It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 123 The Crow Ancestor’s Feather, Burning Mountains and Boiling the Sea

“This is?”

Chen Dao Ming stared at the red feather in Lie Shang’s hand, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled with a cautious face.

No one could not detect what the red feather was. Even after exhausting all methods, it looked no different from ordinary bird feathers.

“With just a bird feather against me?”

The corner of Chen Dao Ming’s mouth rose as he picked up the hatchet and pounced on it.

“Buzz ……”

The sky and earth trembled, and the white light shone. The sky dimmed in an instant. No, the white light should have suppressed all the light. The blinding light made people unable to open their eyes.

“Sword Intent Transformation ?” Lie Shang looked at the white light in the sky, his face full of jealousy.

 “Hoo ……”

He threw the feather in his hand, flicked it, and blocked it in front of his body.

“Buzz ……” There was a slight tremor.

In a flash, the white light crashed into the red feather, initiating a trembling sound. It was obviously not loud, but it made everyone’s ears roar.

The red feather emitted a faint red light when the white light dissipated, like a burning match.

“Not good, that is the feather of the Crow Ancestor!”

Wen Ren Shi let out a cry of alarm.


The Crow Ancestor’s Feather?

Isn’t it the Golden Crow Ancestor’s royal feather?

Legend has it that when the Golden Crow Old Ancestor was feathered, he refined his life’s cultivation into a feather, which was called the Feather of the Crow Ancestor by the world.

The feather of the ancestor could burn mountains and boil the sea, and the terror was boundless. Moreover, only the descendants could activate it.

In this case, is this man the descendant of the Golden Crow Old Ancestor?

At this thought, Luo Liuyan and the others drew a breath of cold air.

This is trouble!


Everyone nodded in unison, not daring to be careless in the slightest.

“Buzz ……”

Mu Bing drew out her immortal sword and let out a trembling sound.

A layer of Qi waves were vibrating out.

As soon as this sword came out, it instantly attracted Lie Shang’s attention.

“Is that a supreme spiritual weapon? No, it’s an immortal weapon!”

“She actually possesses an immortal weapon?” Lie Shang’s face was full of shock.

The next second, he was dumbfounded in place even more. He saw that Wen Renshi also pulled out an immortal sword.

Su Yiling and Luo Liuyan each took out a scroll, and after spreading it, the dao rhyme whistled out.

The terrifying pressure squeezed Lie Shang, making it difficult for him to move.

His lips trembled, and his voice trembled as he pointed at several people, “You …… all of you actually have immortal weapons?”

“Haha!” Wen Renshi smiled and took the lead in attacking.

“Shoo…” The immortal sword flew over from his hand and scurried over at a straight speed.

“Hmph, even if there is an immortal weapon, so what?”

“In front of absolute strength only death awaits!”

Lie Shang’s body flickered and disappeared from the original place, picked up the red feather, aimed at the flying sword, and blasted over.

There was a flash of light.

“Boom!” With a loud sound, the immortal sword was shaken away.

Lie Shang appeared behind Wen Ren Shi at once, aimed at his back, then hit him with a palm.

With this palm, he could use fifty percent of his strength!

There was no surprise.


Wen Ren Shi’s body flew backward and crashed heavily into the ground, exploding into a cloud of dust.

Lie Shang did not have time to rejoice.

” Whirl ……”

A painting scroll had already flown to the sky.

Infinite cold ice dao rhythm, like the nine heavenly galaxies pouring down, instantly enveloped Lie Shang. At this moment, his whole body was like being frozen, and it was extremely difficult to move even a finger.

“Cold Ice Dao?”

“With your strength, you want to trap me?”

“I also know the Great Dao!”

Lie Shang roared, and a red flame suddenly rose up from his body, instantly dispersing the cold ice dao rhyme.

“Buzz ……”

Beside him, an immortal sword, with a sudden tremor, crashed into him at once.

“Stomp ……”

His body stomped straight back, exerting a lot of strength to stabilize his body.

When he just stood up.

“Swoosh ……”

Behind him, a sword light slashed.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise.

Lie Shang fell to the ground sharply like a cannonball, exploding into a cloud of dust.

Dust rushed to the sky, enveloping all directions.

When the dust dissipated.

Lie Shang struggled to stand up, his clothes torn apart. He rose into the sky, looking at Luo Liuyan and the four with a serious look.

Five ascendant realm little brats surrounded him, and surprisingly, he only managed to kill one.

They cooperated and made him suffered serious injuries. Moreover, there was still one person that did not strike.

How was this possible?

“Ouch, that hurts!”

At this moment, a sound rang out. Hearing it, Lie Shang couldn’t help but have his scalp explode.

He lowered his head and swept away, his pupils contracted, and his face was full of disbelief. He saw Wen Rrenshi crawled out from the ground, bared his teeth, screaming in agony.

He soared up and stood in front of Lie Shang, pointing at him, “Kid, don’t you know how to respect the old and love the young? Even to the old man you’re so cruel!”


Lie Shang’s chest was stagnant, and he was speechless. He looked at the five people and secretly clenched his teeth.

“Since that’s the case, then, come on!”


Lie Shang looked up to the sky and whistled like a madman.

The Feather of the Crow Ancestor came flying and stood on top of Lie Shang’s head, blossoming with a dazzling light.

This moment.

The light of the sky and the earth as absorbed by the feather of the Crow Ancestor.

“Buzz ……”

Fromm the feather of the Crow Ancestor, the red flames gushed out madly, wrapping Lie Shang all around.

His breath rose rapidly.

The terrifying flames, emitting the power to burn everything, swept in all directions.

The air was distorted, and the heat waves steamed up. Even if you were far enough away, you could feel your body like being burned by fire.

“Don’t stand still, let’s attack together!” Luo Liuyan roared.

With her shout, the five people moved together.

“Hoo ……” The cold ice dao rhyme came in succession to resist the heatwave.

“Swoosh ……”

Two immortal swords, vying for speedy rotation, blossomed with sharp lustre, one after the other, piercing towards Lie Shang.

In the sky, A man and a woman were flying from the sky. The figures of the two were blurred, and their faces could not be seen clearly.

By just standing there, it gave people a kind of could not shake the feeling. It will be at the top of the mountain, with a view of the mountains. That supreme dominance transformed into a mighty pressure, like a waterfall.

“Buzz ……”

Several slashes of light came in succession.

Each one, ten times more violent than the previous one.

“Boom …” Lie Shang couldn’t help but half kneel on the ground. His whole body was trembling.

The flames on his body, becoming more and more prevalent, resisted the attacks coming from all around.

“Argh…” Lie Shang let out an unwilling roar. On his body, a huge crimson fireball formed.

“Om…” The fireball blocked everything, trembling ceaselessly, and had reached the edge of disintegration.

At any moment, it would burst open.

“Break it for me!”




Luo Liuyan and the others clenched their teeth, frantically mobilizing their body’s strength to fight against it.

In the end, the fireball could not resist and exploded at this moment.

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the sky and earth shook. There was a blinding light, so bright that people could not open their eyes.

“Swoosh ……” A shock wave spread everywhere.

In an instant, it wrapped the five bodies of Liu Yan and her fellow cultivators and carried them away from their original location.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise on the ground.

The entire mountain, melted into magma by the terrifyingly high temperature, flowing downward like candle tears.

In less than a moment, the top of the mountain was cut in half. The stone tower became the mountain’s peak, standing proudly in the sky, without any damage.

“Zi…” When this magma hit Sun Hao’s residence, it was all evaporated into fly ash.

There was no damage to the entire residence.

When everything is calm, only Lie Shang stood proudly in the air. Everyone else, lost from sight as if blown into dust.

“Haha…”  Lie Shang looked up to the sky and laughed wildly.

However, in the next second. His face changed drastically.

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