It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 120 Stirring the Old Ancestor, Emerging from the Divine Source

“The fact that the strongest human experts since ancient times don’t eat dragon meat doesn’t mean that they can’t kill dragons!”

“Rather, they don’t dare to offend that terrifying existence behind the ancient dragon race!”

Xuanyuan Yi’s words were like a thunderstorm, blasting Xuanyuan Shi unconscious in place. She stood there dumbfounded and not moving for half a day. Considering her father’s appearance, that terrifying existence of the ancient dragon clan must be incomparably strong.

I’m afraid that the Young Master is not its match. Now, the dragon meat had been eaten. How should I fix it?

“Father, so what now? Let’s hurry and tell the Young Master about this?” Xuanyuan Shi said.


Xuanyuan Yi waved his hand, “Since the Young Master is tempering his dao heart. If we rashly tell him about it, I’m only afraid it will break his dao heart.”

“Since we know that this is Yellow Dragon meat, we must not eat it!” Xuanyuan Yi said.


Xuanyuan Shi nodded, “Father, then I’ll go and throw it out?”

“Stand still! This is Yellow Dragon meat and you dare to throw it out? If the dragon clan knows, they will not let us go. Lets put it as the general offerings for the ancestors.”

“Come, follow me to the ancestral hall!”

“Yes, father!”

Shortly after, the two arrived at the Xuanyuan family ancestral hall.

“Your descendants are here, my granddaughter is unfilial and has offended the dragon clan, so I have no choice but to do this, please don’t be offended!”

After three kneels and nine kowtows, Xuanyuan Yi put the jar next to the row of seats. After that, he performed the three knees and nine kowtows again.

Xuanyuan Yi took Xuanyuan Shi and walked out of the clan ancestral hall. What he didn’t know was that the fragrance from the jar filled the entire clan ancestral hall.

“Boom ……” One of the tablets faintly vibrated.

The two, Xuanyuan Yi and Xuanyuan Shi, returned to the family residence.

Not long after sitting down.

“Buzz ……” Over at the clan ancestral hall, there was a vibration.

“What’s going on here?” Xuanyuan Yi frowned tightly, revealing a wave of unease.

“It seems to be coming from the clan ancestral hall, it can’t be that a dragon clan is looking for us already, right?” Xuanyuan Shi’s face was showing all kinds of uneasiness.

“Not so fast, let’s go check it out!”

Then, the two rushed out of the house and ran to the clan ancestor hall ……

Deep underground in the Xuanyuan family. In a glass-like divine source, there lay a white-haired old man. His face was full of furrows, looking like a dead man.

At this moment, The old man sniffed his nose and his eyes suddenly opened.

“So fragrant, too fragrant, what exactly was offered to the old man?”

“Too hungry, I want to eat so much!”

“No, I’m in deep sleep, I can’t leave the divine origin!”

“Once I leave the divine source, I can only live for ten years at most. After ten years, in case someone is against my Xuanyuan family, I’m only afraid ……”

“Why do you care so much? Children and grandchildren have their own blessings, They have to control themselves!”

“If I do not come out to eat this thing, only to regret life!”


After some struggle in his mind, there was a look of determination on the old man’s face. Then, his body began to tremble.

“Buzz ……”

The divine source shook, driving the entire Xuanyuan family shaking in tremor.

“Boom ……” An explosion sounded. The divine source crumbled.

“Phew ……” The power inside the divine source gushed into the old man’s body as much as possible. A little bit of vitality came out of his dead gray eyes.

“Hiss, the spiritual power is actually depleted to this extent, I can only live for five years at most!”

“Five years is five years, it’s more comfortable than being muddled all the time!”

After saying that, the old man’s body flickered and disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the ancestral hall.

“It smells good, it smells too good!”

Without saying a word, the old man picked up the jar on the divine altar and reached in to grab it. Grabbing a piece of Yellow Dragon meat, he stuffed it into his mouth.

“Chomp chomp ……”

There was a sound of chewing. The old man closed his eyes and quietly felt every bit of taste.

“It’s too delicious, it’s too good!”

“Fragrant and delicious, chewy, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty, each taste with, are just right! Not a single point, not a single point is flawed!”

“This is really the best taste in the world!”

The old man grabbed the meat in the jar while swallowing it into his mouth. Unknowingly, the Yellow Dragon meat had been almost consumed by him.

At this time.

“Swoosh ……”

Two figures came in a hurry. These two people were none other than Xuanyuan Yi and Xuanyuan Shi. They looked at the old man, and their whole person stood silently in place with a face of disbelief.

The dragon meat offering to the old ancestor was eaten by someone just like this? Who the hell is he? For a moment, the three stared wide-eyed, no one moved first.

“Who are you? How dare you barge into my Xuanyuan clan ancestral hall?”

Xuanyuan Yi pointed at the old man, no, it should be the middle-aged man. At this moment, the old man’s appearance had changed entirely. Even he himself did not notice it yet.

“Who is it?”

The middle-aged man smiled faintly, “This old man is Xuanyuan Lie!”

“Unbridled, you dare to impersonate the name of the old ancestor, courting death!”

Then, Xuanyuan Yi pounced on him and fought with Xuanyuan Lie. However, even though Xuanyuan Yi had exhausted all his methods, he was unable to hurt Xuanyuan Lie.

Xuanyuan Lie was just blocked. Every move was resisted lightly. In addition, in the ancestral hall, Xuanyuan Yi did not dare to attack with full power.


Xuanyuan Lie let out a loud shout that shook Xuanyuan Yi’s ears and roared, “Old man is really Xuanyuan Lie!”

“Stop it! How can I not have seen the old ancestor’s portrait, how do you look like someone whose life expectancy is about to end!”

Xuanyuan Yi’s face was revealing a touch of scorn. For such a strong man, completely unable to fight head-on, there could only be one reason!

“Does not look like a person whose lifespan is burning out? How is that possible?”

Xuanyuan Lie touched his face and withdrew his hand like a lightning bolt. Then, he moved his mind and felt the vitality in his body and could not help but be stunned in place.

“My god! My body is so full of life, it won’t be a problem to live another 10,000 years!”

“Could it be because of eating the contents of this jar?”

Then, Xuanyuan Lie looked at the bottom of the jar and could not help but explode. Only to see inside a dragon’s head placed there!

This dragon head strongly stimulated his nerves. So, what he had just eaten was dragon meat! God! He had made a big problem! The Xuanyuan family was finished, the human race was finished!

What should I do?

Xuanyuan Lie’s whole face was worse than a bitter melon. He kept shaking his head. That lost soul looks, no words could describe.

Suddenly, Xuanyuan Lie raised his eyebrows and seemed to think of something.

No, a slice of Yellow Dragon meat still was a few pieces of meat, how could it have such a strong vitality. Not to mention that it was a dragon who had just transformed into a true dragon. Even if it was an immortal dragon, it was impossible to have such a strong vitality!

This, there must be something fishy!

Xuanyuan Lie took the jar, put it in front of his nose, and sniffed it, then his eyes lit up.

“In here, there is actually the smell of the Immortality Pill!”

“Old …… old man actually swallowed the Immortal Divine Pill?”

Xuanyuan Lie murmured, feeling that all this is like a dream. Immortal divine Pill, each and every one, was the very best of immortal pills! Only the great powers of that place would possess it. Moreover, it would be very good for the great powers of that place to have one strain. They were usually rewarded to supreme genius, or when their family was in danger, or the time for their old ancestor to restore power.

It was not possible to eat it directly as a vegetable like this!

“Hiss ……”

Thinking about this, Xuanyuan Lie breathed cold air backward. It took quite a while for him to calm down. Finally, his gaze, all fixed on the two Xuanyuan Shi and Xuanyuan Yi.

“I’m really Xuanyuan Lie!” After saying that, Xuanyuan Lie demonstrated his signature move. Afterward, he looked at the two people and opened his mouth to ask.

“Just now, it was eating this jar of meat that made me become like this!”

“You guys tell me instead, where did you obtain this jar of meat from?” Xuanyuan Lie said.

 “Old ancestor, things are like this ……”

Then, Xuanyuan Yi told all about Xuanyuan Shi’s visit to the Blood Phoenix Nest. When Xuanyuan Lie heard this, he couldn’t help but frown.

“In this world, there is such a strange person?”

“Not to mention anything else, these vitality alone are by no means ordinary!”

“There is still a piece left, do you want it, little fellow?”

Xuanyuan Lie looked at the jar inside the dragon head, opened his mouth, and asked.

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