The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 51: Not A Good Person

Lu Yiping looked at the sloppy old man and said, “Illusory Shadow God Hand and practiced to the seventh level dimension, not bad.”

The sloppy old man’s expression was visibly shocked, his eyes shining brightly as he stared at Lu Yiping as if he wanted to see Lu Yiping through, “You know the Illusory Shadow God Hand!”

This Illusory Shadow God Hand had not appeared in the world for many years, he had used it in front of many people, but even many sect ancestors could not recognize it. How did this blue-shirted young man recognize it?

Lu Yiping did not answer but looked at the sloppy old man, “You got the inheritance of the Phantom Demon King, right?”

The sloppy old man was obviously shocked at his words and looked at Lu Yiping even more in awe and doubt.

At this time, Luo Tong’s caravan was already approaching.

Luo Tong, who was sitting in the luxurious carriage, was stunned when she saw the sloppy old man and Lu Yiping in front of her. She looked at the old man, her beautiful eyes surprised, then made the caravan stop and got down from the carriage.

She marched to the old man, owed a salute, and said in a respectful voice: “Is it senior Zhou Cheng?”

The sloppy old man, Zhou Cheng, gave Luo Tong a sideways glance and said with a smile, “So it’s Luo Tong, you’ve grown more and more beautiful, even more beautiful than your beautiful master.”

Luo Tong smiled delicately, “Senior Zhou Cheng is joking.” Then she said, “Grandfather has been thinking about senior, since senior has come to the Divine Martial Continent, do you have time to come and visit the Luo family?”

The grandfather she was talking about was the Sword God Luo Ning.

The sloppy old man Zhou Cheng heard mockingly said, “Luo Ning that kid he is thinking about my unique skill, right, Your grandfather is not right in his heart, let him be good!”

Luo Tong was stunned, her pretty face smile a little embarrassed, “Senior Zhou Cheng joking.”

The sloppy old man Zhou Cheng also ignored Luo Tong. His gaze fell on Lu Yiping, “I wonder who the little brother’s master?”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “I don’t have a master.”

If we talk about a master, it was that piece of the Greatest Treasure of the universe, the Jade Disc of Creation.

Although he was an ancient cultivator, he became famous in the ancient period. Still, his real body was naturally extraordinary since he had consciousness; that piece of divine treasure, Jade Disc of Creation, had been in his body.

Hearing Lu Yiping said that he had no master, the sloppy old man Zhou Cheng was very shocked, no master?

He looked at Lu Yiping suspiciously, apparently suspecting that Lu Yiping was unwilling to reveal his master. He hesitated for a moment, fished out a jade pendant from his bosom, and said, “This jade pendant, it is an ancient artifact, I wonder if you would like to exchange a jar with me?”

He stared at the wine jar in front of Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping looked at the jade pendant unexpectedly and mused: “Do you know where this jade comes from?”

The old man Zhou Cheng shook his head, “I only know that this is an ancient artifact, it must be extraordinary and worth at least hundreds of millions.”

The hundreds of millions he said, naturally refers to 100 million divine spirit stones.

This jade pendant, which he got in the Phantom Demon King cave, he had studied it for many years and never came up with anything.

Lu Yiping took out a jar of wine from the Universe Cauldron and threw it to the old man Zhou Cheng. The old man Zhou Cheng did not expect Lu Yiping to have another jar. He took the wine, and he opened the lid, the smell of wine puffed.

The old man Zhou Cheng hurried to cover, then threw the jade pendant to Lu Yiping, he smiled and said, “Thank you, little friend, see you later!” This jade pendant was not very useful keeping it in his hand, and it was naturally good to get this good wine from Lu Yiping in exchange.

He put the wine away, then rode the donkey and left, ignoring Luo Tong on the side.

Luo Tong shouted, “Senior Zhou Cheng, wait! I’ve prepared some good wine for you!”

The old man Zhou Cheng rode the donkey, but did not turn his head back, shook his hand behind him, implying no.

Luo Tong opened her mouth but finally did not shout again. She could only look at the old man Zhou Cheng riding the donkey far away with a helpless expression.

The old man Zhou Cheng went far away and soon disappeared in the sea of flowers in the Hundred Flowers Plain, leaving behind only the fragrance of flowers.

Luo Tong turned her head over and looked at Lu Yi Ping, her eyes fell on the jade pendant in Lu Yi Ping’s hand, smiling sweetly, “I don’t know how you call this jade pendant, how about giving it to me?”

Her voice was very soft and full of charm.

“To you?” Lu Yiping smiled.

This woman had just used the enchanting magic voice, and if one had not enough determination, then one would nod and complied.

But listening to her tone, was it to give her directly for free?

She really thought that if she wanted something in the world, the others would give it to her. Indeed, it was true with her looks only she could indeed make many men fall in love with her.

Luo Tong saw Lu Yiping’s clear eyes, through the color of his mockery, she could not help but  stunned, she smiled prettily then said, “Well, as long as the Young master will give me this jade pendant, I will give you 100 million divine spirit stones.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull had long stopped gnawing on the roast meat and grunted, “My little lady, your enchanting magic voice is too far from the Goddess Luo Shui back then.”

Then he looked up and down at Luo Tong, “Of course, you are also far worse than Goddess Luo Shui.”

“What are you saying?!” Behind Luo Tong, a guard leader stepped forward and stared coldly at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, his saber buzzing in his waist.

Luo Tong shook his head at his guard leader, then smiled at Lu Yiping, “I didn’t expect that this young amster’s bull knew about the Enchanted Demonic Sound.” There was a slight pause, “Since the Young Master refused to give that jade pendant, Luo Tong is not good at forcing it.” Then she went back to the carriage.

The carriage slowly departed.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the departing carriage and said to Lu Yiping, “Just now that beggar said that this woman grandfather’s heart is not right, I think this woman is not a good thing either.”

Lu Yiping sat back by the bonfire, picked up the jade pendant, and examined it.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull also stared at the jade pendant and said uncertainly, “This is Dragon Han jade?”

Lu Yiping was just humming ‘hmm,’ the Dragon Han Jade had a total of five pieces. It was not an ancient artifact but the prehistoric period. This is only one of the pieces, and it was rumored that after collecting five pieces, you could get the Flood Yuan Dragon, Flood Yuan phoenix, Water, and Fire Qilin supreme techniques. However, collecting five of them was the hardest thing to do.

After collecting the Dragon Han Jade, Lu Yiping remembered the Jade Disc of Creation and wondered where the other twenty-three discs were.

And Luo Tong left and came towards the Flying Flower Sect.

“Miss, that young man doesn’t know how to behave, if you want me to take action, just make a direct move and snatch that jade over.” That escort guard leader said to Luo Tong on the carriage.

Luo Tong shook her head, “This young man is not affected by my enchanting magic voice, he’s not simple.” Then she mused, “Old man Zhou Cheng should not come to the Divine Martial Continent without a reason.”

“Could it be that he came for the Heavenly God River?” The guard leader guessed.

The night slowly passed, Lu Yiping and the others continued their journey. It was already dawn when they arrived at the Flying Flower Sect.

When Lu Yiping and the others arrived at the Flying Flower Sect’s mountain gate, they were stopped by the disciples of the Flying Flower Sect.

“Today, our Flying Flower Sect does not receive outside guests, all of you please return.”

Because of Luo Tong’s arrival, the Flying Flower Sect declined the outside guests for fear that the outside guests would disturb Luo Tong.

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