards Mo Shan, “Dare to hurt Master, I’ll fight you!!”

“Don’t think too highly of yourself!”

After saying this, the horse demon was flying out backward like a kite with a broken string.  His whole body crashed into the ground.

All around, everything returned to calm.

When Mo Shan looked at all this, and could not help but shake his head for a while.

“The Godly Cunning Immortal who was said to be an immortal god, turned out to be so vulnerable!” Mo Shan had a smile on his face.

Not long after, these words just fell.

“Kacha…”  A burst of bone rubbing sound rang out.

In the direction that the monkey demon fell, two red glows shot out from the smoke and dust.

A colossal figure, looming, rushed quickly.

“Boom! Boom…” Every step made the ground buzzing and shaking.

A giant ape stretched out his sky-covering fist in the blink of an eye, smashed it down at Mo Shan.

Seeing this scene, Mo Shan’s pupils shrank, and he quickly backed away. It was just that it was too late.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise.

Layers of ground torn upside down. The dust was lifted like a quilt. The whole scene was like the end of the world had come.

Mo Shan’s body was hit squarely and smashed heavily into the ground.

Before he could struggle to get up, he saw two fists descending from the sky, aimed at his chest, and smashed down fiercely.

“Boom! Boom!” There were two more loud sounds.

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