I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 142: Intentional and Energetic

When they left the city gate, the soldiers under Shiqi still gave a somewhat lingering look at White Mountain City.

It seemed that White Mountain City had given them a good impression.

On the way, Shiqi had a sense of high spirits. Even the hair on his bare head had grown out by an inch.

Since joining the army, he served as a 100-man commander and eliminated nearly ten units of mountain bandits and thieves.

On his way to the front, he led another group to exterminate several thousand men of the Black Iron Army and relying on his military service. He was able to retain his position as a 100-man commander in the Purple Thorn Army.

Under Mingtai City, they were surrounded by 40,000 Black Iron Army, and as a result, he escaped from the siege with thousands of men again.

Recently, when he went to support White Mountain City, he encountered an ambush halfway, and surprisingly, he directly killed the opponent’s innate general and hardily led more than 5,000 men to defeat an enemy army of more than 15,000 men.

He had learned several Xuan-level intermediate martial arts. The killing sword intent comprehended to small success stage, and the force intent realm had just begun. In a short period of time, his strength from the early stage of the True Origin Realm to the peak of the True Origin Realm. And now there was a large amount of military merit that had not been exchanged, and there was still the reward of the Purple Thorn Army Great General had not yet given, even the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, also upgraded a level.

Chen Hao looked at the soldiers under Shiqi, and successive victories made them have high morale, spirited, and slightly arrogant …… A picture of the gods, Shiqi, and themselves in a frame.

Chen Hao understood very well that on the battlefield, the importance of morale! Especially this face-to-face cold weapons combat.

Following Shiqi in the army for a long time, Chen Hao also had some experience. From the approximate data, the general city guard army of Southern Cloud Kingdom, their combat losses of less than five percent, the whole team may begin to collapse. The Southern Cloud’s elite army soldiers could withstand the loss of about ten percent once the loss reaches ten percent. If the same thing happened again, the team might collapse.

The Purple Thorn Amry was a little better, and it could withstand up to fifteen percent!

The problem was that the soldiers under the Shiqi, the limit of withstanding losses was somewhat outrageous …… As long as Shiqi was still on the battlefield, as long as the Devil’s Fury aura could cover them, they would not collapse. Meanwhile, once the enemy entered the Devil’s Fury aura, they would always be easy to collapse, an increase and a decrease, simply terrifying!

Among the soldiers in the hands of Shiqi, there was the Purple Thorn City Guards who had been following him to the front, the soldiers he saved from under Mingtai City, and the new recruits who participated in the defeat of the Tenth Army of the Black Iron Army …… the team was basically taking shape.

Went back to Qingfeng City, they were not so in a rush.

On the way, Shiqi also asked Chen Hao, the great general would not directly give him a Xuan level upper-grade cultivation method or something similar.

Mmmmm…… in fact, Chen Hao wanted more delicious metal lumps.

The fourth day, away from the Qingfeng City more and more into, a soldier who went out to scout ran back to report that the direction of the Qingfeng City appeared thick smoke.

Shiqi’s heart tightened and rushed to the front with a few of his inner circle aide. Standing at the top of the hill, they could clearly see the smoke rising to mid-air.

The smoke appeared in the direction of Qingfeng City again, which was not good news.

Xiong Tingzhi said, “It can’t be a fire in the city!”

In Qingfeng City, most of the housing was from wooden structures. Fire was very common, but the fire was so big, it was pretty rare.

“It must be a fire in the city!” Meng Fei laughed, “Is it hard to say that it was set by the Black Blood Kingdom?”

Meng Fei laughed and laughed, but slowly couldn’t laugh anymore. Finally, he saw that his beloved Commander Chen was staring at him with those terrifying eyes.

“Commander Chen, I’m joking, with General Wang guarding Qingfeng City, it is definitely solid as gold!”

“It better be!” Shiqi nodded and brought the heavy sword on his back to his hand and said in a cold tone, “If not ……”

If not what, Shiqi did not say clearly. But Meng Fei felt terrible! He was now regretting to death in his heart, why did he talk too much?

“Have the troops speed up their march and try to get to Qingfeng City before noon!”

With his order, the soldiers began to use True Qi to speed up the march, Huang Grade Middle or Upper Grade Body Techniques, almost all of them knew one or two!

The more they leaned into Qingfeng City, the colder Shiqi’s face became. Even the ordinary soldiers looked up at the smoke in the direction of Qingfeng City and felt that something was wrong!

Even that Meng Fei, who liked to follow behind his buttocks the most, had disappeared beside him at some point. Chen Hao reckoned that he had dodged away! Escape, he estimated that he did not dare.

Chen Hao estimated that the fire may have affected the entire city, which was very abnormal. However, Wang Yongbo was sitting in the city, and he would not let the fire spread to such an extent!

But what if there was no Wang Yongbo? Chen Hao couldn’t help but think of Zhao Ke’er.

As expected, the walls of Qingfeng City had just appeared in Shiqi’s field of vision when he saw the broken walls, the black holes, the gates that didn’t even have doors, and the corpses piled up under the walls.

There was no doubt that Qingfeng City had been breached! A cold, piercing chill made the soldiers behind him shiver. Everyone knew that their lord commander was in a bad mood!

Shiqi carried a heavy sword, took slightly heavy steps, stepped on a corpse, and entered Qingfeng City.

The fire had been burning for several days, the fire in the city was still spreading to the distance, the smoke was rolling. In front of him, the whole street was burned up, black broken walls, light smoke, pillar beams turned into black charcoal, dead bodies lying horizontally and vertically in the street in a miserable state, some were completely burned to black charcoal, some were half burned, leaving half a sickening smell of meat permeating in the air.

Shiqi had a cold face, walking in the direction of the city lord’s house, on the way only three or two civilians wandering woodenly, like ghosts, the roadside not slightly destroyed houses, the suppressed cries could always reach into his ears.

Following him, the Purple Thorn Army also tightening their heart hard. Faced with such a tragic scene, whose mood could be good? They didn’t forget that their mission was to garrison Qingfeng City!

“The Black Iron Army has slaughtered the city again?”

“Damned bastards!”

“They’re the only ones who like to do this!”


Walking through the smoke and stepping on the dead bodies, Shiqi passed by the square of Qingfeng City. The large square was densely packed and stacked with tens of thousands of charred and hunched dead bodies.

Each dead body, almost losing all the essence of the body, black and curled up together, as if scorched by the fire. This scene was enough to scare ordinary people to collapse!

Shiqi tightly gripped the hilt of his sword, and his footsteps quickened a few points.

“Come out for me!”

Shiqi coldly looked at the mouth of the well on the street, and a head had just poked out.

If it was a civilian, he wouldn’t have cared, the problem was that the person was wearing the uniform of the city guards.

The city guard in the well slowly climbed out of the well along the rope, he was about seventeen or eighteen years old, very young, his right hand was broken at the wrist, barely bandaged it with a rag, his body was wet, and kept dripping water after he climbed up!

He kneeled down in front of Shiqi and said with a sobbing voice, “Your subordinate Liu Yang is here to see the Lord Commander!”

“What’s going on, tell me!”

“After the Lord Commander left, after a few days, the Black Iron Army started to attack Qingfeng City.

“What about us? Don’t we have innate experts? What about Wang Yongbo?”

Liu Yang said with a face full of resentment, “Until the city broke down, Wang Yongbo didn’t appear!”

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