The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 49: The Daughter of The Luo Family

The ancestral land of the Shura Sect was behind Black Sea Mountain.

However, there were no birds and beasts in the ancestral land at this time, and the spiritual energy was exhausted. Not to mention the elixir, there was not a single spiritual grass. The entire ancestral land was full of loneliness and desolation, like a wasteland.

Obviously, the spirit veins in the ancestral land had been dug up completely.

And all the valuable things in the ancestral land had also been taken clean.

Lu Peng followed behind Lu Yiping, looking at the devastated ancestral land of the Xiu Luo Sect. His heart was bitter.

A few decades ago, when he joined the Shura Sect, although it was already a second-rate power in the Divine Martial Continent, the Shura Sect disciples were still nearly ten thousand, and the Black Sea Mountain was still quite lively, unlike now, desolated and withered.

Suddenly, one of Lu Yiping’s hands pressed against the earth of the ancestral land of the Shura Sect, and immediately, a golden light burst out from the ground of the ancestral land of the Shura Sect, reflecting the entire ancestral land in a golden light.

A surging power from the ground was constantly born.

Lu Peng was astonished. This was the ancestral source of their ancestral land power?

Many years ago, no one in their Shura Sect would perform the secret method to stimulate their ancestral source power. Still, now Lu Yiping could actually boost their ancestral source power?

This secret method, how did Lu Yiping know? Lu Peng’s heart was puzzled.

With a flick of Lu Yiping’s hand, a spirit vein flew out, and instantly, the divine spirit energy, like a sea of the ocean, swept through the ancestral land crazily.

“A divine spirit vein!” Lu Peng exclaimed.

This divine Spiritual Vein flew out like a flying dragon, then flew into the ground of the Ancestral Land and fused with the Ancestral Source of the Shura Sect.

At once, the ancestral land, which had been withered, desolate, and wasteland-like, surging with life, and the spiritual energy was compelling. Some dead tree trunks, which had been dried up, began to sprout, and the dead tree bark began to fall off, and new bark began to be born.

And hill after hill, everywhere was tender green and lovely.

A burst of spiritual energy came, Lu Peng took a deep breath, the pores on his whole body opened wide as if his heart and soul were purified.

“In the future, this Shura Ancestral Land Ancestral Source, will be controlled by you.” Lu Yiping said.

“Me? No no no.” When Lu Peng heard this, he was startled and squeaked, “Young Master, I’m just a small elder of the Shura Sect, and I’m weak, and the Shura Sect might still have a supreme elder on the run.”

Lu Yiping opened his mouth to interrupt, “If I let you take control, you will take control.”

His face was cloudy and clear, and finally, he respectfully answered.

“Although you have learned the Shura Sword Technique now, the level of the technique is too low.” Lu Yiping said, “I am now passing on a set of cultivation methods to you, this set of cultivation methods, is the methods cultivated by the ancient Shura Race royal family.” Then a light hit Lu Peng’s eyebrow, a set of profound techniques were imprinted in Lu Peng’s mind.

With this ancient Shura race royal family cultivation method, coupled with the divine spirit qi of this Shura ancestral land, and the True God Golden Pill he gave Lu Peng earlier, his cultivation would definitely be able to leap a thousand miles in a day.

Next, Lu Yiping asked Zhang Jin and the four Immortal Golden Phoenixes to reshape Black Sea Mountain.

While Zhang Jin and the others were remodeling the Black Sea Mountain, Zhao Zihao escaped back to the Martial God Hall’s branch in the Divine Martial Continent.

Zhao Zihao’s father, Zhao Xiong, the head of the Martial Hall in the Divine Martial Continent, saw Zhao Zihao’s amazing sword wound on his chest and asked him what happened.

Zhao Xiong’s face sank, “This Lu Yiping, remind us that the Martial God Hall and the Dark Devil Hall should not get too close?”

“Yes, he said that if the Martial God Hall and the Dark Demon Hall continue to get entangled together, he should not be blamed by then.” Zhao Zihao nodded his head.

“Who our Martial God Hall gets close to, that’s our Martial God Hall’s business, what is this Lu Yiping’s nonsense is all about!” Yu Zhifang, the Vice Hall Master of the Divine Martial Branch Hall, sneered, “He thinks he is the Lord of the Eternal Source Realm? He has to take charge of everything under the heavens? What a fucking joke!”

Zhao Xiong mused, “This Lu Yiping actually walked with a small elder of the Shura Sect, and killed Ke Jie for the sake of the Shura Sect, going out of his way to offend Yang Siyuan and the Flying Flower Sect, what exactly is his relationship with the Shura Sect?”

“Find out, what exactly is the relationship between this Lu Yiping and the Shura Sect!”

“Also, inform the Dark Demon Hall and the Flying Flower Sect that Ke Jie has been killed by Lu Yiping!”


Lu Yiping stayed in Black Sea Mountain for two days. Then he came towards the imperial capital of the Hundred Flowers Empire.

The headquarters of the Flying Flower Sect was close to the imperial capital of the Hundred Flowers Empire, not far from the Hundred Flowers imperial capital.

As they approach the Hundred Flowers Empire, all the way to and from were almost all women. They rarely saw men.

“This Hundred Flowers Empire, is a country of women right, all the way are women.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stared at the passing women.

Most of these passing women were beautiful.

Zhang Jin laughed, “Hundred Flower Empress Ji Yu, relies on female generals, ninety percent of the officials up and down the Hundred Flower Empire are women, the women’s culture in the Hundred Flower Empire is extremely strong. Many sect master and patriarchs are also women, so there are extremely many women in the Hundred Flower Empire, three or four times as many as men.”

When Lu Yiping and his party arrived at the Hundred Flowers Imperial Capital, they found that there were even fewer men in the Imperial City, and nine out of ten were women.

On both sides of the street, rings could be seen everywhere, and above the rings were written martial arts competitions.

“Master, I want to go up and try too.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was itching to watch.

Lu Yiping laughed, “If you go up, people may not look at you as a cow.”

Just then, suddenly, the crowd stirred.

“It’s Saintess Luo Tong!”

“Saintess Luo Tong is here!”

Lu Yiping looked and saw a luxury carriage slowly coming from the far street.

On both sides of the carriage, there were two teams of guards, as many as a hundred people! On top of the carriage, a beautiful woman was sitting on it.

In the Divine Martial Continent, the four great families, the Wan family was the first of the four great families, while the Yun family of Yun Haitian at the end of the line, second only to the Wan family was the Luo family!

The old ancestor of the Luo family was Luo Ning Sword God, one of the three great Sword Gods of the Divine Martial Continent, and was now the only remaining Sword God of the Divine Martial Continent.

This Luo Tong was the daughter of the Luo family, and Yun Haitian had the same cultivation realm, but her fame was even more than Yun Haitian or Zhao Zihao!

Because this Luo Tong was not only the daughter of the Luo family and the disciple of the old ancestor of the Supreme Unity Sect, Jiang Susu!

Jiang Susu was Jiang Yu’s own sister.

The disciples and experts from all sides around the street all backed off when they saw the carriage coming. Some even kneeled down in excitement and worshiped.

“Saintess Luo Tong came this time I heard it is to go to the Flying Flowers Sect, she and the Flying Flowers Sect master is good sister!”

“I heard that even Zhao Zihao and Chen Yuan were not able to win the Luo Tong’s heart.” Everyone was whispering.

Soon, the Luo Tong’s carriage arrived before the Golden Horn chariot.

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