The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 50: Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array

Luo Tong’s carriage passed in front of the Golden Bull’s chariot without stopping, and soon, it disappeared at the end of the street.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the carriage and said, “This woman, why does she look so much like Goddess Luo Shui!”

Goddess Luo Shui, one of the most beautiful women in ancient times. Back then, even the Lord of the Ten Thousand Gods was in love with her.

However, the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods was not able to hold the beauty in the end, and some people said that the Goddess Luo Shui had told the Lord of Ten Thousand Gods that her heart already belonged to someone else

At that time, this matter also caused a big stir, and everyone was speculating who won the heart of beauty. This person even became the enemy of all parties.

But in the end, no one knew who did the goddess Luo Shui’s heart belonged to.

Lu Yiping looked at the departing daughter of the Luo family, and he also had a pensive face.

Luo Tong? Luo Shui?

“Let’s go.” Lu Yiping spoke.

“Master, look, it’s almost dark, we’re out of the city and in the wilderness, why don’t we just rest here for the night and go to the Flying Flower Sect tomorrow?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

“It’s still early.” Lu Yiping laughed.

It was already afternoon, but there were still one or two hours before it was almost dark.

He was certainly clear about what the Dragon Horned Golden Bull had in mind. So, they did not stop and went through the imperial capital city and came over to where the Flying Flower Gate was located.

After leaving the imperial capital city, it didn’t take long for them to arrive at a plain. On top of the plain, there were all kinds of flowers, colorful and in full bloom, and when the wind blew, the fragrance of flowers was bursting.

This was the Hundred Flowers Plain of the Hundred Flowers Empire. Many flowers that are rarely seen in other parts of the Divine Martial Continent could be seen here.

In the middle of the Hundred Flowers Plain, there was an avenue.

The chariot walked in the middle of the avenue, while the surrounding area was full of fragrant flowers of all kinds, making anyone enter the world of flowers. It was pleasing to the eye.

“This Hundred Flowers Plain has been destroyed countless times, but every time after the next year, it comes back again.” Zhao Wen said.

This time, Lu Yiping came over and only brought Zhang Jin and Zhao Wen.

Lu Peng, Lu Xiaoyu stayed at Black Sea Mountain to cultivate and restore the Shura Sect, and Wei Bing and Chen Yongyuan also remained at Black Sea Mountain to guard.

Lu Yiping nodded, “Someone has arranged the Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array in this Hundred Flowers Plain.”

Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array, although not the Ten Great Divine Arrays of ancient times, but was also a very famous array in ancient times, within the coverage of the Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array, things that were destroyed will slowly recover back.

Of course, the restoration ability of the Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array was limited, and not everything could be restored, such as 100,000 years of spiritual medicine planted here. If destroyed, the Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array will not be able to restore it.

“Could it be that kid Qin Yue set it up?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

“No.” Lu Yiping shook his head, “This Ten Thousand Spirits Growth Array has many flaws, it wasn’t set up by that kid Qin Yue.”

Just as the chariot was walking among the ten thousand flowers, suddenly, the Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon Grand Array that Lu Yiping had previously set up in the Gods Battlefield vibrated.

Lu Yiping immediately sensed, and he turned his head, and a vertical eye appeared between the center of his eyebrows. This vertical eye was full of thunder light as if it contained a sea of ​​thunder.

This vertical eye penetrated through time and space and came to the battlefield of the gods.

Deep underground in the battlefield of the gods, the space of the Nine Deadly Gods Burial Array, all the movements, all reflected in the vertical eye.

Only, the Nine Deadly Burial Gods Great Array space, everything is calm, there is no abnormality.

And the light of the Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon Array enveloped the Nine Deadly Burial God Array space, but no abnormalities were found and then hidden into the void.

Lu Yiping frowned. The eye of thunder punishment swept the battlefield of the gods. A moment later, he withdrew it and then let the Dragon Horned Golden Bull continue to move forward.

The night slowly darkened.

The stars were dotted. The night sky was like a piece of ink jade dotted with starlights.

When passing a small hill, Lu Yiping stopped, then set up a bonfire, drank and roasted meat. He thought about the vibration of the Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon Array just now.

“Master, was there a strange movement in the Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon Grand Array just now?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

Lu Yiping shook his head. Just then, in the distance, someone hummed a song and came this way.

“Wine at large.”

“Heaven and earth are free.”

“I’m drunk and free.”


The tune was good, but the words were a little out of tune.

Lu Yiping saw an old man with sloppy clothes and shaggy hair riding a donkey, staggering over. While humming, the old man took the wine gourd and poured it into his mouth from time to time, regardless of whether his chest was wet with alcohol.

Suddenly, the old man smelled a strange fragrance of wine and could not help but stop. He sniffed left to right, then sniffed hard, his eyes brightened, and he rode the donkey towards Lu Yiping’s bonfire.

Soon, the other party found Lu Yiping and his men. The old man’s eyes fell on the wine jar in Lu Yiping’s hand, then he leaped down from the donkey to the bonfire, and then said with a slanderous smile, “Little brother, what is this wine you have, it smells so good.” His both hands kept rubbing, looking hungry and thirsty.

Lu Yiping put the wine jar down, looked at the donkey behind the other party, and laughed, “You want to drink this wine is fine, but I’ll take that donkey in exchange.”

The sloppy old man seemed to have sobered up when he heard that, he looked at Lu Yiping in surprise, then shook his head and smiled, “That’s not possible, this is my lifeblood, my old flame, I won’t exchange it for anything.”

Lu Yiping blandly smiled, “My wine uses ice flame fruit, thunder fire lotus, Buddha heart leaf, purple smoke ice pulp, earth heart inflammation …….”

A dozen materials were named in a row.

Every time he said one, the sloppy old man was startled and looked at Lu Yiping’s wine in disbelief. The value of ice flame fruit need not be expressed.

At the beginning, even Medicine King Place’s He Shao learned that this wine was made of ice flame fruit, and he was reluctant to drink it, and thunder fire lotus and a dozen other materials, each rarer than the ice flame fruit.

No wonder the sloppy old man was surprised and disbelieved.

After Lu Yiping said a dozen materials in a row, then he stopped and did not continue to say.

The sloppy old man was so tickled by the talk that he couldn’t help but reach for the wine altar with one hand. However, just as he reached out his hand, he was blocked by the hand of Zhao Wen on the side.

The sloppy old man surprised and looked Zhao Wen up and down, then laughed, “Late True God, not bad.” After saying that, his hand suddenly swayed and turned into countless residual shadows, bypassing Zhao Wen’s hand and continuing to probe towards the wine jar.

However, just as he was about to touch the wine jar, it was blocked by a huge bull’s leg.

The sloppy old man held the huge bull’s leg, looking at the golden hair on the bull’s leg that glowed golden even at night, and he froze for a moment.

At that moment, the bull leg shook, and then the sloppy old man was shaken backward.

He looked in disbelief at the Dragon-Horned Golden Bull sitting there still gnawing on the roast meat, and his gaze swept over Zhang Jin, Zhao Wen, and finally landed on Lu Yiping, “Who are you?”

His face gradually gloomed.

In the distance, there was the sound of footsteps, a convoy was seen traveling, it was Luo Tong’s convoy.

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