It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 118 The Supreme Elixir, the Purple Qi is coming from the East

“Xue’er, are you home?”

“I miss you so much, Xue’er!”

“I know you won’t leave me, you should say something!” Qin Yu stood outside the courtyard door and shouted loudly.

“I said the young lady is not here, and still dare to shout, be careful or I will beat you!”

“Xue’er, I know you are not such a person!”

“Give me a beating!”


“Xue’er, I know you have a kind heart.”

“Xue’er, I won’t give up on you!”

    … In the courtyard, a loft, a woman heard these words, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled. What was written on her face was all impatience.

“A waste, do you really think that I, Fan Xue, deserves you?”

“Now, you are no longer the first heir, and you still have the face to come to me?”


Fan Xue cursed secretly. In a situation where she could not stand it anymore, Fan Xue took a big step and walked out of the compound, looking at Qin Yu coldly.

“Xue’er? Qin Yu had a bruise on his nose and a swollen face, and his pig-headed face revealed a touch of surprise.

“Don’t call me Xue’er!”

“What’s wrong with you, Xue’er?”

“What’s wrong?”

Fan Xue’s face was full of sneers, “Do you really think this lady really likes you? Oh ……”

“Also have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, not a bit of self-awareness?”

“Now, I am engaged to Qin Dongjun. Go away, don’t bother me!” 

The voice was cold, without a trace of emotion. When Qin Yu heard this, he was full of disbelief. The gentle Fan Xue from before was gone. It turned out that she had an ugly face inside?

“Haha…” Qin Yu stood up and laughed upward. Within the sound, there was endless despair. Then he stepped forward and walked away quickly.

That night, Qin Dongjun was appointed as the first heir celebration, and countless guests swarmed in. The entire Qin family was brightly lit, pushing cups and changing cups, toasting, and it was a lively scene.

“Swoosh ……”

Suddenly, a gust of wind sounded. Immediately after that, the dark sky suddenly brightened up.  As time passed, the sky became brighter and brighter.

Numerous purple clouds swept in, reflecting the West Prefecture Immortal City into purple. Over the city, it was rapidly spinning, like a purple gyroscope, surging towards an inn.

In the West Prefecture Immortal city, a crowd of immortal cultivators stood in place, staring blankly at the sky, full of disbelief.

“This …… is purple qi coming from the east!”

“What? Purple Qi coming from the east? How can there be such a vision?”

“Legend has it that refining a supreme spiritual elixir can produce this kind of vision.”

“But this is so strong, I am afraid it is the best supreme elixir!”

“What? There is actually such an alchemist in this world?”

Exclaims of shock constantly resounded. Everyone’s eyes were moving along the purple qi.

“It’s there, the purple qi is all pouring into the Heavenly Bliss Inn!”

“If there’s this kind of alchemy master staying at the Heavenly Bliss Inn, we have to visit!”

“Go, go, go!” The Qin family’s banquet collapsed instantly.

All the immortal cultivators flew towards the Heavenly Blessing Inn. 

Even Qin Dongjun also followed the crowd and went quickly.

“In this world, if there is such a master alchemist, if I can become his disciple, it will be a supreme good fortune!” Qin Dongjun secretly clenched his fist, speeding up and running forward.

On the other side, Fan Xue looked in the direction of Heavenly Bliss Inn, clenching her fists, “If I can follow this alchemy master, I will have no regrets in this life!” The

The Heavenly Bliss Inn was densely packed surrounded by people. Each person stood in place, it was so tense that no one dared to come out. Everyone was afraid to provoke the alchemy master’s displeasure.

“Look, the purple qi is all gone into the inn.”

“These methods are shocking and godly, too terrifying!”

“This is obviously the alchemy master!”

“Could he be from that place?”

“That’s not even necessary, in the Tianluo Continent, there has never been such a great alchemy master!”

Many cultivators discussed slowly, looking at the Heavenly Blessing Inn, their faces were full of admiration.

“Buzz ……” A sound vibrated up. 

A layer of airwaves, centered on the inn, was spreading around. The sound was not loud, but it shook the crowd’s ears like a roar. There was shock on each person’s face.

“Make way!”

At this moment, a group of guards opened the way in front of them. The Qin Family and the Fan Family joined hands and came together.

A group of immortal cultivators immediately squeezed back to make way for them to pass through.

“What? The Qin Family and the Fan Family have both been alerted? How can this be?”

“That goes without saying, this kind of alchemy master, how could the Qin and Fan families miss it?”

They looked at these two parties, and in their eyes, they were full of envy.

“Qin Zheng of the Qin Family has met the Grandmaster!”

“Fan Luo of the Fan Clan meets Grandmaster!”

Both of them sounded neat and tidy and saluted respectfully.

“Creak ……” A sound rang out, the window opened.

A man with a mask on his face and dressed in black stood by the window. He calmly scanned the crowd and spoke indifferently, “You and the others looking for the old man, what is the matter?”

The voice was old and low, but it was like a roar in the human ear.

Qin Zheng and Fan Luo’s faces changed slightly, hurriedly clasped fists and saluted, “Senior, your alchemy skills are amazing, I admire you to the utmost, and I have come to pay my respects!”

“Is that really so?” The man in black said.

“Senior, not a word is false!” The two men nodded their heads in unison.

“Since you have paid your respects, then you can go back!” The man in black said.

“This ……”

The two men looked stagnant, for a moment, they stood in place for a while and in a dilemma.

“Qin Zheng, Fan Luo, I will not make things difficult for you, leave!” The man in black spoke.


Qin Zheng’s face was ugly, helplessly shook his head, retreated to the crowd, stood at the edge, and continued to watch.

The Fan family member opened his mouth and walked back helplessly.

“Qin Dongjun, you came here, what is the matter?” The man in black asked.

When these words came out, Qin Dongjun’s expression was stagnant. On his face, there was surprise and emotion.

The senior actually knew my name?

Could it be that the senior has already investigated everything about me in order to take me as a disciple? His heart beat faster, and his emotion was fluttering

Qin Dongjun knelt on the ground and kowtowed, “Senior, I am here to worship you as my master!”

“To worship as your master? Did you say it right? You are willing to have a trash as your teacher?” The man in black said.

“Senior, you should not joke, if you are a waste, all the alchemists in the world are wastes!”

“Senior, I am willing to worship you as my master and will never regret it!”

After saying that, Qin Dongjun performed the three kneeling and nine kowtows.

The man in black did not bother to look at Qin Dongjun, but looked at Fan Xue.

“Fan Xue, you came here, and what is the matter?”

“Senior, the little girl is willing to follow you and never leave!” Fan Xue said.

“Aren’t you engaged to Qin Dongjun? Did he agree?” Fan Xue was taken aback when he said this.

This senior was really through and through, he even knew about this. If she could follow this kind of character by the side, there will be an infinite good fortune!


Fan Xue knelt down and kept kowtowing, “Senior, don’t worry, he will agree!”

“Senior, I agree, I totally agree!”  After saying that, Qin Dongjun also kept kowtowing and bowing.

Seeing this scene.

The man in black laughed upward, as if he was crazy, “Haha ……”

“I will never give up!”

“ Will, worship me as a teacher!”

“You and others are really ridiculous!” The voice gradually became younger from old. He slowly took off his mask and revealed his real face.

Suddenly, The air froze, time stood still. There was a look of shock on everyone’s face.

“What? Qin Yu? Isn’t he a waste?”

“How is this possible? Could everything be a fake? Did he deliberately put on a show?”

Exclaims of shock kept exploding.

Qin Yu did not say anything, let alone explain. He just lightly waved his right hand. A strain of ordinary spiritual elixir flew up and fused into liquid in the sky. These liquids quickly merged and shone brightly.

“Buzz ……” The sky and earth trembled.

Infinite purple qi, rushing from all directions, formed a whirlpool, converging in the liquid.

A supreme spiritual pill was quickly taking shape.

“This …… this alchemy technique, unseen and unheard!”

“It’s too frightening, to be able to refine a supreme spirit pill using a lower grade spirit pill, who can do that in the world today?”

The crowd opened their mouths wide and muttered.

“Hoo ……”

Qin Yu waved his right hand, and the Supreme Spiritual Pill flew towards Qin Zheng’s hand.

“Qin Zheng, this is a repayment for the kindness you have given me in raising me!”

“From today onwards, I, Qin Yu, have no father, no mother, no friends, no love and no hate!”

Qin Yu looked at the sky above and said, “A lifetime of repaying you! I will only serve you as a dog and horse for the rest of my life! Young Master, I’m coming!”

After saying that, Qin Yu rushed up to the sky and floated in mid-air. With one point of his finger, a vortex instantly rose from the sky formation. He entered it, turned into a long rainbow, and disappeared into the sky.

There was dead silence at the scene. Many immortal cultivators opened their mouths but could not say anything. That shocking appearance was beyond words.

A long time later.

“Oh my God, Qin Yu is actually a master alchemist! This talent has never been seen in the past!”

“Waste? Is this a waste? Who dares to say he is a waste, stand out to me, see if I don’t beat the shit out of you! One finger breaks through the formation, how many people can compare with this strength?”

“If you say he is a waste? What about you guys? Waste is worse than?” Explosive shouts kept ringing out.

Qin Dongjun stood in the same place, ashamed to the point of no return. He himself had refined a very high-quality spirit pill completely by cheating. On the other hand, he had refined a supreme spirit pill with the wave of his hand. This is simply the difference between heaven and earth.

Such genius of the Qin family was forced away by himself, shame on the Qin family, shame on the old ancestor!

The faces of the Qin family elders kept twitching, with a sad expression on their faces.

“He… he is Qin Yu?”

“I …… I’m a fucking idiot, why would I say something like that?”

“My love, don’t go!”

“Qin Yu, I love you! I really love you!” Infinite remorse was written all over Fan Xue’s face. She collapsed on the ground, and her whole body was devoid of energy.

On the other side, Qin Zheng took out the pill, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

“My son, I am ashamed as a father for you!”

“If I could have held on a little longer, you would never have left the Qin family!”

“I hope you will be safe and sound for the rest of your life!” On Qin Zheng’s face, tears were streaming down his face. Somehow he looked older than before.

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