I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 140: Devouring Metal

“Then, take me to meet your Commander Chen!”

Actually, there was no need for Chu Yan to command; Shiqi had already sought him out first.

“You are Chen Pengfei?”

Chu Yan curiously sized up Chen Pengfei, and he was covered in blood, the armor on his body had been tattered after the great battle, just barely still hanging on him, several hideous sword scars on his chest were still seeping blood, the scars came up with sharp sword intent remaining.

Hui Qing Ying should leave the water sword intent.

His first impression of Chen Pengfei was that he had a strong body and unusually tall, just like a small giant.

Chu Yan himself was one meter eight height. He was considered tall compared with the ordinary martial artist, but compared to Chen Pengfei, he was a dwarf.

Then this Chen Pengfei emitted a strong murderous aura. Chu Yan was a veteran general of the Purple Thorn Army, in the entire legion, I am afraid that only the murderous aura from the lord general could compete with Chen Pengfei!

But he was a great general ah! The entire Southern Cloud Kingdom top powerhouse surpassing the existence of innate masters!

Two years ago, there was an innate general in the Purple Thorn Army whose killing aura was comparable to that of Chen Pengfei, but that general died of a heart demon during his training!

Do not mention it!

“I have seen General Chu!”

Chu Yan looked at the sober and clear-eyed Shiqi. His evaluation went up one more level in his heart, he said with a smile, “Commander Chen do not need to be be polite, today commander Chen with a mere five thousand troops had defeated the Black Iron Army Tenth Army, but also killed Hui Qingyin This is a great feat, I am afraid that in a short time, you may become the youngest general of the Purple Thorn Army! “

Chu Yan’s words were not a joke. As a general, he knew much about internal military news.

In the war between the Southern Cloud Kingdom and the Black Blood Kingdom, the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom military under tremendous pressure. Especially in the early, the Purple Thorn Army suffered a significant loss, the Fifth Army, the Tenth Army was almost completely wiped out, the Sixth Army suffered heavy damage, many officers and soldiers were not very optimistic about the prospects of the war!

In the face of the invading Black Iron Army, the Purple Thorn Army had been passive and defensive, and the morale of the entire legion had begun to fall.

Now the Southern Cloud military desperately needed a beautiful battle report, an inspiring victory, or a hero! And it just so happened that at this moment, Chen Pengfei had appeared!

Chu Yan knew that once the news that Chen Pengfei had defeated the Tenth Army and killed the opponent’s innate general was reported, it would definitely cause the military to take it very seriously!

This seemed to be the first time since the invasion of the Black Iron Army that the foremost Innate level expert was killed in a defeat!

Thinking of this, Chu Yan looked at Shiqi with some envy.

What the reward was, he could probably imagine. Anyway, it was estimated that he, a middle Xiantian expert, would have to be red in the eyes.*

“General is overpraised, defeating the Black Iron Army was just a fluke!”  Shiqi said modestly out of habit.

“Commander Chen is too modest!” Chu Yan laughed, “I think that after today, Commander Chen will be famous in the entire Southern Cloud!”

A fluke? Chu Yan didn’t believe it at all. He had no doubt that Chen Pengfei would be famous in the Southern CloudKingdom.

I’m afraid that all the famous young juniors under the age of eighteen in the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom were not as renowned as Chen Pengfei in front of him.

Chu Yan almost already treated him as the same level of experts.

There could be no prisoners of war. Shiqi men had always been unaware of the lightness of their hands.

In this battle, the Purple Thorn army war casualties were less than a thousand soldiers, most of them were the two armies who died in the early battle, compared with the Black Iron army tens of thousands of dead and wounded, the loss was not too little.

When Chu Yan got this result, he almost thought that they had lied about the battle results! But it really can’t be fake, more than four thousand people could run and jump, he could only choose to accept the reality, even if the truth was too unbelievable.

Taking advantage of the night, the Purple Thorn Army took the injured soldiers with them. With the escort of Chu Yan, an innate expert, they did not have to think about anything else and arrived at White Mountain City the next night.

When Chu Yan returned to White Mountain City, he immediately reported Shiqi’s battle performance in its original form. He also commented in his letter that the Purple Thorn Army trained by Shiqi was red-eyed, bloodthirsty and crazy, and as fearless as a demon ghost!

Meanwhile, Shiqi and his men rested for a while in White Mountain City.

That very night, Shiqi’s strength went even further, almost breaking through to the peak of the True Origin realm!

Just stuck in that position, up and down, making it a little difficult for Shiqi! The battle with the Black Iron Army, after Hui Qingying’s death, completely evolved into a game of cat and mouse!

The Black Iron Army scattered and fled. He only had a pair of legs, and he simply did not kill enough.

Chen Hao roared loudly inside the devil’s sword, “You douchebag, if you had used your sword to behead that woman on the battlefield today, how could you not break through to the peak of the True Origin realm?”

Shiqi could only explain awkwardly, “It was a critical situation, I didn’t think that much!”

“Remember, there is no next time, next time you must use the heavy sword in your hand!”

“I understand, Lord Sword Spirit, I won’t do it again next time!” Shiqi was very clever and bowed his head to admit the mistake so that Chen Hao was too embarrassed to lose his temper again.

Shiqi sat in front of the bed and touched out his trophy of the day, the spatial ring belonging to the innate expert Hui Qingying and a short sword.

The spirit weapon was not every innate expert could have, Hui Qingying’s short sword was only the top-level profound Weapon.

As for the spatial ring, it was the first time he touched it! The ring was for females, silver-white. He did not know what material was used to create it, engraved with beautiful patterns, shining beautifully under the lamp fire.

According to Chu Yan, once the previous owner of an ordinary spatial ring dies, he only needed to drop blood on it to become the new owner.

With difficulty, he bit through his finger and dropped blood onto the spatial ring, the blood drops quickly disappeared, and with a thought, he saw the content of the spatial ring.

The space far beyond the space bag used by ordinary warriors, about four cubic meters. The most occupied space was all kinds of colorful clothes and some small boxes that exuded fragrance.

Women, indeed, were quite troublesome.

Shiqi muttered discontentedly, “All useless things!”

In the magic sword, Chen Hao said slyly, “emm…… perhaps, you can try the female clothing!”

Comprehending the “force of intent” and “killing intent,” known as the first young genius of the Southern Cloud Kingdom, nicknamed the Blood-handed Slaughterer, in the battlefield kill without blinking, facing the innate experts still calm and sturdy.

The space ring also fell on it.

“Lord Sword Spirit!”

“Just kidding, just kidding, continue to open the treasure chest!”

The next thing was all normal, a Xuan level intermediate martial skill “Green Wave Sword Technique,” more than seven hundred lower grade spirit stones, a few bottles of unknown pills that he did not recognize and did not dare to eat.

There was also an exquisite box, after opening it, there was only a black metal block the size of a fingernail. The metal block was heavy and unusual, black like coal, just a little bit the size of a nail cap, but it weighs more than ten pounds.

“Give it to me!” Chen Hao said in an urgent tone, “Although I do not recognize what it is, but it looks delicious!”


Shiqin did not hesitate to put the metal block onto the Crimson Blood Devil Sword. It emitted a blazing heat, and after the metal block melted, it slowly seeped into the sword body.

Chen Hao was somewhat satisfied that the entire sword body became even tougher after the crimson blood sword melted that unknown metal block!

After the sword cooled down, Shiqi picked it up and weighed it, and he found that the crimson blood sword had become heavier!

“Lord Sword Spirit, can the Crimson Blood Devil Sword be heavier?” He felt that it was a bit light and airy before, and since the comprehension of the “force intent,” that “light and airy” feeling had become more and more obvious!

“Are you disliking me?”

*T/N: literally “jealous

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