I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 141: Peak of True Origin

“Absolutely not, Lord Sword Spirit!”

“If I want to continue upgrading, I have to devour enough precious metals, if you get me more precious metals, I should be able to get heavier!” Chen Hao swept a glance at the long table and said, “Also, give me that short sword as well, although it may not taste good, it should be somewhat useful to me!”

Hui Qingying’s short sword was quickly absorbed cleanly by the Crimson Blood Devil Sword, and Chen Hao felt that the taste was not good enough.

Among the top-grade profound weapon, that short sword should also be a fine product.

In the next few days, the Ninth Army led by Li Xue of the Black Blood Kingdom completely disappeared and never appeared around Baishan City.

Chu Yan smilingly said that he must have been scared away by Shiqi!

But Shiqi did not have any complacency. On the contrary, he saw very clearly that he was afraid that he must have been completely on the Black Blood Kingdom’s must-get-rid-of list after this battle.

The biggest reason why Hui Qingying was killed was that she underestimated him.

But after Hui Qingying’s death, I’m afraid his battle information would be sent to all the general figures of the Black Iron Army.

By that time, the enemy’s innate experts were on guard against him, does he have a chance? Too much wind, but not enough strength, in the battlefield, he was likely to become the target of the enemy!

In fact, Shiqi didn’t know that he had long been targeted by the Black Blood Kingdom, only that the people who targeted him didn’t even think that he could take out an Innate expert!

Two days later, a message came from the Purple Thorn Army, asking him to return to Qingfeng City to continue his garrison duty, and then the Purple Thorn Army would send troops to switch defenses with him.

After the defense change, Shiqi then brought his soldiers back to Zijing City, and the general would personally receive him!

Chu Yan looked at him enviously and said, “The Great General will personally receive you, probably to personally give you a reward!”


Chu Yan said with a smile, “It looks like it, congratulations brother, with the great general’s attention, your path to innate road will be smooth all the way!”

Shiqi’s cold and serious face couldn’t help but show excitement as well, “It’s just the right time for me as well!”

The Purple Thorn Army, the strongest legion in the Southern Cloud Kingdom, belonged to His Majesty the Emperor’s loyalty. Now, in times of war, the entire country’s resources were tilted towards the Purple Thorn Legion.

Presumably that the reward from the great general would definitely not disappoint him.

“It is said that the times create heroes, but without excessive courage and strength, that can only become a stepping stone for others to become famous!” Chu Yan touched out a jade bottle from his pocket and handed it to Shiqi, “I see that your strength seems to be about to break through, here are twenty White Spirit True Origin Pills, after taking them you should be able to break through to the peak of the True Origin realm. In the battlefield, if your strength can be enhanced a little, the chance of survival will be greater.”

“How kind of you!”

“Haha, there is no need to be polite, Brother Chen!” Chu Yan laughed, “Twenty White Spirit True Origin Pills are only suitable for True Origin Realm martial artists to take, to me it’s just chicken ribs, this time the White Mountain City was under siege, if it wasn’t for Brother Chen’s help, I’m afraid White Mountain City would have been in danger, and Brother Chen was also ambushed by the Black Iron Army halfway, fortunately you are strong, otherwise I, Chu Yan, would have been guilty for the rest of my life! “

“Then I’ll respectfully accept!”

Only a 100-man commander could receive five ordinary True Origin Pills every month. Thus, the efficacy of the White Spirit True Origin Pills was five times more than ordinary True Origin Pills, which was very precious to the True Origin Realm martial artists.

A 1000-man commander received two White Spirit True Origin Pills each month, while Shiqi received five each month.

Shiqi had long consumed the last White Spirit True Origin Pills received by him, and he must admit, the effect was very good!

When General Chu made an offer, he gave seventeen four months of his share. How could he refuse?

“Elder brother Chu, the above told me to continue to go back to station in Qingfeng City, the seriously injured men under me, I’ll trouble you to take care of them!”

“No problem, you still don’t trust me?” Chu Yan laughed, “Look at how well I have taken care of them in the past few days, which one of those people under you dares to stand out and say they are not satisfied?”

Shiqi nodded awkwardly.

After the men under him came to White Mountain City, he reiterated his military orders and then directly gave them a holiday, as a result, most of them flocked into a certain street in Qingfeng City.

After Chu Yan knew the news, he directly asked the White Mountain City Guards to put that street under martial law and only let Shiqi’s men in …… Shiqi also heard that old bastard Meng Fei say that the White Mountain City Lord even ordered a full discount inside!

As the commander, he was well aware of the brutal pressure endured on the battlefield. Of course, he could withstand it since he had strong willpower, but that did not mean that other soldiers could withstand that kind of pressure, so he also listened to it.

Speaking of which, he wanted to leave so soon and was equally worried about his men. If they stay any longer, they would not be so weak in the legs that they couldn’t even walk.

“Then we depart tomorrow!”

The order was given to gather that night and depart back to Qingfeng City early tomorrow morning. The night before returning to Qingfeng City, Shiqi sat on the bed and opened the jade bottle Chu Yan gave him.

As soon as he saw the turquoise-colored pill with round crystal luster in the jade bottle and smelled the rich medicinal fragrance that comes to his nose, his face couldn’t help but show a smile of satisfaction.

This was not a typical White Spirit True Origin Pills. It was the same kind of pill, but the quality was different.

The White Spirit True Origin Pills contain more poison, and it took three days for an ordinary True Origin realm martial artist to completely expel the poison after taking a pill.

The higher the quality of the pills, the less poison residue they contained, the more you could take in the same amount of time, and your power would improve faster.

But the White Spirit True Origin Pills gave to him by Chu Yan, and the quality was very high!

Once the innate general made a move, it really was different!

Taking a pill, the strong bitter taste melted away and entered his stomach and intestines. Running the Blood River Technique, the medicinal power was continuously absorbed and transformed into pure true qi that remitted into Shiqi’s dantian.

Half an hour later, Shiqi opened his eyes. It was still a bit short! He once again took the second pill. His body was far stronger than an ordinary person, as he had discovered the last time he took the White Spirit True Essence Pill.

His body’s ability to detoxify was far beyond that of an ordinary True Origin realm martial artist. When the blood-red true qi coalesced to its limit, almost filling up his dantian, a muffled sound was heard throughout the room, and the doors and windows were directly pushed away by an invisible airflow.

Shiqi officially became a peak True Origin realm expert. Finally, he broke through to the peak of the True Origin realm. For most of the night, he was in good spirits.

One step away from the Innate Realm! To break through to the Innate, one must comprehend a state of intent.

Ordinary martial artists might not be able to comprehend a realm of intent in their lifetime, so going from the True Origin Realm to the Innate Realm was like a heavenly rift for them. But for him, it was too easy. He had comprehended two of them, the Killing Intent Realm and Force Intent Realm.

The Killing Intent Realm was already rare, and the Force Intent Realm, he hadn’t heard of anyone in the Southern Cloud Kingdom who had comprehended it.

In the early morning of the next day, when it was still dawn, the gates of White Mountain City slowly opened, and General Chu personally saw them off.

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